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  1. HomesoulM

    Now Playing Magazine - August 2017 Issue

    I did not get mine and I think I applied again. Whom do I contact?
  2. HomesoulM


    Hope they get the money to restore that flick. I thought W.R.Hearst got all of her films and the money to restore them.
  3. HomesoulM

    The Birth of a Nation 100th anniversary

    Has anyone read the book in which the movie was based called The Clansmen by Thomas Dixon? I did and it was a hateful novel. I saw it and I also researched the admission price for the film which was $3.00. That was several times the pay of a regular person. That was so much money to pay. In fact no blockbuster movie today complete with IMAX cost what that film cost which was $30.
  4. HomesoulM

    Shorties we would like to see on TCM…

    I learn something every day. I wished those travel shorts are on DVD.
  5. HomesoulM

    Shorts not mentioned on TCM schedule

    Why the shorts are not mentioned on the TCM Schedule? It used to mention them in between the films shown. Hope for reply.
  6. HomesoulM

    Should be in Now Playing

    I always frustrated when I miss one of those shorts. Hope it could be in Now Playing.
  7. HomesoulM

    List shorts in Now Playing

    I just wished the shorts could be included in Now Playing.
  8. HomesoulM

    Rain (1932)

    I had seen scenes that was from the silent version of Miss Sadie Thompson starring Gloria Swanson. For example the natives who found the body of the religious man.
  9. Has anyone posted any photos of the late Mickey Rooney when he was at the TCM Cruise of years back. Hope for replies.
  10. I do not know about him but,I know he is a regular and a real fan of TCM Message Boards. KIH would be sorely missed.
  11. HomesoulM

    Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

    What does he got to do with classic movies? The first Prime Minister of Canada John A. MacDonald was a drunk.
  12. HomesoulM

    TCM/Charley Chase talkback thread

    I would love to see the Chase short of him doing the Charleston.
  13. HomesoulM

    Short Diary

    Has anyone did a diary of shorts being shown on TCM? I had read a lot of threads in which the weekly listings of a TCM schedule never appears after a week or two. Also,I have not seen the shorts listings on Now Playing magazine which would had helped a lot. Hope for replies.
  14. HomesoulM

    Unlisted Short Aired Today

    I saw those shorts on Friday evening only to miss the schedule when I logged in today. I wished TCM includes the shorts in their Now Playing publication which is a good reason to subscribe but,I have not because of this omission. When you or anyone had seen a short or play to see one make sure to write a diary of the title of that short to research in the future. Or I would copy the day's schedule.

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