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  1. DTsWereMe

    Digital Transition - todays the day!

    Alison?first off, are we talking about a ?converter box? which allows older analog televisions to receive over-the-air broadcasts (those signals are now digital?hence, digital transition) via an antenna or a cable company provided (at a cost) cable box? A cable box (sometimes referred to as a set top box, STB), in and of itself, has little to do with digital transition but instead how these companies market their services in ?tiers?. My bet is we are talking about the ?cable box? which is provided you by a cable company moving TCM up a tier which happens to be a digital tier. We (cable subscribers) are at the mercy of those providers regardless of how advanced our individual television sets are. Are we getting close?
  2. DTsWereMe

    Ryan's Daughter

    Anyone else appreciate Leo McKern's performance in this film?. I enjoy him in just anything he does...but thought he did esp. good here.
  3. DTsWereMe

    The Host without the most...

    At first, as Ben began his monlogue, I too wondered if he was heading into tabloid salaciousness. The comments on the actors' prior affair, Holden's drinking, tensions on the set and so forth could cause one to wonder if this was a proper introduction to the movie. But his final comment as to Holden's solid performance, in spite of these issues, made it, I think, appropriate. After watching the movie, surely one of the worst I have ever sat through, I considered both Holden and Hepburn not only quite professional in their efforts but downright courageous. And, I like Ben. He seems pleasant enough and I don't hold his family connections against him. Those connections have most assuredly given him a knowledge of the movie industry that many posters here might lack.
  4. DTsWereMe

    Spending My Saturday with Ms Davis!

    AvaG, I've got DVD's and tapes stuck in everything but the toaster....trying to be sure and get it all. I too appreciate TCM honoring Davis this way. Just wish they would spread it over a couple of days. I'm a unskilled "recording artist"....so this is hectic.
  5. DTsWereMe

    Where is this So. Ca theatre?

    Thank you, thank you....CineSage jr. That photo can now go back in the family archives with proper captions.
  6. DTsWereMe

    Bob Hope Radio Show--Legends of Hollywood

    I'm with you, Kim, not enough nice things can be said for this wonderful person..
  7. DTsWereMe

    Where is this So. Ca theatre?

    Thanks for the link Ayers. Also, researching the movies that were being shown I see they were more like 1938 or 39 and if I missed the date by much the site might not even be Sourthern California.
  8. This photo, taken around 1941, is of a theatre somewhere in Southern California. Does this look familiar to anyone? It is an old family photo and for posterity I would like to know its location. Thanks Message was edited by: DTsWereMe Message was edited by: DTsWereMe
  9. DTsWereMe

    People You MUST Defend!

    Rich, I spoke colloquially...I should merely have made a reference to McCarthyism rather than the Senator. You are absolutely correct. Fred, No doubt Ms Hunter did enjoy a great career....that is why I chose "fantastic" as my adjective. Had it not been for the House Un-American Activities Committee I am convinced that when we post one of those many threads on who we think (in regards to female actors) was better than someone else...Ms Hunter would have been in the mix.
  10. DTsWereMe

    People You MUST Defend!

    *Kim Hunter* Caught up in McCarthy's blacklist....I can only dream what kind of fanastic film career she could have hadhad this not happened to her. Message was edited by: DTsWereMe
  11. DTsWereMe

    The First Film That Comes to Mind...

    SUDDENLY nw: passport
  12. DTsWereMe

    How to insert an image?

    Thanks for that tip, also, Fred....however, I resize photos alot and you can rest assured they will be right before they are ever posted to tiny pic. I don't care for these "wall-to-wall" pictures that get posted in the threads and would be careful to keep photos I post to a reasonable size. You've been very helpful and I do appreciate it.
  13. DTsWereMe

    How to insert an image?

    Fred, Thank You
  14. DTsWereMe

    How to insert an image?

    just testing

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