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  1. FrankGrimes


    A very Happy Birthday to you, Bronxie! You are one of the best! You're still so much fun. I think you're getting younger.
  2. FrankGrimes

    The Annual FrankGrimes Torture Thread

    Thank you, Quiet Gal and Bronxilla! I know I'm quite late in replying but I've been slow to get back on the horse.
  3. FrankGrimes

    Larry Peerce Director Of The Incident (1967)

    I love "The Incident". I saw it back in the early days of the Fox Movie Channel and I was mesmerized. It's very much a social commentary. Rather similar to "Lady in a Cage", in many ways. I've had a small list of films I want a DVD release for and this has been on the list forever. I'm amazed that Fox has never released it.
  4. FrankGrimes


  5. FrankGrimes

    Upcoming Releases

    Amazon, Deep Discount, and the Criterion site get close to the B&N price but are still a little more. That is, if you're a member. Now if your B&N accepts a coupon during the sale, they blow the others out the water. My B&N always honored the coupons until this last November, when new employees were "by the book". Before that, I'd use the coupons on pricey Criterion boxes. A $100 box was had for $38.16 in PA (6% sales tax). Basically 62% off.
  6. FrankGrimes

    Upcoming Releases

    I buy all my Criterions during the Barnes and Noble sales in July and November. That's 50% off. Plus members get 10% off. Some B&N stores even honor their coupons with Criterions. Although the coupons explicitly say not to.
  7. FrankGrimes

    The Annual FrankGrimes Torture Thread

    Yesterday was not a fun day. Lots of snow removal. We ended up getting about 19 inches. It's the second highest snow total for Harrisburg in the month of March.
  8. FrankGrimes


    Good afternoon, Piecemaker -- Well, there is no accounting for tastes sometimes.. ha. My brothers all liked it too. (they were still in highschool and junior high for the most part... that was likely more the standard audience for that show, overall) But you never know why someone will like something. I once dated a boy (way... way back when I was in highschool. You know.. practically dinosaur days. ha) and his little sister (she was 7) ABSOLUTELY l-o-v-e LOVED The Dukes of Hazard. If you knew that little girl, you'd NEVER have suspected she would.. very prissy.. very much a "princess" but oh me.. every time that show was on, she was right there, asking to watch it. If I was visiting them and it was time for the Dukes.. oh yeah, the whole world had to stop and we all got to watch Rosco P. Coltrane and Boss Hogg try and get one step ahead of those Duke boys. ha. Again.. no accounting for tastes. We all just like what we like.. and usually have our own reasons. (but ha.. some of us have NO rhyme or reason.. I confess I likely have at least a FEW unexplainable favorites on my "hit list" too.) A Dukes of Hazzard lady?! My kind of girl! After that, the best batman performance I can think of would be... the Batman character in The LEGO Movie, maybe. ha. (Now THERE was a super hero!! ha) I definitely love the Will Arnett "Batman" from the LEGO series. My favorite is Adam West, followed by Kevin Conroy, who voiced "Batman" on the Animated Series. But it may be a stand alone fan moment for me. Even if I like that movie, I am not sure if we'll dive in to the whole "Justice League" stuff, though, now that that is all starting to come together. I still have not gotten past the really awful things I heard (and thought) about the Batman V Superman film when they were advertising it.. ha. It just looked too doofy. (not sure why.. I love the whole Marvel Avengers stuff.. and that has to be the height of doofiness. But it works for me, somehow. Doofy can be a very subjective thing sometimes, I guess. ha) Yeah, I heard bad things about that film, too. It's trouble when the boys in my family think it's not that good. They love everything. I'm a DC fan more than Marvel but the Marvel films are currently done better.
  9. FrankGrimes

    Recent Buys

    I admire such collecting, Mr. Gorman. I got a kick out of your Meatballs story.
  10. FrankGrimes

    Recent Buys

    This is an example of the softer focus shots:
  11. FrankGrimes

    Recent Buys

    If you don't mind me asking, is that the Shout Factory Dreamscape release? How's the quality? It's the Shout Factory issue. I haven't watched it yet, but here's a review from DVD Beaver: The same question about The Vikings (although I know that's not Shout Factory). I have both films on DVD, but have been considering the Blu ray upgrade. I have watched The Vikings. I never saw the film before. Very beautiful-looking film. I thought the image was pretty good. The transfer shows some grain. Where the lighting is best, the image is best. There are some soft focus stretches in the film that soften the image. Also, I have a soft-image Sony Bravia, which is something I prefer, particularly with classic film. These are iPhone pics, so you know there is degradation:
  12. FrankGrimes

    Recent Buys

    What I've bought this year, so far: Working Girl (Blu) Dreamscape (Blu) The Fireball The Accused Life Stinks (Blu) An American Tragedy 1977 World Series Hitchcock (Blu) Sing Street (Blu) The Thomas Crown Affair (Blu) The Vikings (Blu) On Golden Pond (Blu) Andy Hardy Volumes 1 & 2 It Ain't Hay Film Noir: The Dark Side of Cinema (Blu) The Color of Money (Blu) The Dangerous Years Meatballs (Blu) Her (Blu) The Hitcher The Italian Job No Way to Treat a Lady The Little Rascals Collector's Edition Grumpy Old Men/Grumpier Old Men (Blu) The Secret of NIMH (Blu) Sophia Loren: Award Collection (Blu) Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (Blu) The Omen Collection (Blu) The War of the Roses (Blu) The Three Stooges - Rare Treasures Randolph Scott Western Collection (TCM) Children of Divorce (Blu) The Love Boat, Season 2, Volume 2 Mork & Mindy Complete Series The Brady Bunch Complete Series Bob Hope MGM Movie Legends Collection Abbott & Costello in Hollywood/Lost in a Harem A Fish Called Wanda (Blu) The Tingler Classic Horror 4-Movie Pack (The Mad Magician/The Man Who Turned to Stone/The Terror of the Tongs/Five) Experiment in Terror Universal Hollywood Icons Collection: Marlene Dietrich Fox Cinema Archives (Scudda-Hoo, Scudda-Hay/April Love/The Cowboy and the Blonde/Maryland) Sci-Fi Triple Feature (Logan's Run/The Omega Man/Soylent Green) (Blu) Fox Cinema Archives (The Pleasure Seekers/Three Little Girls in Blue/The Shocking Miss Pilgrim) The Amitville Horror Collection (Blu) Vincent Price Collection, Volume 2 (Blu) I Saw What You Did (Blu) Motel Hell (Blu) Young Guns (Blu) Star Trek 50th Anniversary TV and Movie Collection (Blu) Shampoo
  13. FrankGrimes

    The Annual FrankGrimes Torture Thread

    I will suggest that you watch: Rhubarb (1951) because it also has Ray Milland and concerns baseball. Darnit! I don't have that one recorded and I don't see it on YouTube. The DVD is way too pricey to buy, too. I shall keep an eye out for it. Thank you for the suggestion, SansFin.
  14. FrankGrimes


    Well 1932 is the pre-code era; Did Ford take advantage of that? That's not Ford's style, to be salacious. But there is more of a sexual element to this than most Ford pics. I.e. one should be able to make a more interesting and compelling film based on the same source material in the pre-code era than the production-code era. Less restrictions with script but film-making and performances are still being crafted during this time. It's often a production hodge-podge. Hugh upgrade in casting for the Hawks film, but I'm bias since Grant and Arthur are two of my top 5 favorites and they have very good chemistry together in the two films they made. Agreed. Cary, Jean, and Thomas are all spectacular performers at the height of their abilities. Cary at the outset of his, but still a height. Plus you get a radiant Rita Hayworth and the stony gravitas of Richard Barthelmess. I'd say Pat O'Brien is the one who can match such performances in Air Mail.
  15. FrankGrimes

    The Annual FrankGrimes Torture Thread

    Instead of hogging the "Rambles" thread, I thought I'd just post what I've watched lately, here. Ski Party (1965) -- I quite enjoyed this surreal mix of Some Like It Hot with Dobie Gillis plus James Brown and the Famous Flames. Loved Annette Funicello's "cameo". Plus there's Batgirl! Angels in the Outfield (1951) -- I felt like watching some baseball flicks with spring training going on. Also, I always liked that DianaBat used to watch baseball films when baseball was starting. So some board nostalgia for me. This is a sweet picture. Paul Douglas excels in these kind of roles; the lovable lug. I'm also a Pittsburgh Pirates fan, so I loved seeing Forbes Field and some of the former players in quick shots, such as Ralph Kiner. Airport (1970) -- I've been wanting to watch this "franchise" of films for a little while. It's certainly difficult not to think of Airplane! while watching this, but I was able to enjoy it despite that. Van Heflin?! Who knew?! Jean Seberg is lovely, I must say. Dean Martin turns in the best performance, to me. He's really becoming a favorite of mine. And Helen Hayes pretty much steals the picture. It Happens Every Spring (1949) -- Another baseball film. This time it's baseball's "Flubber". Ray Milland, a scientific professor, accidentally develops a substance that repels wood. So just rub a little on a baseball and you've got an unhittable pitcher. And so he does and so he does. Milland ends up pitching for his favorite team, the St. Louis Cardinals. Paul Douglas plays Ray's battery mate. It's another cute flick. The Barbarian (1933) -- Talk about a mix of emotions. Myrna Loy plays a fiancee who visits her husband-to-be in exotic Cairo. There she encounters a persistent Ramon Novarro, who is a prince in disguise. Ramon quickly falls for the snobby Myrna. Who wouldn't?! From there it becomes a strange mix of womanly desires and manly desires. There are actions that are dicey. And moments of great eroticism. Myrna seems to be in a transitional stage of vamp to perfect wife. Rome Adventure (1962) -- An underwhelming film that serves more as a travel brochure for Rome. At least it's a beautiful place to see. I did like seeing Suzanne Pleshette in the role of the "wooed woman". But she does stay grounded. Angie Dickinson plays the unlikable wife of Troy Donahue. And Troy is Troy. I liked seeing and hearing Al Hirt. Stolen Holiday (1937) - A very strange film with the strange pairing of Claude Rains and Kay Francis. Claude, a shady businessman, convinces Kay to trust him and his ways. This leads to a fashion business for Kay. Eventually, the light shines on the shady and this leads to a stunning finish to this film. The film is such an oddball concoction of crime syndicate and fashion show. It didn't work for me. Yentl (1983) -- Much better than I anticipated. While I'm a fan of Barbra, I wasn't sure I'd go for this kind of story. But it's good. Barbra must disguise herself as a boy to pursue her passion of higher learning and intelligent discourse, for a woman is to only raise a family and tend the home. "Her" journey leads to the love of a man (Mandy Patinkin), who views Yentl as a fellow male student. This creates some interesting scenarios. Even more scenarios arise when Amy Irving enters the picture. The White Tower (1950) -- A film about mountain climbing in the Swiss Alps sounded compelling to me. Plus there's Glenn Ford in the lead. Well, it falls short of expectations, despite some good photography. The film is basically a story about lingering WWII feelings, which comes to the fore as the climb progresses. The cast is impressive. Ford, Claude Rains, Alida Valli, Lloyd Bridges, Oskar Homolka, and Cedric Hardwicke all go on the climb. The problem is the story is left at the lodge. The Sins of Rachel Cade (1961) -- The sequel to The Nun's Story? It felt like it. Peter Finch stars in both and plays similar characters. Instead of Audrey Hepburn, we get Angie Dickinson. Angie plays a missionary nurse. Immediately, Peter and Angie have discussions that are reminiscent of mine with Miss G. There's a major twist in the film that really won me over. And 007 (Roger Moore) is behind it. The "locals" are full of favorites of mine, but also a sign of the times. Woody Strode, Juano Hernandez, Scatman Crothers, and track star, Rafer Johnson, all play a role. Mostly good roles, too. I only have 45 more films to list. Sigh. But I'll start with these.

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