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  1. allthumbs

    Halloween Schedule Disappointment

    let me go on record to vote for MORE horror movies in Oct. (and keep showing horror all year round)
  2. i saw Lawrence three times on its initial release nationwide in 1963. subsequently, i tried to get my hands on anything pertaining to Lawrence and the movie in particular. to judge the movie after one viewing is problematic. that's because the movie is unlike most anything that came before. Lawrence presents the facts as related in his autobiographical "Seven Pillars of Wisdom," where he states the facts, but no reasons behind those facts. thus, we are to decide for ourselves whether he was a hero, villain or whatever when it comes to the movie, and that is what David Lean presents to us. btw, Lawrence never went back to Arabia. he, along with Prince Faisal, did attend the peace conference at Versailles after the Great War, but the Arabs were treated poorly. later Lawrence entered the military again under an alias. he died in a motorcycle accident in 1935, which is depicted in the opening of LoA.
  3. allthumbs

    Joan Bennett for SOTM

    a good selection, especially for noir fans. her story is fascinating.
  4. allthumbs

    All Quiet on the Western Front (1930)

    i think All Quiet is when talkies grew up and became the force that showed the world the possibilities of motion pictures. there were glamor stars and directors before and since that showed a bit of what film could be, but All Quiet is perfection. it's the marriage of book and screen, acting style and interpretation that rivets a looker. it's been achieved by some (too few, actually, considering the number of pictures made.) i keep looking and hoping to have my attitude changed the way Quiet did.
  5. allthumbs

    the walls of malapaga

    i wanted to watch this movie but found the poor quality of the surviving print unbearable. the subtitles were unreadable and the movie itself was grade z. to my mind, if any movie should be dubbed, it's this one.
  6. allthumbs

    Noir Alley

    well, In a Lonely Place came up a little in my book, but it still is kind of flat in my mind. gets a 7/10 from me. i still don't get why Muller has so much love for this film. and SpeedRacer, regarding your Success/Face inquiry, give Kiss Me Deadly (1955) a look, if you haven't already. all the amps are turned up, way up for this one. Spillane's Mike Hammer didn't operate with same set of rules as most.
  7. allthumbs

    Noir Alley

    Act of Vioence (1949) was a superb replacement for Tears. (Still would like to see Tears, though.) what made the movie super interesting was intro/exit comments by Eddie Muller. he sure can make a tricky film seem not so complicated. coming up is Muller's favorite Noir, In a Lonely Place (1950). it'll be interesting to hear what he says about this flik. i thought it was a disappointment after seeing it for the first time about 10 years ago. i haven't changed my opinion since first my first view. we'll see...
  8. allthumbs

    Noir Alley

    i got a reminder that Too Late For Tears (1949) is coming up at 8p, Sun, Jan 27. well, it looks like that film was replaced with Act of Violence (1949), but no reason was ever given. Tears was preferred by me, and i'm at a loss as to why this flik would have been replaced. it's been shown before. in fact, recently. nothing against Act, just wondering.
  9. allthumbs

    Awards season 2018-2019

    the Village Voice, until its demise in Sept 2018, had an annual poll which included a Best Picture award. does anyone know of a successor or some organization that picked up the mantle to this annual round-up of pics and awards? the VV used to poll over a 100 critics for their awards.
  10. allthumbs

    Everything from 1923 is Public Domain Now.

    i like tikisoo's idea of paying for the privilege of extending the copyright. in fact, the longer the extension goes, the more the holder would have pay to keep the copyright in ever increasing amounts. for example: any original work created now would be good for 50 years and would be free. to extend it 5 years, it would cost $50,000. after the 5 year extension is up, it would cost $100,000. after that extension is up, $150.000 for another 5 years. (i'm using amounts here that can be adjusted or changed to suit.) another 5 years, $200,000 and so forth, till the holder gives up the ghost, decides it won't payback more than it costs to keep paying the ever increasing amounts to get extensions. this way, Disney has a means to keep its copyright on the Mouse, but most of the other films become available to the public.
  11. allthumbs

    Everything from 1923 is Public Domain Now.

    i cheer the expiration of copyrights effective with the New Year in 2019. copyright law protection should never have been expanded to 95 years to begin with and should have been reduced rather than lengthened. (say, 50 years or thereabouts) one thing of note is the Mouse. i suspect there will be added pressure bought to bear to LENGTHEN protections by the Disney Company, so that their copyright for Mickey Mouse will go on. as a consequence, all copyright holders will enjoy lengthened terms. a better way to handle this is the way English Law protects Peter Pan. there, all Phillip Barrie (he wrote Peter Pan) material is granted copyright protection ad infinitum (forever.) maybe Disney will/should do the same, although in America special laws are frowned upon. as far as movies go, the movies released in 1923 are now public domain. each year will bring more, until talkies will be public domain. a restoration gets its own copyright (if applied for), and lasts itself for 95 years.
  12. probably not! (show Don't Look Now (1973) and The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976)) btw, Don't Look Now is a Criterion DVD. TCM seems to show a lot of Criterion stuff, so I'm holding out some hope for that one.
  13. allthumbs

    TCM Schedule Changes/Cancellations

    the amazing thing about River's Edge (1986) is that it's based on a true story. it's a loose re-creation of the murder of Marcy Conrad in Milpitas, Cal in 1981. the disaffected youths are then, and now, still with us.
  14. allthumbs

    Classic Era Film actresses who did nudity

    here's my understanding of the "nude" Jane Wyatt scene in Lost Horizon(1937) from the commentary track on the DVD. it was a long shot away from any actress who did the scene. so, they used a body double for Wyatt. the body double (long?) after says she was nude when it was filmed, but she told the Code People she had a flesh colored suit on for the filming. Bottom Line: Wyatt didn't do the scence. her replacement may or may not have been nude.
  15. allthumbs

    American Masters

    is there a schedule for any upcoming American Masters and/or American Experience broadcasts in the future?

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