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  1. MARY PICKFORD http://www.marypickford.com/index.php/library/vault-list
  2. MissGulch

    writing about silent film

    Very good reading here Mr. Gladysz, esp. enjoyed your review of Ken Wlaschin's book The Silent Cinema in Song 1896-1929. Got you bookmarked...
  3. MissGulch

    Henry King's "The White Sister" (1923)

    Yes, sometimes things slip in conversation but it's the people who use the word motif who should be forever banished from these message boards, maybe write it in stone in the Code of Conduct, just a suggestion. Silent melodramas are an acquired taste, funny and kinda grotesque on first viewing. Silent comedies/action appeal to me more where a train is just a train, a cow is a cow and a musketeer is a musketeer, pure and simple. Waiting for the paint to dry...
  4. MissGulch

    Henry King's "The White Sister" (1923)

    Revisit the final balcony scene and and you'll see, it's all about ownership (ironically), free will and standing tall, alone, completely composed and deferential only to her own inner spiritual world... just my interpretation though. The film is as complex as the those exquisite Italian ironwork gates (metaphors) and the Catholic backdrop is just that, a stage for a richer story.
  5. MissGulch

    Henry King's "The White Sister" (1923)

    This is really a feminist film and there are so many motifs there could be an accompanying student study guide, just a thought... Loved Garth Neustadter's inspired score marking and synchronizing action, emotion, musical instruments, dance, culture, time, hoof-beats, weather, plot and Mt. Vesuvius for two and a quarter hours! And there's a lovely romantic love/rapture theme throughout and voice in hymn- just beautiful. Thanks TCM and congratulations to Mr. Neustadter.
  6. MissGulch

    THE BIG PARADE (1925) Finally Back on TCM!

    Thanks for answering my BEAU BRUMMEL question, coffeedan. Kino products far outclass Warner Home Video, tribal hoarding and revenue sharing aside. C'est la vie...
  7. MissGulch

    THE BIG PARADE (1925) Finally Back on TCM!

    ...wonder why BEAU BRUMMEL with Schafer's score isn't included in the new John Barrymore set? Finally, just one more sleep before WHITE SISTER which Gish remembers in her autobiography The Movies, Mr.Griffith and Me "when we arrived in Rome, we found a bare studio with only two klieg lights, the only ones in Italy. At once, a man was put on a night train to Germany to buy and ship us enough equipment for the production." Lillian's memoirs are a good summer read esp. after seeing more of her films here on TCM.
  8. MissGulch

    THE BIG PARADE (1925) Finally Back on TCM!

    Amen to that and Namaste **
  9. MissGulch

    THE BIG PARADE (1925) Finally Back on TCM!

    ...interesting and veterans know 'home is where the heart is'. The French countryside is a beautiful setting in the film and King Vidor must have been true to Laurence Stallings' autobiographical novel Plumes. In a perfect world, THE BIG PARADE and the book that inspired it would be on library shelves everywhere.
  10. MissGulch

    THE BIG PARADE (1925) Finally Back on TCM!

    Thank you TCM for THE BIG PARADE and thanks to Jeffrey for raising the profile of these superb silent films. It was a privilege to see this film coincidentally following a PBS documentary showing American military cemeteries abroad titled HALLOWED GROUNDS- devastatingly poignant- truth and honour, loss and the meaning of freedom, even the trees were wounded and still standing. So inspiring, worth the wait, bravura performances, wow...Thanks again TCM.
  11. MissGulch

    Douglas Fairbanks Sr. in Beverly Hills

    And the Douglas Fairbanks exhibit runs until April 19th... http://www.oscars.org/events-exhibitions/exhibitions/2009/kingofhollywood.html Message was edited by: MissGulch
  12. MissGulch

    Silent films to sound

    Here's a site that may help, section April-The Top Grossing Silent Films has some stats... http://www.cinemaweb.com/silentfilm/bookshelf/
  13. MissGulch

    Silent Film Gallery

    Thank you for your pictures which are always such rare, historical treasures, whistlingypsy! I don't know much about Pola yet but you've piqued my interest...
  14. MissGulch

    Little Old New York(1923)

    Looks like the guest house survived and someone cares, which will renew interest in Marion hopefully. http://www.smconservancy.org/mtnews/000112.shtml -the original beach house kitchen-
  15. MissGulch

    Little Old New York(1923)

    Just as an aside, tours will be starting next month at Marion Davies' restored guest house in Santa Monica, a very beautiful place: http://www.flickr.com/photos/acbh/

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