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  1. Hey Bronxie, Happy Thanksgiving to you and everyone else here at TCM!
  2. Hope your Halloween wasn't too scary Bronxie. The season sort of flew by me this year but I did visit with Boris and Bela last night. Now that the cool weather is settling in I'll probably catch up on some more spooky films soon. The Old Dark House is one I'll be getting to tonight. I haven't seen these in a while.
  3. Hey Bronxie, you there? Am I here? I am disoriented by these giant emoji things everywhere! Anyway I don't know how to get to my pm's anymore. I guess they will straighten this out in a few days. Glad you had a nice birthday. The aliens were a bit bummed when you rejected their proposals but they'll get over it. We have had a very warm October but I think is is going to cool down here quite a bit tomorrow. Hey Frank, Great to see you on the boards! I'll drop you a note when I figure out how!
  4. Meanwhile, Just outside Boca: Wishing you a Happy Birthday Bronxie!!! (((I'll be in touch on the PM, I just keep crawling back in my hole!!!))) :)
  5. Hi ya Bronxie, Thinking of you and hoping you are keeping safe as Irma approaches! Take care my friend!
  6. Your Mom was tops Barb! So sad to hear this news. I loved hearing her thoughts on films and always enjoyed the conversations between you both that you would lovingly share with us. These past years you have been by her side through all the ups and downs. That is a treasure that can never be taken from you. Take care of yourself during the difficult days ahead. Sending big hugs to you my dear friend. God bless you and your wonderful mom.
  7. Happy New Year to you Bronxie and to all the TCM gang.
  8. Warner Archive Streaming

    EricJ, Thanks for your response. I don't know much about apps really. I'm not even sure exactly what Roku is. I'll google it. I did some trial and error and was able to get the site working in chrome, so that works well enough for me. The film collection does seem rather limited but I think I will enjoy the old television shows. I appreciate your input on this.
  9. Hi all, I registered for the free 30 day trial over at the Warner Archive site. I have most of the movies but was interested in the TV shows. Does anyone else use this site? So far I haven't been able to watch anything. I just wanted to view them on my PC desktop. I contacted support but I received a canned response that it was me not them. I'm not so sure that is the case. I stream netflix and amazon fine. I was curious if anyone else had this issue and had any suggestions.
  10. Well it's nice that the creatures are getting into the holiday spirit!
  11. Merry Christmas Barb! Hope you and your mom have a wonderful day!
  12. Thinking of you and your mom on this Thanksgiving Day Bronxie. Hope you and everyone at TCM has a nice holiday.
  13. Hey there Ro, That sounds good. So it is green beans for you then. Do make green bean casserole for family gatherings? and the butter beans, don't forget it has butter beans too! Ha! Well I never tried putting cabbage in there. I think of stew as really thick. We make Brunswick stew in these parts. Slow cooked for hours. You can add chicken or pork, plus sweet potatoes that cook down so you don't even notice them and of course corn and....BUTTER BEANS!!! Yum! Compromises huh? I will die alone The stew things sounds similar to how my mom cooked roast. She always served it with fresh hot biscuits too! I will be contacting you for recipes. I have been cooking up a storm lately. I do love to eat. It also encourages me to be social as I have to invite people over to try it. Ha! I'm with her on that! I would do that too. Now I'm going to make a pot of chili tomorrow. How do you feel about that? Kidney beans? Pinto beans? Navy Bean Soup?? How about a can of pork-n-beans??? The world is full of beans Ro! I'm concerned you're depriving yourself!
  14. Hello Ro, Oh my goodness. What goes on in the Rohanaka household kitchen??? How can you not like peas? What do you eat with mashed potatoes? Ha! Ha! Hum! You're funny Ro! NO it is not just peas and beans! It also has tomato, onion, potato, corn, green beans (I suppose you hate them too), carrots and stew beef. So it is really beef vegetable, plus lots of good seasoning. Everybody loves it. So there! Hiya Bronxie! You tell her Bronxie! I make them like that sometimes. Glad you enjoyed your Frankenstein films. What fun dialogue. I will checking them out before Halloween. Luckily I have them on DVD. Hi Sansfin, You have made me long for good and proper borscht now!

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