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  1. fxreyman

    social justice???

    It is called political correctness. You think Robert Osborne would have called something like this out while he was still broadcasting? It is generally understood that Ben and many of the other new hosts on TCM are liberal minded and even though RO may have been liberal he was like those many years ago that witheld their political beliefs while reporting on air. I am thinking of Walter Cronkite. He was a liberal but he hardly ever made a point of reporting the news with a liberal slant.
  2. Actually you don't know anything about me at all. The avatar I chose was from an original pencil drawing I did while in college. I had a great deal of talent back then. It is too bad you have chosen NOT to use an actual avatar for you. A "P". Wow, thats original... Anyway, IMHO JW is one of our greatest actors of all time.
  3. With this post, I think this thread needs to move to the Off-Topics Forum! Country not moving again? Talk about someone who clearly does not understand the economy, irregardless of who the president is.
  4. fxreyman

    Brainwashing: Capra style----

    It is probably due to Jimmy Stewart's popularity.
  5. I have written something like this before to you directly Spence and it bears repeating once again. I am probably going to be lambasted for what I am writing here but I really do think this needs to be written to you and others like you who needs some advice... This post is not meant to be harsh, or unfriendly, but rather to offer some friendly advice when posting on the message boards. As TopBilled has written in this thread, sometimes when one posts too many threads, it becomes tedious to read each and every thread. Thus, one may not get the response or responses one desires. Recently you have posted quite a few different threads about a myriad of topics in General Discussions. As LawrenceA has commented, many of these types of threads asking about favorite actors, film composers, AFI lists, etc., would be better served if you used the Your Favorites Forum. You would be surprised just how many members post on that forum. Now I am no where near perfect when it comes to writing. In fact I am fairly terrible when trying to compose letters and or my thoughts and it takes several drafts before I think that what I have written makes sense not only to me, but to others who will be reading what I am writing. In my opinion, you need to write several drafts of what you want to say before actually posting it. In many of your posts you write so disjointed that it is very hard to read what you are trying to say. Your use of multiple asterisks, the listing of of birth and death years after the actor's names and use of multiple punctuation type marks makes it hard to read as well. Plus you constantly misspell words and that is hard to follow at times. When you create titles for your threads, they too often are either misspelled or disjointed and it is hard to understand what exactly you are asking for or are trying to convey to the members here. I am sorry if I am posting this here, but you want more replies? Then I would use a text edit or word document first before you post and then spellcheck what you want to post before actually posting it. That would definitely help when reading your posts. I usually do this and it helps quite a bit. Sometimes I still miss spelling certain words and what I write is not always grammatically correct, but I try. You should as well. It is not as if this is a race to see how fast you can post a thread, it is more important that you take your time when trying to write a post within a thread, or creating a thread in the first place. Please don't despair. You are very talented and you offer many fine attributes to the message boards. You bring awareness to certain topics many here have never ever thought of. Spence, this is friendly advice to you and I hope you consider my ideas here.
  6. delete





  7. fxreyman


    Well, the dry spell is finally coming to an end... I will be starting this thread up once again with my completion of my top ten list from the decade of the 1940's. Then I will start another list for another decade as yet to be decided. Hope you all enjoy!
  8. fxreyman

    Now I am afraid for TCM.

    Not again... Every few months someone starts a thread about what they see as the “so-called” demise of Turner Classic Movies represented by the channel showing some obscure recent film and because of this the reaction TCM is somehow going the way of AMC or worse, just going in the wrong direction that some here have feared would happen eventually. The film you mentioned, “Who’s That Girl” a Warner Bros release from 1987 has caused what appears great consternation on your part. As has been written by me and several others on the board in the recent past, this is not unusual for TCM. Going back to 1994 when TCM started, the channel has always shown what some have called recent films. Looking back to 1994, those first few months saw films from the 1980’s and 1970’s dotting the schedule every month. For TCM to show films from a certain point in time, especially the rare to find classics from the 1930’s to the 1950’s, they often have to show more recent films to justify contract stipulations they have agreed to from the distribution companies and or film studios. In this case “Who’s That Girl” from 1987 is part of the Warner Bros. film library. Obviously in order for TCM to show certain films from way back from Warner Bros, they have to agree to also showcase other more recent films from that studio to satisfy any contract they agree with in order to show those older more classic films. In this case, the Madonna film was probably included in whatever contract TCM signed to show other older films. In very simple language, this is often the case. That is why this film along with many other poorly produced films from the recent past appear on the channel. It does not mean that TCM is going the way of AMC. All one has to do is look at the monthly schedules and I am sure more than 65 to 75% of all the films being shown on the channel were films produced from before 1960 or 1970. And to be frank, there is nothing wrong with showing these more recent, obscure films. They satisfy any agreement TCM makes with the distributor and often are only shown once or twice within a given month, possibly more times depending on which older films are being negotiated for. So as James has written, just because TCM is showing one film you dislike, there is no reason to sit here and bemoan athat TCM is dying and all is lost. This is just not the case.
  9. There has always been a lot of comments made about the choice of the Academy voters in 1990. One has to remember that not only was Goodfellas nominated for Best Picture in 1990 but also The Godfather, Part III was nominated as well. That could explain why the "epic" Dances With Wolves won the Best Picture Oscar. The two gangster pictures cancelled one another out and Costner's masterpiece won. I say masterpiece simply because it was IMHO. A western had not won the Best Picture category since 1931 when Cimarron, a pre-code western had won. As far as a controversy, I would say that what happened in 1994 was even worse when Forrest Gump beat out the fan favorite Shawshank Redemption and Pulp Fiction.
  10. fxreyman

    Top Ten Films of...

    Can you please share with us the title of these 10/10 films?
  11. fxreyman

    My Top Ten Favorites

    Well first of all welcome to the boards! You would not happen to be a refuge from the IMDB message boards would you? If you are I think you will find the conversations here a whole lot more courteous and fun. If not from the IMDB boards, welcome anyway! As Speedracer has written, I agree with him. My lists of top tens can and has changed based on any number of factors. But I think one can have a personal favorite list of so-called “guilty pleasures” and that list can change from time to time. One of the great contributors here FrankGrimes (Scott) and I have often creating lists that eventually cause great deals of conversations. And even though I have not posted in my own thread titled “LISTS” right here on the Favorites forum, I hope to continue writing there soon. If I were to select what I would call a “Guilty Pleasures” Top Ten list of favorites it would deb based on what I would say are the two eras of classic film making. One era ended in 1959 and the other era started in 1960. We all here have had many debates on just what year the classic old movie studio system ended and the new era started. I have always felt that even though the old-style movie production code ended in 1968, many of the so-called Golden era Hollywood films were still being produced well into the mid to late 1960’s. But to me one has to pick a year and even though many 1960’s era films looked like production code films from the Golden Age of Films, many, many more were of a new breed. So I use 1959 as the last year of the old-style movie production era. 1960 starts with the new, modern era. So here then are two Top Ten lists. One from before 1960 and one after 1960: List One: The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) The Talk of the Town (1942) The Best Years of Our Lives (1946) A Matter of Life and Death (1946) She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (1949) Twelve O’Clock High (1949) The Cruel Sea (1953) Winchester ’73 (1950) The Fastest Gun Alive (1956) The Enemy Below (1957) List Two: Ride the High Country (1962) McLintock! (1963) Fail-Safe (1964) Seven Days in May (1964) The Professionals (1966) Bite the Bullet (1975) The Wind and the Lion (1975) The Natural (1984) Defending Your Life (1991) The World’s Fastest Indian (2006)
  12. Here is the latest TCM Remembers for 2016 posted on Facebook this morning. 69 folks who will always be remembered.... https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=turner%20classic%20movies%3A%20tcm
  13. Whatever the results of this petition will most assuredly fall on deaf ears at TCM. Oh, they may look at it and they probably are very aware of it's existence, but the petition is a long way from being something that will cause the TCM programmers to change their responsibilities or attitudes when selecting films to be shown. As has been stated previously by many here, the % of films that ARE shown on TCM still reflects something like a 60 to 70% range of films from before 1960. The channel has always maintained that their primary duty is to bring to light the very best films from all era's. As we progress through the years and more and more films from before 1960 disappear due mostly to substandard quality the less films from way back, and I mean way back, i.e. before the 1940's will never be shown. Most of the major studios and or film preservation groups do not have all the money in the world to allow them to preserve and develop older films and or even interest in making these older films conform to the new video standards TCM operates from...
  14. It has started earlier than normal tonight...

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