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  1. Brando4ever

    Night of the Iguana

    I agree MissGoddess!!! Yes...I LOVE this movie. It is so beautiful. Yes..Richard is,and always was, gorgeous!!!!! He really should have won an Oscar for his performance. Can you find me more beautiful pics of Richie?
  2. Brando4ever

    Sci-Fi's "THE TIN MAN"?

    coopsgirl...are you serious?!! The Tin Man is modeled after Coop in "High Noon"???
  3. I agree that it's pretty left to the imagination. When a person is shown nude it takes away the sexiness from it. That pic of Coop is both beautiful, sensual and erotic.
  4. Brando4ever

    Sci-Fi's "THE TIN MAN"?

    I know!!! The fans are probably freaking out!!! I'm sure Sci-is getting loads of hate mail!!! What is the point of this silly weird remake anyway?
  5. Brando4ever

    Blood Gore & Violence vs Nudity ( . )( . )

    That is a VERY good point!!! The human body is something that is natural and they bleep it out but let blood and gore show? That is strange. Great post and good point!!!
  6. Brando4ever


    Coop is one of my favorite blondes, too!! I love that man!!!!
  7. Brando4ever

    Sci-Fi's "THE TIN MAN"?

    ROFLMAO...I get a picture of what you mean. Basically a warped psychotic version of a classic, right??? This version sounds weird. I bet it would freal me out. And I thought the book was odd!!
  8. Brando4ever


    Awesome!!! That is an added bonus to that disc whenever I buy it. What is the best book on Cary? I've read the one called "An Affair to Remember: My Life With Cary Grant" by Maureen Donalson which was an incredible book that I recommend to any Cary fans. what other good books are there on him?
  9. Brando4ever


    The Signature Collection box set?
  10. Brando4ever

    Sci-Fi's "THE TIN MAN"?

    Sounds very different from the original. I'll really have to give it a spin. I considered watching it last night but went on the computer instead.
  11. Brando4ever


    Is it on DVD?
  12. Brando4ever

    Night of the Iguana

    Good point FrankGrimes!! I never thought of that. The film is a poetic masterpiece.
  13. Brando4ever

    Sci-Fi's "THE TIN MAN"?

    I thought about watching this. I have read the book years ago and rememebred how dark it was. Dorothy has psychic powers in "Tin Man"?
  14. Brando4ever


    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!! mitchum has to be one the the coolest guys in Hollywood. His personality, his masculinity, his voice!!! He has an incredible singing voice, as well. Message was edited by: Brando4ever
  15. Brando4ever

    Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House

    This is a hilarious comedy. Cary Grant was in top comedic form. I own this movie and am glad. Myrna Loy was perfect as his wife and Melvyn Douglas had a great supporting role.

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