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  1. NumberTwelve

    George Washington Slept Here...1942

    I absolutely LOVE this movie! Jack Benny is hysterical in it (particularly when he falls through the floor.) This is one of those movies I watch that is complete total escapism!
  2. NumberTwelve

    Guest Host Bill Maher

    "Thanks for the roll call of Republican celebrities of yore (but I'm not sure what the purpose was). It has long been rumored (for decades) that Barbara Stanwyck was a lesbian (or bisexual) and her marriage to Robert Taylor was for appearances only." lol, yeah, and I bet you got THAT off Wikipedia, the trusted source for all kinds of agenda-pushers. The "sources" are a few books written by a few Hollywood leeches who make it up as they go along with zero proof (but they only do it after the person is dead.)
  3. NumberTwelve

    Guest Host Bill Maher

    "I'm looking forward to THE OSCAR for the camp value (saw it years ago, it's wonderfully awful) but can't imagine what possessed Maher to pick MY FAIR LADY. Does he maybe fancy himself a Henry Higgins who thinks women are inferior to men, but constantly is being brought to "heel" by them?" He said that he admires Henry Higgins because he's so mean and he gets away with it. He also said it's a character he'd like to play - obviously wouldn't be much of a stretch in some regards.
  4. NumberTwelve

    People You MUST Defend!

    "That is So sad! anti-Communist stuff ruined a lot of lives! Anne Revere was blacklisted! Although she had time to do many great roles before that time!" Umm, it was the communist stuff that not only ruined a lot of lives, but ENDED them - around 100 MILLION in the 20th century. Somehow being blacklisted seems like a small thing by comparison, esp. when you acknowledge that many of the listees were in fact communist. Btw, I love Anne Revere. An amazing actress. Damn shame she was blacklisted, but looking back at the era and the historical circumstances (which practically none of the blacklist boo-hooers ever do), communism WAS a huge deal. Something about nuclear weapons and conquering all those european countries. Do they still make history books that movie buffs can read?
  5. NumberTwelve

    Laraine Day turns 90

    Finally got to see "The Woman on Pier 13," aka "I Married a Communist." This is one of those examples of where it doesn't pay to follow the opinions of people you don't know. The movie was actually quite good, certainly a lot better than other noir movies. Maybe the problem is that it's anti-communist. Seems to be a knee jerk reaction about such movies that in talking about them honestly you might be giving comfort to the "enemy" (in this case, the e-vile black list!) I'm going out of my way to see the anti-black list blacklist movies, mostly because the usual suspects hate them so much - actually much more than a movie really deserves to be hated. Kinda makes you wonder what all the hubbub is about, which is why these movies deserve to be checked out.

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