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  1. fxreyman

    Happy Mueller Eve!

    Don't know what you expect to see, or not see?
  2. Getting back to your original question which by the way was one of your more thoughtful premises, I’d like to take a few minutes to try and explain what I think may be happening. First of all I do think most people especially on this message board “bash” newer films. Not all, but a quite a few. Second of all I also think most people I run into through my daily travels “bash” older films. In fact I think the second group of people bashing older films is an area that is more relevant for today than your original statement. But lets go back to your original statement. Skimpole’s first response was a very good thought. JamesJazzGuitar’s response was also very good: LawrenceA also had a very good response: If I were to add anything to the above three responses I would tend to agree with all three. To some degree. I think that basically many of the members of this message board have shown over a period of time their dislike for newer films. And based on what the three replies from above have stated I think this proves that point to some degree. But I also think that many people who post here do like newer films if those films somehow represent some sort of connection to the past. Like good storytelling; good production values; good photography; good music scoring; good acting, and so on. Since we all know to some extent some members of the message board feel about newer films, I think a more relevant conversation could be about those people who “bash” older films. This is not to say that people who write on the message boards do not appreciate newer films and or their production values, rather I think they may object to the harshness of these films. The way they represent speech, nudity and violence. Older films did not have this and I agree wholeheartedly with Lawrence on this. The members who post here on the message boards I think are real cinephiles. They have invested a great deal of time not only watching films but have also invested a huge amount of time digging into certain films, actors, production people, and production facts about movies that does not exist anywhere else. In many respects the average filmgoer of today is NOT a cinephile like the rest of us are on these message boards. Due to my not having a regular full-time job at an office like I have had for the past 30 plus years, I have been driving for Uber since November. Since most of my drives (over 1,600 now) have been less than a mile or so, I rarely get a chance to discuss films with my riders. But there have been several instances where I have had very interesting and thoughtful conversations with riders about films. Some of my riders have either been going to a movie theater or were ones I was picking up from a movie theater and taking them home or another location. In those rides I usually start off the conversation by asking them what movie they are going to be going to see or what movie they just saw. Almost all of the people I have picked up have seen the latest release. I do not recall one rider telling me that they just went to see an older film at a theater that shows those films. For example I just last week picked up a mother and a daughter who had just seen the latest remake of Dumbo. They loved it. But when I asked the mother if she had ever seen the original Disney film from 1941, her reply was about what I had expected. She had never known of the older version. This type of reply is a reaction I get most of the time when I tell people of older films. When I told her of the original Disney animated film she seemed like that film could not even compare to the newer film. Of course the original film was only 64 minutes and was animated so that in and of itself could not even hold a candle to the newer film. She told me that was her reasoning. Other riders when asked about what they liked were usually similar. Newer high tech films with lots of CGI effects. The Marvel films and many of the outer space adventure films of today. I will often ask people what they think their favorite film from the past is or if they can come up with the title of a “so-called classic film” is. Often they answer with The Godfather, any of the Star Wars films (although many people claim they have never seen the original Star Wars trilogy), or any film that has a comedian in it (from the recent past). Some riders when I asked them to tell me their thoughts on older films turn it around on me and ask me to name my favorite film or a top five or ten list. When I say The Adventures of Robin Hood is my all-time favorite film, they often think I am talking about the Kevin Costner film from 1991. But when I tell them that what I mean is the 1938 version with Errol Flynn, they often reply that they had never heard of that film and do not know who Errol Flynn was. And this is the problem. I think on the whole, the average person of today is mostly ignorant about the films from yesteryear. They have no clue to the most part and are not willing to invest precious time or effort into watching an older film. As much as it was back in the thirties and forties for movie audiences to go to the theater to get away from the depression or world events like WWII, to get away and enjoy a few hours away from those events, much is the same today. Current audiences probably want as well to get away. But today’s audiences want everything now. Many now watch movies and tv shows on their mobile devices. And I think eventually movie theaters will go away and be replaced by mobile devices or tvs all together. But I digress. I just think there are many more people who “bash” older films than there are bashing newer films. Most people who go to the movies today are satisfied with what they see on the big screen. Irregardless of whether the film they are seeing has been reviewed positively or negatively. Many people I know could care less what a reviewer may write or say about a film. They want to go and see action, especially like the Marvel franchise for example. Again an escape from normal everyday humdrum lives they may be leading. This is my take on your original question. Any thoughts?
  3. fxreyman

    ICE STATION ZEBRA (1968) - Howard Hughes' cult film

    I consider myself somewhat informed on some level when I speak about movies, but I also have to say that my knowledge of film only goes so far. There are many films I love and don't love. There are lots of films I have seen and have made informed opinions about them. There are categories of films I do not like and there are some categories I love. This being said I really like ISZ mainly because I am a naval history buff and I love military-like subjects.
  4. fxreyman

    ICE STATION ZEBRA (1968) - Howard Hughes' cult film

    To the uninformed, ISZ can be rather slow and somewhat plodding. You get a real sense of what life aboard a nuclear submarine was really like. But it had great underwater photography and the model work was fantastic. One of the reasons why I think it was nominated for Best Special Effects Oscar in 1968 (but lost to 2001), and Best Cinematography (Losing to Romeo and Juliet). As Sarge has indicated, many of Alistair MacLean's novels are hard enough to get through, but this film and 1969's Where Eagles Dare and later on Breakheart Pass with Charles Bronson were also well made. One note, the actual submarine they used for the on the surface shots and the close up of when the helicopter comes in to deliver the passengers was NOT a nuke. The Navy did not have a suitable nuke to use for filming, so they substituted a diesel submarine for those shots.
  5. fxreyman

    The Triumph of Donald Trump

  6. fxreyman

    Robert Mueller submits Russia report

    As I have indicated before earlier today, I think that in order to move forward, everyone needs to understand that we all believe in what we believe in. You and I will never agree about Trump and that is the way it is. So as I wrote earlier, since neither side of this argument is ever going to convince the other side that they are right and the other side is wrong, why not just end this now BEFORE message board friendships become too damaged and or irreparable. Agree?
  7. fxreyman

    Robert Mueller submits Russia report

    Totally agree and as I have just responded to Tom, if I owe an apology to you and or others here, please accept it.
  8. fxreyman

    Robert Mueller submits Russia report

    I probably should have rephrased my comment there Tom and I am sorry if I may have written something before I engaged my brain. I appreciate your comments , but again the main reason why I suggested that we end this discussion is that due to the strong feelings on both sides of this issue, we should all calm down (as John Wayne said in McLintock!).
  9. fxreyman

    Robert Mueller submits Russia report

    Trolls? Are you suggesting that those of us who believe in Trump are TROLLS??? Here is an idea... Since both sides of this argument is going nowhere really fast... and both sides believe in what they believe in and no one is either willing to accept what the other side has to say about Trump, and or Obama, why not just end this silly conversation?
  10. fxreyman

    Robert Mueller submits Russia report

    Man, just so much hate for Trump here. And yet no one can justify the ways Obama separated America when he became president. He is the real reason why we are at where we are now. If Obama had done what he had said he was going to do when he was running for president in 2008, by becoming a unifying force for good for all Americans, then I really do believe the nonsense we are seeing today would not have happened. But instead Obama switched course and decided to pit American vs. American simply based on his belief that America was wrong about everything he supposedly stood for.
  11. fxreyman

    Robert Mueller submits Russia report

    All I can say in retort is this... Believe what you must. Yes, many Americans who are rich became more rich when the new tax laws went into effect. And yes there are many rich Americans who got richer, but I would also say that this is the main reason why companies were not hiring from 2010 until Trump became president. They could not hire simply due to the fact of over regulation and having to pay higher corporate taxes. Most of the companies doing most of the hiring in this country are operated by small business owners who although on their tax returns may show them to be very rich, have very little left over to invest in their companies and eventually hire people to work for them. The Affordable Care Act also placed very high tax burdens on the same companies. Why do you think many companies forced their employees to go to 37 hour work weeks? The homelessness is everywhere, but most of it is in California which has been governed by Democrats for years. Hell, they could not even provide enough money to help prevent a damn from overflowing last year. And yet they have the most millionaires anywhere according to total population 39.56 million residents / 2.6 million millionaires. They are ranked 3rd in the US with homelessness. Increased taxes there has helped fuel the mass exodus from California to other states. And with the increased levels of illegal aliens living there, they rank #1. I agree that Trump's policies about the illegal kids entering into the country was not very well thoughtout, but many new presidents make similar types of mistakes when they first enter office. We have always had White Supremacists. And yes that too bothers me, but in totality these are issues are not what is most important to me. Now you and I may have a disagreement here, but I truly believe that anyone entering this country illegally is breaking OUR laws. What would you say to the millions of immigrants who came here legally and went through the system the way they should have? I guess to someone like you, we should allow anyone to come here and live and assume that they have the same rights as natural born citizens or immigrants who came here and went through the legal process the way the system was originally suppose to work.

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