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  1. fxreyman

    Top Ten Favorite Movies

    I have written about this subject sooo many times before that evne now I could not resist placing my ever-changing top ten list here. I have written exclusively about my lists on my LIST thread on the Your Favorites forum so anyone can go there and see what I have written previously. This list of mine changes from time to time. These are the films that I also have the DVD for, but whenever I see them on cable I tend to watch them even if there are commercials. Over and over again. So here goes... Adventures of Robin Hood 1938 The Talk of the Town 1942 They Were Expendable 1945 She Wore a Yellow Ribbon 1949 Twelve O'Clock High 1949 Seven Days in May 1964 The Professionals 1966 El Dorado 1967 Chisum 1970 Bite the Bullet 1975
  2. fxreyman

    SCOTUS battles

    So where are you getting the reports indicating that he had uncontrolled behavior? The reports are unfortunately coming from people who obviously have an axe to grind, or the left-leaning media who have thrown all in with the Democratic party and will stop at nothing from preventing Trump from doing what the 63 million or so deplorables want him to do.
  3. fxreyman

    SCOTUS battles

    So what? Well you laid out your arguments and I laid out mine. So at least we both have our OPINIONS. Leave it at that... As far as Bernie Sanders... Yeah right. Now if there ever was a left-leaning Socialist buffoon, he is the definition of that. No wonder you believe what he says. As far as the so-called witnesses who have come out to say that Kavanaugh is lying... All I can say is that it all comes down to "He said, She said. And right now her "so-called" facts would not stand up in a court of law. We will see where this new FBI investigation goes. I say get ready for a conservative led supreme court with five conservatives sitting on the bench. No more legislating from the bench.
  4. fxreyman

    SCOTUS battles

    How do you know that the letter was NOT leaked? Are you saying that you believe that a friend of Ford leaked the letter to the press? Why did they do that??? If they were a friend and they did do that, they must not be much of a friend. And if they did leak it, did they leak it with Ford's approval? Or did her lawyers leak it to the press? If I remember correctly, Kavanaugh answered to Senator Durbin that he would do whatever the committee wanted, and that included an FBI background check. So that means he was NOT LYING. I do not ever recall a nominee asking for an FBI investigation for themselves. Tell me where do you think he was lying???? You must be another fed up liberal disappointed that Clinton lost and now that Trump is president, you don't want ANY Republican nominee on the court? A lie detector test has never been allowed in a court of law. They are not very trust worthy and suspect due to the questions asked of the person taking the test. Unless you have some sort of law degree or have extensive knowledge of lie detectors, I'd say you are just saying what you are saying because of left-leaning propaganda. "Temperamentally unfit for office"? For what the way he came out guns a blazing at the hearing. Hell, I'd do the same damn thing to if my character, and honor had been destroyed. Senator Graham was correct when he pointed out that when Obama's two Supreme Court nominees came before the committee, none of what has happened to Kavanaugh happened to them. This whole thing has been a sham. You have at least two senators on the committee who are actively thinking of running for president in 2020. They are not interested in finding out the truth. All they want is credibility for their base when they do run and can look back on this fiasco and say what they did mattered. "Let them nominate some other right wing jerk, please." This goes to show that you ARE a LEFT WING JERK.
  5. fxreyman

    SCOTUS battles

    What are you all afraid of? That Kavanaugh is lying about his behavior during his teenage years and his college years? Ford obviously does not or can not recall certain facts about what happened and the left and the media are all going bonkers about how believable she was, and how angry Kavanaugh was at his hearing. "He was unglued", "He was belligerent", "He came unhinged", and on and on. What else would one expect from a Supreme Court nominee? His reputation, his family, and his honor has been destroyed during this whole process. He is angry and all of it is aimed at the democrats on the committee. Senator Dianne Feinstein held onto the letter that Ford sent her. All Ford told her was to withold her name, but after it looked like the committe was going to confirm Kavanaugh, that was when somehow the letter was leaked to the press. And Senator Feinstein has said that she nor anyone on her staff leaked it. Well who did? And why? Because the Dems do not want to see Kavanaugh on the court. They are afraid that if and when anything related to Roe v. Wade comes before the court, his vote will be to overturn that decades old decision. That is what this all about. As far as I am concerned, until and IF the FBI can find anything more substantial with Ford's allegations then Kavanaugh should be confirmed.. What has been reported is that the three people interviewed by the committee or who gave written testimony to the committee have under penalty of perjury which is a federal offense, claimed they could not remember the party or the incident in question. The one female friend of Ford's, Leland Keyser said she believed Ford, but did not remember the party. She has even stated that she never met Kavanaugh. I can understand how some would think Kavanaugh is not suited to sit on the highest court in the land, but based on these allegations alone? Or is it that some do not want to see him on the highest court because of his beliefs? I do not know. It has become a very bad mess.
  6. Faves not greatest... The Adventures of Robin Hood 1938 The Talk of the Town 1942 The Best Years of Our Lives 1946 She Wore a Yellow Ribbon 1949 Twelve O’Clock High 1949 Executive Suite 1954 Ride the High Country 1962 The Professionals 1966 Bite the Bullet 1975 The Hunt for Red October 1990
  7. fxreyman

    social justice???

    It is called political correctness. You think Robert Osborne would have called something like this out while he was still broadcasting? It is generally understood that Ben and many of the other new hosts on TCM are liberal minded and even though RO may have been liberal he was like those many years ago that witheld their political beliefs while reporting on air. I am thinking of Walter Cronkite. He was a liberal but he hardly ever made a point of reporting the news with a liberal slant.
  8. Actually you don't know anything about me at all. The avatar I chose was from an original pencil drawing I did while in college. I had a great deal of talent back then. It is too bad you have chosen NOT to use an actual avatar for you. A "P". Wow, thats original... Anyway, IMHO JW is one of our greatest actors of all time.
  9. With this post, I think this thread needs to move to the Off-Topics Forum! Country not moving again? Talk about someone who clearly does not understand the economy, irregardless of who the president is.
  10. fxreyman

    Brainwashing: Capra style----

    It is probably due to Jimmy Stewart's popularity.
  11. I have written something like this before to you directly Spence and it bears repeating once again. I am probably going to be lambasted for what I am writing here but I really do think this needs to be written to you and others like you who needs some advice... This post is not meant to be harsh, or unfriendly, but rather to offer some friendly advice when posting on the message boards. As TopBilled has written in this thread, sometimes when one posts too many threads, it becomes tedious to read each and every thread. Thus, one may not get the response or responses one desires. Recently you have posted quite a few different threads about a myriad of topics in General Discussions. As LawrenceA has commented, many of these types of threads asking about favorite actors, film composers, AFI lists, etc., would be better served if you used the Your Favorites Forum. You would be surprised just how many members post on that forum. Now I am no where near perfect when it comes to writing. In fact I am fairly terrible when trying to compose letters and or my thoughts and it takes several drafts before I think that what I have written makes sense not only to me, but to others who will be reading what I am writing. In my opinion, you need to write several drafts of what you want to say before actually posting it. In many of your posts you write so disjointed that it is very hard to read what you are trying to say. Your use of multiple asterisks, the listing of of birth and death years after the actor's names and use of multiple punctuation type marks makes it hard to read as well. Plus you constantly misspell words and that is hard to follow at times. When you create titles for your threads, they too often are either misspelled or disjointed and it is hard to understand what exactly you are asking for or are trying to convey to the members here. I am sorry if I am posting this here, but you want more replies? Then I would use a text edit or word document first before you post and then spellcheck what you want to post before actually posting it. That would definitely help when reading your posts. I usually do this and it helps quite a bit. Sometimes I still miss spelling certain words and what I write is not always grammatically correct, but I try. You should as well. It is not as if this is a race to see how fast you can post a thread, it is more important that you take your time when trying to write a post within a thread, or creating a thread in the first place. Please don't despair. You are very talented and you offer many fine attributes to the message boards. You bring awareness to certain topics many here have never ever thought of. Spence, this is friendly advice to you and I hope you consider my ideas here.
  12. delete





  13. fxreyman


    Well, the dry spell is finally coming to an end... I will be starting this thread up once again with my completion of my top ten list from the decade of the 1940's. Then I will start another list for another decade as yet to be decided. Hope you all enjoy!
  14. fxreyman

    Now I am afraid for TCM.

    Not again... Every few months someone starts a thread about what they see as the “so-called” demise of Turner Classic Movies represented by the channel showing some obscure recent film and because of this the reaction TCM is somehow going the way of AMC or worse, just going in the wrong direction that some here have feared would happen eventually. The film you mentioned, “Who’s That Girl” a Warner Bros release from 1987 has caused what appears great consternation on your part. As has been written by me and several others on the board in the recent past, this is not unusual for TCM. Going back to 1994 when TCM started, the channel has always shown what some have called recent films. Looking back to 1994, those first few months saw films from the 1980’s and 1970’s dotting the schedule every month. For TCM to show films from a certain point in time, especially the rare to find classics from the 1930’s to the 1950’s, they often have to show more recent films to justify contract stipulations they have agreed to from the distribution companies and or film studios. In this case “Who’s That Girl” from 1987 is part of the Warner Bros. film library. Obviously in order for TCM to show certain films from way back from Warner Bros, they have to agree to also showcase other more recent films from that studio to satisfy any contract they agree with in order to show those older more classic films. In this case, the Madonna film was probably included in whatever contract TCM signed to show other older films. In very simple language, this is often the case. That is why this film along with many other poorly produced films from the recent past appear on the channel. It does not mean that TCM is going the way of AMC. All one has to do is look at the monthly schedules and I am sure more than 65 to 75% of all the films being shown on the channel were films produced from before 1960 or 1970. And to be frank, there is nothing wrong with showing these more recent, obscure films. They satisfy any agreement TCM makes with the distributor and often are only shown once or twice within a given month, possibly more times depending on which older films are being negotiated for. So as James has written, just because TCM is showing one film you dislike, there is no reason to sit here and bemoan athat TCM is dying and all is lost. This is just not the case.

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