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  1. Instead of 2 separate threads , why not just make one nice one. I started recoginzing George Brent having seen Man Bait & In this our Life..certainly a really good actor & in some good movies, including Dark Victory...he did a few movies with Bette Davis...which are going to be on the Bette Davis Volume 3 box set 4/1/08 Diana Dors first got my attention also in Man Bait (another reason to make one thread for both) and she was hot, I have learned that she was married to Richard Dawson, lucky dog... I thought Richard Dawson's son was Adam Ant, but I see nothing on that.. Anyway lets here it for Diana Dors and George Brent
  2. This little gem was really entertaining, has anyone else seen it.. Mickey plays a big sap ala Burt Lancaster, and theres a female Cagney in it.. Peter Lorre also Not a bad way to spend 78 minutes... I bought the DVD on ebay for 75 cents, his photo was a stock photo of the DVD of Alpha, turned out to be another company, but still ok nonetheless
  3. dsclassic

    Michael Shayne Mysteries

    I have the box set - I bought it cheap.. Anyone seen or own this ? I feel like I posted this thread before,hope Im wrong
  4. I am going to see these soon and wondered what if anyone had seen them & could recommend or not recommend them
  5. dsclassic

    Film Noir Volume 1 & 2

    Ok lets discuss these 2 volumes....favorites, least favorites, recommendations... I like a few from each one, so I wound up getting them separately...Gun Crazy, Born to Kill I never got box sets where I like half the movies or less...
  6. Lets talk colors in a movie, pick some favorites, or just name some movies with a color in the title My favorite would be Deep Red Movies with color in the title The Red House -- not that good Red Balloon Blue Lagoon White Zombie White Christmas Green Berets Green Eyes Creature from the Black Lagoon The Color Purple Green Mile Green Slime Green Dolphin Street Keep em coming till you turn blue
  7. Self Explanatory and probably redundant, but maybe your tastes have changed .. The worst film you ever made, the biggest sh*t pickle **** of a movie you've ever seen as of 11/14/2007 Im thinking about any classic, any noir anything from that era Your absolute worst, bring out the worst in you right here
  8. For a week I had been frothing at the mouth to get the Frank Capra Collection with all 5 of his A list movies which I am sure you know..I loved all of them,been checking eBay, Tower, Amazon waiting for a sale I decided to get rid of some CDs I don't listen to for a trade for this set This is a great looking set,all the movies on separate discs and a book Not bad for 45.00..for me it is better than spending close to that amount and then waiting for shipping For some reason companies and ebay sellers ship DVDs at Media Mail which takes forever, when for few cents more it can go first class.. Thats besides the point Anyway Capra the man and his box set are just great...I real treasure... Anyone else own it ?
  9. That movie being Notorious of course. Finally saw it on TCM last night...now I want the Criterion DVD..wish me luck and if anyone sees it for a good price let me know
  10. Great low budget movie with more monsters than you can count including a giant Octopus Part of that set of movies with Doug McClure including Land/People that time forgot, & At the Earths core ... If you like giant monsters, good action on a mediocre budget, this will satisfy your needs easily.. The only movie of the 4some not on DVD in the USA...another reason I went code free
  11. dsclassic

    X The Unknown

    Anyone see this science fiction gem from Hammer Studios...? This is the one with a protoplasmic blob, not shown until halfway through.. very gothic, atmospheric. just a great movie when the mood hits Xcellent movie !!
  12. dsclassic

    Misery - Kathy Bates James Caan

    This is a great thriller...I just learned that these 2 were also in Dick Tracy in 1990, so I decided to watch that too today Any Misery fans ?
  13. Anyone see these 2 Noirs ? Theyre really inexpensive on DVD...
  14. dsclassic

    Hot Asian girls :)

    In the wake of Hot Red Heads Lets hear it for hot Asians in movie? Are there any ? Of course...I cant think of anyone NOW...but.....wait here they come Well Lucy Liu ? Monster Zero (Godzilla) had Miss Namikawa Dagora the Space Monster had a **** in there Mie Hama ?? the Girls from Green Snake ... Im trying to think of some older movies, but they were stereotyped back then... I love Asian girls !!!
  15. dsclassic

    Vampire Bat & White Zombie

    White Zombie, the first (?) Zombie movie, I saw today, contemplating getting this DVD..Bela sure looks spooky in this one Vampire Bat,,,with Lionel Atwill...well not to give away the big shock of the "Vampire Bat" ..ok there was no Vampire Bat ! These are both 1 hour classic horror.. Your thoughts............
  16. Another actor found in many movies, but he comes across as a spoiled brat...he does he fit with the classic movie stars Yea(YAY) or Nay I give this one a much deserved NAAAAAYYYY
  17. dsclassic

    Any Gary Cooper Fans?

    Pride of the Vaseline ? Message was edited by: dsclassic
  18. dsclassic

    Any Gary Cooper Fans?

    Hey is that a jar of Vaseline in his hat ?? Gary NO ~~!!!
  19. dsclassic

    Hot Redheads !

    I though of Lucille Ball myself..
  20. dsclassic

    Lesbian Vampires

    I did...and well.. JESS SAY NO Terrible movie Slimy characters, utter boredom..we are talking MST3K material The DVD Cover to this movie, the artwork is the same as another horror title, I cant think of the name of it but the covers both have the upside down woman....
  21. dsclassic

    Your Favorite No Budget/Amateur Films...

    Night of the Living Dead by far ! My all time favorite horror Others It Conquered the World MANOS - The Hands of Fate ! Giant Claw Basically most of the Samuel Z Arkoff James Nicholson AIP wonder flicks Ring of Terror Im sure theres more
  22. dsclassic

    Die Die My Darling

    I have this movie, its a treat when youre in the right mood to watch
  23. Seems like every movie I have decided to watch lately..Lifeboat, Dark Corner, there is William Bendix sneaking up on me I really enjoy his work, I first saw him in Hold that Ghost with Abbott and Costello....now I have seen him in several films...The Glass Key is so far I think his best but Lifeboat is also really good... Dark Corner I cant get into at..but good old Mr Bendix is tremendous as a heavy He lived a rather short life.. Here is to you William Bendix.. Message was edited by: dsclassic
  24. dsclassic

    William Bendix - rock on appreciation thread !

    He was great in Blue Dahlia
  25. dsclassic

    Cars in Movies

    I like the movie The Car

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