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  1. MarkieMark

    Legend Films and Vintage Paramount on DVD

    That was basically what I really meant, about Genius distributing family movies released by Legend Films. It makes me just say they're related, and since this is a Legend Films thread...
  2. MarkieMark

    Legend Films and Vintage Paramount on DVD

    I can't believe no one mentioned Genius Products' (a close affiliate of Legend Films) recent announcement of The Little Rascals: The Complete Collection. It will have all of Hal Roach's talking Rascals shorts, including ones that were never released to DVD by Hallmark or Cabin Fever, and they're all uncut and from the original masters like the ones on VHS in the 90s. This is big. The cover/packaging art was just released to the internet the other day, too. Amazon is taking pre-orders.
  3. MarkieMark

    Upcoming shorts on TCM

    Yes!!!!! I got here in time so I can record the Todd/Pitts short!!!!! And Lydia, I just got your PM (I never got a PM before, so I'm late. hehe). I'll reply soon. :-)
  4. MarkieMark

    Upcoming shorts on TCM

    This is just my opinion, but TCM is not very awesome when it comes to the Roach shorts. If they're still waiting on more Charley Chase shorts from Hellmark, they could at least go back to playing Thelma Todd & Pitts/Kelly or The Boy Friends while they wait. I missed ALL of those shorts because I started collecting too late for those. And I missed the recent broadcast of the Thelma Todd/Zasu Pitts short because I stopped coming here for a while, as nothing was being played!! I love those Todd/Pitts shorts. Ugh. > {quote:title=LaughingGravy wrote:}{quote} > That and where did all of the short film discussion go? This thread used to be so lively. The Roach shorts seem to get the most attention, yet TCM is playing everything but. It's been going on nearly half a YEAR now without seeing any.
  5. MarkieMark

    Upcoming shorts on TCM

    I hear crickets chirping in this forum. Are the Hal Roach shorts STILL not back on yet?
  6. MarkieMark

    The "Silent Sunday Nights" opening sequence...

    Thank you very much, gagman and everyone else!!
  7. Could someone list the titles of the movies we see clips of in this introduction of "Silent Sunday Nights"? The only one I know of is "Greed" at the end. Every single one of them look so interesting and make me want to wait around for TCM to play them so I can watch them. I'd appreciate it. THANKS!
  8. MarkieMark

    Shorts You may have missed or Gee I wish I knew that was on...

    Oh my gosh, WAAAAAAAAY too many. I didn't start catching the shorts until just several months ago. I only got to see two Thelma Todd/Patsy Kelly shorts before TCM went to Charley Chase. Of course, I also totally missed out on The Boys Friends that they played last year. The Boy Friends and Thelma Todd/Zasu Pitts are my most wanted Hal Roach series (other than Our Gang and Laurel & Hardy, since I already have those in my collection).
  9. MarkieMark

    Upcoming shorts on TCM

    mellomovieman, TCM is working on including the shorts in the actual schedule on the website. Things aren't perfect, as we're missing a few shorts here and there, but I think they're trying to improve things.
  10. MarkieMark

    Upcoming shorts on TCM

    Sit down and hush, leroyshield.
  11. MarkieMark

    Upcoming shorts on TCM

    WHEW! I caught tonight's Chase episode on DVD. YAY!
  12. MarkieMark

    Upcoming shorts on TCM

    EDIT: I hate it when I double post. The first time I entered the post, it did nothing. Message was edited by: MarkieMark
  13. MarkieMark

    TCM/Charley Chase talkback thread

    He sounds like Vernon Dalhart when he sings! In fact, he was purposely singing in the Vernon Dalhart style. There were only three people to imitate back in those days: A.P. Carter Jimmy Rogers Vernon Dalhart You can hear Ann Dvorak singing Dalhart's "The Wreck of the old 97" in the 1932 version of "Scarface". (If you can find some of the earliest recordings of Gene Autry, you'll hear him imitating Jimmy Rogers.) The earliest song I have in my whole music collection is Vernon Dalhart's 1925 "The Prisoner's Song". Of Gene Autry, I have "My Blue Heaven" and "Tonight You Belong To Me", both from 1927. Having heard Vernon, I see what you mean about Charley sounding like him.
  14. MarkieMark

    Upcoming shorts on TCM

    "It seems TCM throws in some shorts in the schedule at the last minute. I swear I check the schedule everyday and today I didn't see the Charley Chase short in the schedule that came on this morning but I see it now after it aired. I missed that. I can't check the schedule every hour." Oh my lord, did I miss a SECOND Chase short in the past few days? :-( I've been at work all day today, so I missed today's short. Ugh.

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