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  1. livesofnine420

    Who's got your heart? (A male and female question)

    June Allyson because she's just so darned adorable!! I just want to squeeze her cheeks! Gene Kelly for obvious reasons! I mean, who wouldn't wanna squeeze those 'cheeks'? hehe ( I know, I know, I'm such a brat)
  2. livesofnine420

    Who Would You Be?

    Well, this one is tough. Without being serious I'd say Debbie Reynolds because we have similar personalities according to several friends opinions. I guess I'm just bubbly that way. In all seriousness I think Marilyn Monroe.:a total hopeless romantic who despite the success never could find true love. And she's drop dead gorgeous!!!
  3. livesofnine420

    Favorite Gene Kelly Movies

    I'm just now starting to see his movies. So far, Singin in the Rain is my absolute fave but its kinda tied with The Pirate tho. I've only just touched the tip of the iceberg I'm sure. much Gene yet so little time....

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