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    Today. They are showing lots of her early lesser known films today. Worth watching!
  2. Yeah, there were a lot of b--bs on display in Black Mama. It had its moments but too much revolution fighting bogged it down. Makes you wonder what kind of career Pam Grier would have had with better vehicles. I recorded Hit Man, but havent watched it yet............
  3. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    LOL! After a week of dodging the issue, DUMP has come out for Roy Moore now and may campaign for him. GOTTA LOVE IT. 2 serial sexual assaulters on the campaign trail..........
  4. I'm concerned some people's reputations will be ruined in all this blaming/finger pointing. Where do you draw the line and how do you know someone doesnt have an agenda? I certainly look askance at trolling teenagers, but as this continues to grow, I'm not sure who/what to believe with all these past allegations.......
  5. update sucks

    LOL. Bette said it best!
  6. Charles Manson is Finally Dead

    Brown nixed Houten's parole last go round, and I expect him to do the same again. No one wants these people out again. And at their age, what could they do to make a living?
  7. Charles Manson is Finally Dead

    I thought that too.......

    Yes, but I remember the last time she was honored and there was nothing new. I guess we can always hope!

    Yes, but I'm afraid it would be the same old films they always show with nothing new in the mix!
  10. Charles Manson is Finally Dead

    FINALLY!!! Only the good die young, it seems......
  11. ann wedgeworth dies

    Sorry to hear this. She also played Jessica Lange's mom in Sweet Dreams (Patsy Cline bio) and was very good in that.
  12. Yes, that's what I'm afraid of. Now some woman is accusing Al Franken of putting his hand on her rear end having their picture taken years ago. Who can prove something like that?

    For most of her career, Dunne free lanced, so she didnt have any studio behind her promoting her in Oscar races. it's really a shame, she was never given an honorary Oscar (and she lived into her 90s). They gave her costar Ralph Bellamy one for his charity work (which Irene did as well) As for that film list of Dunne movies TCM never shows. Many of them are owned by Universal. I've wanted to see Back Street and When Tomorrow Comes for decades. The Silver Cord has been caught in rights issues for many years. Another one I've wanted to see. Some like High, Wide and Handsome have been shown, but very rarely for some reason. I think It Grows on Trees (her last film) has been shown and I regret not recording it at the time (a LONG time ago). The Mudlark is shown on the Fox channel once in awhile. I recorded it but never got the chance to watch it as my dvr went bad!!

    Yes, 13 Women was cut. I'm not sure why. if you do a count, there arent 13 women shown in the film. I think it was about half that. I'm not sure why. (If it was to build up Irene Dunne's character; make the film tighter or what) Maybe imdb has some information. This has come up before in discussions for this film , but I dont remember what the answer was......
  15. Destry Rides Again (1939)

    Thanks! Yes, its an expensive show to produce. Was the original production ever recorded (I mean video)?
  16. Breaking: al franken...

    AINT THAT THE TRUTH?????????????????
  17. Breaking: al franken...

    Time for you to resign as well.........Let the people of Minnesota decide!
  18. Breaking: al franken...

    I hadnt heard that. VERY interesting!!!
  19. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Yes. I love that film! The part where the lizard gets loose in the mall is hilarious........
  20. I see. It sounds similar to our downtown mall. You entered from one side on one level, but the entrance on the other side would be on another level, but there were 3 actual levels. The first floor was partly below ground level. It was a nice place but just too many stores and not enough draw to bring people downtown after hours. Ours didnt have any theaters though. Those theaters look AWFUL. Tiny. I never was in that mall, but drove by once. Yes, I remember Halle's going under years ago.
  21. I didnt know that about the Randall Mall. I remember when it opened. It was THE mall. Older malls seem to be closing/dying. At least around where I live. Replaced by newer shopping areas farther out of town. Not closed in malls, but shopping areas now. I thought the Randall Mall had 3 floors? They tried a downtown shopping mall where I live now several decades ago trying to lure shoppers downtown. It barely lasted a decade and was eventually razed (it was 3 floors). With the closing of the sole multifloor downtown anchor dept store soon after, there is nothing downtown now for shoppers. Truly pathetic. It's strictly a 9 to 5 business area now. People work there and go home and its dead. (except for a few performing arts theaters).
  22. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Oh, I'm sure!!!
  23. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    YOU'RE THE LOSER!!!!!!!!!!! Was so nice with him gone! Wish he'd go on another trip!
  24. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Yeah, right........

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