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  1. dsclassic

    Any Gary Cooper Fans?

    Pride of the Vaseline ? Message was edited by: dsclassic
  2. dsclassic

    Any Gary Cooper Fans?

    Hey is that a jar of Vaseline in his hat ?? Gary NO ~~!!!
  3. dsclassic

    Hot Redheads !

    I though of Lucille Ball myself..
  4. dsclassic

    Hot Asian girls :)

    In the wake of Hot Red Heads Lets hear it for hot Asians in movie? Are there any ? Of course...I cant think of anyone NOW...but.....wait here they come Well Lucy Liu ? Monster Zero (Godzilla) had Miss Namikawa Dagora the Space Monster had a **** in there Mie Hama ?? the Girls from Green Snake ... Im trying to think of some older movies, but they were stereotyped back then... I love Asian girls !!!
  5. dsclassic

    Lesbian Vampires

    I did...and well.. JESS SAY NO Terrible movie Slimy characters, utter boredom..we are talking MST3K material The DVD Cover to this movie, the artwork is the same as another horror title, I cant think of the name of it but the covers both have the upside down woman....
  6. dsclassic

    Your Favorite No Budget/Amateur Films...

    Night of the Living Dead by far ! My all time favorite horror Others It Conquered the World MANOS - The Hands of Fate ! Giant Claw Basically most of the Samuel Z Arkoff James Nicholson AIP wonder flicks Ring of Terror Im sure theres more
  7. dsclassic

    Die Die My Darling

    I have this movie, its a treat when youre in the right mood to watch
  8. dsclassic

    William Bendix - rock on appreciation thread !

    He was great in Blue Dahlia
  9. dsclassic

    Cars in Movies

    I like the movie The Car
  10. dsclassic

    Heath Ledger Found Dead

    My friend was looking forward to Batman with HL as the Joker...now it takes an all different meaning I personally didnt know him too well...
  11. dsclassic

    Any Gary Cooper Fans?

    Charade is great, but better than Hitchcock ? Some yes, but not all... Charade and Arsenic and Old Lace were 2 of the best movies I saw late last year
  12. dsclassic

    Ronald Colman: The man with the velvet voice

    He is in the Lost Horizon, right ? Its up there in queue.......
  13. dsclassic

    Top 5 Hitchcock films

    For me it depends on the take...I wasnt into Rope, but I liked Lifeboat a lot
  14. Another actor found in many movies, but he comes across as a spoiled brat...he does he fit with the classic movie stars Yea(YAY) or Nay I give this one a much deserved NAAAAAYYYY
  15. How about the movie Zodiac ..is one of them an Astrology movie? "No DS,now shut up!!"

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