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  1. fxreyman

    Bogus Movie Biographies

    What is so bogus about it? In every text I have ever read or studied from, Jesus Christ WAS a man. Unless you are questioning the validity of the Bible? If you are, then you have a basis for your belief.
  2. fxreyman

    Tommy Lee Jones

    There is literally no compelling reason to access or use the TCM database.
  3. Sort of sad to see this happen, but article does indicate that the airport that has his name on it lies in a California county that is no longer a popular viewpoint of right-wing politics and therefore, any mention of the late actor's name for the airport should be removed. This kind of talk infuriates me. Where does this end? This is along the same lines of the Confederate statues in the south. And if this was allowed to happen where will Mount Rushmore be in a few years? Any thoughts? https://www.latimes.com/local/california/la-me-hiltzik-john-wayne-oc-airport-20190221-story.html?fbclid=IwAR0ac6VYv_KcPIE-jmAlY2Xc6SntWkBgGqq4cshL_2U4HTcCJt88KGcqtEM
  4. I definitely did not think my thread here would ultimately have over 100 replies either.
  5. Be careful how you offer your opinion about areas of the country. Especially if you do not live there. Do you live in the south?
  6. Spence, So sorry but I can not provide any predictions for you at this time. For one thing, I did not see any of the films that have been nominated, except for bits on you tube. The second thing is that I really just could care less about the Academy Awards anymore. Since many of the films nominated are about topics I really could care less about, my interest in even watching the show has declined. Lately the show has turned into a gab fest of negative comments about all things the Hollyoowd elite hate. I'd just as soon watch repeats of Battlestar Gallactica, any Star Trek series, and Stargate SG-1 on my mac. Thirdly, and I am sure others have commented about your inability to type your posts in any form of easy readability, can at times cause some of us not to read your posts entirely. I do not know if you are working from an older computer, or that you are at a library computer and you have a time limit to get your posts completed, but cutting out unnecessary typos, bold faced type and many astericks can only help when trying to form and type up a coherent post.
  7. Based on the great thread started by SunAndMoon on Tuesday, I would like to start a thread listing everyone’s favorite 25 films made AFTER 1960. This list would include films released in 1960. As I prepared my list for Sun’s thread, I will list one film from each letter of the alphabet. That would actually be a total of 26 films. But anyone can list just 25 if you so desire… Also, my list with consist of movies from my collection only. And since I have no titles in my library representing the letters K, Q, and X, I am going to list three additional titles from my list that will take the place of those three missing letters. These three films will be bolded. The Americanization of Emily, Arthur Hiller 1964 Bite the Bullet, Richard Brooks 1975 Chisum, Andrew V. McLaglen 1970 Defending Your Life, Albert Brooks 1991 El Dorado, Howard Hawks 1967 Fail-Safe, Sidney Lumet 1964 Goldfinger, Guy Hamilton 1964 The Hunt For Red October, John McTiernan 1990 In Harm’s Way, Otto Preminger 1965 Judgement at Nuremberg, Stanley Kramer 1961 Local Hero, Bill Forsyth 1983 The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, John Ford 1962 Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, Peter Weir 2003 The Natural, Barry Levinson 1984 Open Range, Kevin Costner 2003 The Professionals, Richard Brooks 1966 Raiders of the Lost Ark, Steven Spielberg 1981 Seven Days in May, John Frankenheimer 1964 Shadowlands, Richard Attenborough 1993 Support Your Local Sheriff!, Burt Kennedy 1969 Thirteen Days, Roger Donaldson 2000 The Untouchables, Brian De Palma 1986 The Verdict, Sidney Lumet 1982 Will Penny, Tom Gries 1968 You’ve Got Mail, Nora Ephron 1998 Zulu, Cy Endfield 1964
  8. fxreyman

    New Poll: Favorite Male Screen Star

    Not really!
  9. fxreyman

    For the “Black Month Crowd”

    I guess this is what you like to refer as to diversity.... And I have to wonder if you'd like to see TCM present films from each one of these groups to raise awareness for them or at least acknowledge their existence and better inform TCM's audience of this diversity?
  10. Unfortunately, this happens from time to time around here when a poster starts to get a little agitated about the lack of whatever ills affect him in regard to the programming or other things written about TCM. I am glad to hear you like In the Heat of the Night tv series. It was pretty well done for the times. The movie is great!
  11. I am glad it makes you smile. You need to do more of that around here and less trying to show us all how arrogant and the continued put downs of other posters. Not all of us have snubby education degrees in film studies. We are just average folks who want to watch films on TCM. I can not answer what they watch when they get home. But if they are doing the jobs I see them doing I can't imagine that they can afford what it costs to get TCM into their homes. Now maybe they stream? Again, I have no clue. Oh yeah. I am quite aware of the other races who are also trapped in what many in our society would call lesser jobs.
  12. So I guess she was a bonafide authority on this matter, huh? Just like you are with what it takes to show diversity?
  13. No, they just have much better things to do than to watch an old movie channel after they have driven a bus all day, or cleaned up offices during the overnight hours, or taken tickets from train riders, or any other type of discriminatory job they could possibly have. And yes, I have met many black people in the Chicago area who have these kinds of jobs. And when most of them climb into my car for a rideshare, often they sit back and watch whatever cultural black thing they like on their cell phones. I know that they are NOT watching the TCM app. I can hear loud and clearly what they ARE watching or listening to and it has nothing to do with classic films...
  14. I never said anything about more diversity being needed on TCM. You however have stated on several occasions that TCM should devote some of it's 31 Days of Oscar to more black films to increase diversity. And the fact that Black History Month just happens to fall within the same period of time that the 31 Days of Oscar is going on. I happen to disagree with that premise. Especially given the fact that the 31 Days of Oscar is a ritual programming block of time devoted to specifically showcasing films that were either nominated for or that were awarded Oscars over the years. I have also stated that the only other full-month of scheduled events is the Summer Under the Stars month. The 31 Days of Oscar is NOT about It is about the celebration of films that have something to do with the Academy Awards. Nothing else. If you want more awareness of films dealing with what you are espousing, then I would suggest looking elsewhere. You are the one that wrote the following: "In March, they are doing a whole month on Irish in the movies. Considerably more than just green beer on March 17th." As far as Freeman is concerned, he gave that opinion during an appearance on 60 Minutes with Mike Wallace. I used his comments because he is a respected actor/producer among many people of many colors. He has a voice. He espouses common sense. I have to wonder if other blacks feel the way he does? Freeman reiterated those comments with CNN's Don Lemon who has gone way out of his way to explain that white rich people are to blame for the plight of black Americans. Both Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman have dared to say that the plight of black Americans begins in their own homes. As far as awareness is concerned, you obviously feel very strong about the fact that TCM does not show enough awareness or raise enough awareness of black culture through the use of film. Is this basically correct? But then why does it have to fall upon TCM then to showcase additional films about black history during the same month that 31 Days of Oscar is being programmed and not the rest of the year? As others have written, there are other times of the year where TCM can showcase and raise awareness about black films. Indian films, British films, German films, Polish films and so on. Just leave 31 Days of Oscar and Summer Under the Stars alone.
  15. TCM is not doing an entire month of Irish themed movies. Yes, there are Irish themed films on their schedule but not everyday nor are there that many Irish themed films scheduled. I'd be curious to see what the make-up of ethnic people there are that watch TCM on a monthly basis really is. And I am going out on a limb here to suggest that I do not think many black people watch TCM on a regular basis. I would also suggest that many more black people watch more of BET and it's sister cable channels than would ever watch TCM. So this really comes down to one thing and one thing only. Your belief that maybe, just maybe TCM is being a little too non-caring when it comes to not paying enough attention to the plight of black awareness. Could this be the case? Are you aware that Black History Month started out as Black History Week in 1926? Historian Carter Woodson and the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History announced that the second week of February to be Negro History Week. This week was chosen because in coincided with the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and Fredrick Douglas. Both of their birthdays had been celebrated by black communities since the late 1800’s. Woodson and the association wanted emphasis placed on the teaching of the history of American blacks in the nation’s public schools. It took awhile, but through efforts by liberal commentators, and many mayors and churches across the land did black awareness not only become a staple of teaching in public schools, but gained an even greater following after the civil rights riots in the 1960's. Eventually, Black History Month was first proposed by black educators and the Black United Students at Kent State University in February 1969. This was followed by the first celebration of BHM from January 1970 to February 1970. Six years later President Gerald Ford recognized BHM during the cerebration of the US Bicentennial year. BHM often sparks debate about the continued usefulness and fairness of a designated month dedicated to the history of one race. There has been recent criticism. Actor and director Morgan Freeman and others have criticized the concept of declaring only one month as BHM. He noted at the time “I don’t want a black history month. Black history is American history.”
  16. So where does this end? TCM's mission is to showcase the best movies of all time, right? We may disagree about which films TCM chooses to show, but I think that they try to do their best with their programming. Of course there are limitations to what they can show and we have discussed this ad nauseam in the past. I just think that once they go down that path, then people of other ethnicities will demand full months to their cause or ethnic sensibilities. Why not just show the movies as they were meant to be shown. I can see the following as well... why don't they show more Native American films? That group was probably more afflicted or destroyed by American progress than any other group here in America. I just do not think a single month should be devoted to just one so-called special ethnic group when many others would also need to be represented. Just show the movies. As you have indicated, they can have a special night or day for the special programming just not during the current 31 Days of Oscar or Summer Under the Stars.
  17. TCM has two original programming events scheduled per year. 31 Days of Oscar which falls during February to early March to coincide with the Academy Awards, and Summer Under the Stars. As long as they continue to showcase Oscar-related films I really do not see how they are going to still showcase films devoted to Black History Month. Unless they can find films dealing with Black History that have also been nominated or have won an Oscar. TCM could show the films related to Black History month throughout the year. Personally, I get a little sick and tired of celebrating _ _ _ _ _ history month (or whatever cause or theme you can think of). It just seems overblown – To me.
  18. fxreyman

    Albert Finney (1935-2019)

    So sad... He should have won an Oscar for his supporting role in Erin Brockovich. He was very good in a number of films. He was wonderful as leading TV investigative newsman Jason Cromwell in 1990's HBO production of The Image.
  19. fxreyman

    My Favorite 25 movies released AFTER 1960

    Love the listings for Xanadu and You Only Live Twice!!! Xanadu I saw at the theater with a former girlfriend in 1980. She loved it! Great dance/song scene at the end with Olivia Newton-John wearing boots!!! I had always thought the Shirley Bassey's rendition of Goldfinger was the best Bond song ever but recently I have really come to love Nancy Sinatra's You Only Live Twice.
  20. fxreyman

    My Favorite 25 movies released AFTER 1960

    You say "help!"... Can't come up with a list James?
  21. fxreyman

    Predict the Oscars???

    I can not predict, since I have not seen one film from the past year!
  22. fxreyman

    My top 25 movies released before 1960

    This is not sooo hard... Since I own quite a few films in my own library I know I can put together a list of 26 of my favorites representing each letter of the alphabet. Actually, this would then include one extra film beyond the 25 films needed. After looking over my list I do not have any films in my library representing the letters U, X and Z. In this case I will list three movies from random that are my favorites as well, taking the place of the three letters not listed in my library. Those are in bold. The Adventures of Robin Hood, Michael Curtiz 1938 The Best Years of Our Lives, William Wyler 1946 The Big Sleep, Howard Hawks 1946 The Caine Mutiny, Edward Dmytryk 1954 The Day the Earth Stood Still, Robert Wise 1951 The Enemy Below, Dick Powell 1957 Foreign Correspondent, Alfred Hitchcock 1940 The Grapes of Wrath, John Ford 1940 Here Comes Mr. Jordan, Alexander Hall 1941 It’s a Wonderful Life, Frank Capra 1946 Julius Caesar, Joseph L. Mankiewicz 1953 King Kong, Merian C. Cooper, Ernest B. Schoedsack 1933 Lost Horizon, Frank Capra 1937 A Matter of Life and Death, Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger 1946 Notorious, Alfred Hitchcock 1946 Objective, Burma!, Raoul Walsh 1945 The Palm Beach Story, Preston Sturges 1940 Queen Christina, Rouben Mamoulian 1933 Random Harvest, Mervyn LeRoy 1942 She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, John Ford 1949 The Talk of the Town, George Stevens 1942 They Were Expendable, John Ford 1945 Twelve O’Clock High, Henry King 1949 Vertigo, Alfred Hitchcock 1958 Winchester ’73, Anthony Mann 1950 Yankee Doodle Dandy, Michael Curtiz 1942
  23. fxreyman

    My top 25 movies released before 1960

    Well, sorry. I thought it was you but now that I think about it you are probably correct that it was Fred. And you are correct that we probably should list films the way you mentioned it. Classic is a word that has caused many disagreements over the years on the boards.
  24. fxreyman

    My top 25 movies released before 1960

    I think JamesJazzGuitar may have said that 1960 was the cut-off for being considered a "classic" film. I could be wrong about him saying this. But when you think about it, 1960 was one of those years where we were close to having the old classic studios start to fall away as far as releasing traditional films instead of more avant-garde and foreign releases.
  25. fxreyman


    Who was TRF?

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