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  1. joanieh

    Paul Newman has died

    A wonderful actor and a man of great heart.You'll truly be missed Paul;.
  2. I was told when I e-mailed TCM in reference to the many Brando films they never show that they had no rights to most all of his films and thats the reason.they couldn't show them. Perhaps if you send them off a letter also they'll let you know as they do reply. Good Luck.
  3. joanieh

    John Garfield

    I'm enjoying the posts on Garfield. Doctorxx I had a good laugh on that tid bit about his call to lana Turner. Arkadin I purchased the Body and Soul book on the advise of people who read both books but wondered if "He ran all the way' might not be a better reading,...thanks for your thoughts.And they certainly should have a box set on Garfield TCM wake up please.
  4. joanieh

    John Garfield

    I always considered Garfield a top of the line actor who never really received his rightfull dues because of the HUAC. Such a waste of talent to be pushed aside. I'm reading his Bio called Body and Soul and was wondering if anyone is a fan and has read the book. I come on the board once in awhile and i'm a Brando fan all the way having known him for a time in my youth, but just casually...conversations only. But I do see Garfield as the original of the handfull of actors that had such depth that was rough,raw and sensitive on the screen and just wondered if anyone agrees with that. Smiles, Joanie
  5. joanieh

    Charlton Heston, 84, RIP :(

    A wonderful actor and fine man. I applaud his life which was clean living in a wild town. I met him briefly in my youth and he was completely down to earth and may I add absolutely gorgeous. R.I.P Mr Heston and thank you for being so gracious.
  6. joanieh


    Hi Ava, I don't really recall them showing a bunch of his movies at all. I e-mailed them as to why they didn't show more of his films and they told me they did not have the rights to them. I know his estate is a mess because of who has controll of it. Marlon lived to see his daughter Cheyenne die but Christian passed recently so he was spared that. All the rest of his children are alive. Believe me I know his whole life story and I can tell you that he has many times said he didn't care to make films only did it when he needed the cash...He mentioned on numerous occations how he hated making movies..he came to despise acting in films though my own personal thoughts are that his life was forever in such turmoll that he lost what interest he had in many ways..and thats why food became his cushion and helped fill the emptyness. He could not stand to be asked about his movies by people he liked to talk with others on what he thought of as a down to earth level and not "He" being the main attraction of the conversation. I had never once asked him about his movies or acting though he did ask me one time if I had any career ambitions and when I said stage acting he simply said " no you don't want to do that" and thats all that was said about acting..He waned to be a everyday guy and that was impossible. I have most of all his dvd's but most people I know have mentioned that TCM plays the least of his movies in compared to other actors and i can't ever rememeber seeing any variety of his films on TCM as I've seen of other stars...but it's here nor there as i'm sure they don't have access to them as they say.He was a wonderful kind and very gentle beautiful man and when he laughed it came from the heart. He's irreplaceable..Thanks for replying nice chatting back with you.
  7. joanieh

    Marlon Brando - Appreciation Thread

    I don't have a scanner at present but if you go on the Simply Classics forum they have tons as it's a site devoted to all the classic's wonderful with so many photos and everyone is very well informed about so many of the stars of yesterday. If you're interested just say so and I'll try to give you the link when I come back on.
  8. joanieh

    People You MUST Defend!

    If I may make a suggestion and anyone hasn't yet read " A Life" by Elia Kazan it is his own autobio and he speaks of Kim and Garfield and F.Tone and so many stars and director and producers of yesterday. It's a fascinating read of over eight hundred pages and brutishly honest. He speaks of HUAC and how he came to do the unspeakable and the circus around the cutting of scenes from "Streeetcar" and turmoil around "waterfront and Viva Zapata and so much more. He was a brilliant director.
  9. joanieh

    Marlon Brando - Appreciation Thread

    It is very nice you did this and I didn't notice yesterday sorry to say as i was making a thread complaining of no Marlon films for his birthday. If you care to check the thread you'll see that I knew him casually when I was young and without going through it all which would be impossible I can tell you he was gentle, highly intelligent, great humor with the most beautiful smile when he joked and deeply cared for you as a person. I adore him and miss him still and forever.
  10. joanieh


    Hey Mickeeteeze thanks for putting that clip up...ofcause i've seen the movie but haven't watched it in a long time as I find it very emotional for me. He' was amazing and he did make some not terrific films but he always gave a fantastic performance. He exposed his very soul in this movie from the very depth of him all the hurt,hate and anger came out..very sad to watch. I'm happy to see that TCM has rescheduled tonight's movies and is honoring the wonderful Richard Widmark a good actor and fine human being.. My first introducton to him was as a young girl watching him throw that poor old women down the stairs.he's always been one of my favorites. LOL nice introduction to Mr Widmark.
  11. joanieh


    Mickeeteeze he fit perfect in the 50's he was a man of his time. One eyed Jacks was a terrific movie and I fully agree with you in reference to restoring the movie.He went so far over budget and that ended his directing which he was actually excellent at...took him 6 months for a film that should have been finished in less then 3 months..LOL Gotta laugh at that one. I thought i was prejudice at thinking that the first modern western...glad I'mnot alone in that thought. Have a great night.
  12. joanieh


    Hi Ava, I'm sure they aren't trying to insult him it's me that's insulted at the 7AM reshow of the Doc....they could have done just a little bit better with one film. But if Marlon were alive he'd wish they didn't show any of his movies...believe me. I'm the greedy one wanting to see...but i do have all my DVD's so I shouldn't complain. The fact is they show very,very few of his movie's....thank heaven for dvd's.LOL Smiles, Joanie
  13. joanieh


    Mickeeteeze, people have no idea what he was truly like. Ofcause I knew him as I did and that was as a very gentle but masculine man..he had a tenderness about him that was beautiful and rare. A man of great humor and just brilliant. We had a casual friendship and this was very long ago when he lived in manhattan which was my home and he was at that time already a star so to speak. He has my undying devotion for a very misunderstood man. Smiles and salutations, Joanie.
  14. joanieh


    Izcutter..I get your meaning and according to TCM they do not have the rights to most all of Marlon's films which is unusual as they have all the other great ole stars... What annoyed me is the fact that Doris Day who I do like and enjoy has five films showing and though the Marlon Doc is 2 1/2 hours it doesn't take up the time five films of one star my feelings were why not just one Brando film and four which is plenty showing Ms Day.A number of his fans that I know complained about this and that is why I came on the message board. I hope that they will Highlight him in Summer under the stars..if not I'll say no more. Have a great day and again Happy Birthday to Bud Brando who would have been 84.
  15. joanieh


    Izutter. Yes i saw the doc and the couple films last year and appreciated that very much. But being such a life long admirer and someone that knew him casullay in my youth I was sure they would give him more time as did many people that I know who are great admirers of Bud's. It was a disappontment not to see at least one of his you can understand my feeling about this I hope. And thank you for replying. Message was edited by: joanieh

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