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  1. spazhoward

    John Landis, Guest Programmer (3/16)

    How utterly tasteless is it of TCM to allow John Landis to select The Brain That Wouldn't Die? I tuned in mid-movie, and when it went off and I realized that **** Landis was co-hosting, I wanted to throw something at the screen. Vic Morrow and 7 year-old My-Ca Dinh Le were DECAPITATED by the helicopter blades in the Twilight Zone accident. Don't tell me I picked up on this but no one at TCM figured it out before air time.
  2. Oddly, since they changed the forum software, I've found that the "Search Forum" feature does actually work, but only sporadically. Sometimes I can search all forums, sometimes some forums can be searched but others can't, sometimes I can't find any old posts at all by clicking on the user name, etc. There seems to be no pattern to the malfunction. I've wondered if TCM is using multiple servers, some of which perhaps have the software glitch while others don't; then, depending whichever one receives your search request, you either get good results or nothing at all, like a "bad gateway" error.
  3. " 'I think it would be fun to run the motor pool!' BAH!" Glad you enjoyed the CITIZEN DUANE poster. Unfortunately, it looks like Duane's presidential campaign has gotten derailed. Seems his opponents had no trouble finding some dirt on him. (nyuk! nyuk! nyuk!) Now that Doberman's greasy hat has been knocked out of the ring, and South Carolina has said "no" to Stephen Colbert's candidacy, where can we turn for comic relief in the upcoming election? Oh well, at least we've still got the usual gang of idiots! I wish Mayor Quimby would jump into the race... Teddy: "Boy, you don't know nothing. Mayor Quimby is a cartoon. The other candidates are real guys. There's no way a cartoon could beat a real guy!" Vern: "I guess you're right. It'd be a good fight though..." "People, please! We are all frightened and ****, but we can't let some killer dolphins keep us from living and scoring!"
  4. spazhoward

    1915 War movie made in Brooklyn NY

    Wow, impressive work, vallo! I made a few lame attempts at locating the requested info, but had no luck at all. You must have really put in some effort to find the answer. That's what's so cool about this board; by and large, there are a lot of really nice, helpful people who post here. Good job!
  5. spazhoward

    Stakeout on Dope Street, Murder by Contract, etc.

    Interesting observation about 1950s San Francisco. I had the same thought while watching D.O.A. recently. The street scenes make it look like a one-horse town, there's very little traffic by today's standards. But of course, compared to San Francisco, L.A. & even San Diego today, that lack of traffic would be a good thing.
  6. SUSAN "You're funny, Mister. You've got dirt on your face." DUANE "It's not dirt. It's motor oil." SUSAN "You want some hot water? I live right here. I could give you some... hot water... if you want to wash up." DUANE "WASH UP? What, are you tryin' to kill me?
  7. spazhoward

    Film Noir meets Jethro & Elly May

    The bit that was later recycled for use in The Beverly Hillbillies was heard a few times fairly early in the movie, back when they were riding in cars and doing sunny activities that were a bit more pleasant than shooting people with sniper rifles. Once the movie turned darker, they never used that music again. Trust me, it was note for note the same as one of the themes from the TV show. I halfway expected Vince Edwards to kill his prey with a double-barrel shootin' iron! Omigod, there's Mr. Drysdale in THE LINEUP! What does it all mean? And yes, tonight's guest programmer is a strange bird, but his film choices have been some of the most interesting so far.
  8. spazhoward

    Film Noir meets Jethro & Elly May

    Sorry, Papa, our original posts must have been traveling side by side through the internet pipe. Several of us have been having the exact same dicussion right next door in the "STAKEOUT ON DOPE STREET, MURDER BY CONTRACT, ETC." thread. No one had yet commented on the ginchy guitar music when I started my post, but you finished your post first by 2 minutes (and I like your title better). The HILLBILLIES producers picked the same music as MURDER by picking the same musician! We've determined the music for THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES was done by the same guy, Perry Botkin, Jr, who also did the theme for THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS and lots of other stuff. As MURDER has progressed, I've noticed a couple other themes that I think were borrowed or modified for use in HILLBILLIES. There's a fast little gypsy-sounding theme in this movie that I believe was used occasionally when Jethro was doing his double-naught spy routine. I saw piece on Perry Botkin once on 60 MINUTES or some other show, he did all of the music for HILLBILLIES himself, using multi-track recordings of his guitar at different speeds. There's one theme from HILLBILLIES that has an impossibly fast and clean guitar run in it... it used to drive me crazy when I began learning to play the guitar, how could anyone play that well?! Turns out Botkin did it simply by playing the notes much more slowly an octave lower, then speeding up the tape during playback. Still beautiful, clean playing, just not superhuman.
  9. spazhoward

    Stakeout on Dope Street, Murder by Contract, etc.

    Yep, and he recorded all of that sweet multi-track, multi-speed background guitar music for the first few seasons of The Beverly Hillbillies. Nanoo-nanoo, Uncle Jed!
  10. Hey, Cool Cats and Kittens! STAKEOUT ON DOPE STREET was clean outta sight! Seriously, I had no idea what I was in for on that one, or I would have set up the DVR. Now, if TCM would only play FIEND OF DOPE ISLAND the night would be complete (yeah, like that could ever happen). MURDER BY CONTRACT is on now, and Perry Botkin's soundtrack is knockin' me out with that crazy tune from THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES and some other guitar music that sounds like a beatnik version of the theme from THE THIRD MAN. Swing it, Daddy-O!
  11. Rita Hayworth. Twice as beautiful as Marilyn Monroe, and ten times more tragic. I get a lump in my throat whenever I see GILDA (at least, I think it's my throat...) After shooting KANE and dating RITA, can you imagine how much of a disappointement the rest of Orson Welles life must have been?
  12. spazhoward

    Thanks for "The Whistler" movies!

    The Whistler movies were some of the best of the crime series that have been shown lately. Very enjoyable to watch many of the same players in different roles from one movie to the next. I managed to watch most of the movies but unfortunately didn't set my DVR to record any of them, now I wish I had.
  13. FrankGrimes wrote: I've been shocked too many times now, Rusty. I never learn. I hear you, Grimey. You just gotta learn to love the jolt as much as you do the cheese. Dig, it's all good.
  14. jahrfive wrote: "How can your "Vivien Ratt" be attractive? Is Vivien Ratt some sort of psychological test? I mean, it is not okay to regard a half-naked rodent it? Rusty asks a good question, boys and girls. How many of you think you might like to someday date a rat, mouse, or capybara? Raise your little hands, don't be shy. Yes, that's it, keep them up... one, two, three... uh-huh...six, seven..., no, no, Frank, just raise one of your hands... ten, eleven, twelve... Twelve! That makes twelve of you. Okay, now I'm going to pass this sheet of paper around the room. If you raised your hand, write down your name and address, list any anti-psychotic medications you many currently be taking, and draw a little picture indcating which window of your house is closest to where you sleep. Someone from NIMH will drop by to see you and your parents one night this week. Just remember, breath deeply, the chloroform is your friend! If we don't lock you away, it'll never get any better! You see class, you were all just subjected to the Wide Range Achievement Test (or WRAT, as it is commonly known) which is indeed a type of psychological test. It's a test of basic academic skills for ages 5-adult, used for educational placement, identification of strengths, weaknesses and possible learning problems, and as a tool in planning remedial programs. It also helps us ferret out any of you **** that might be at risk of getting a little "too friendly with the fledermaus," as we like to say. Or with a ferret, for that matter. Not that there's anything wrong with that! It's just that anyone who finds Vivien Ratt attactive needs to be with others who can understand them and accept their special needs. We have a "special camp" for people like that, where they can live together in peace and perfect harmony with man, nature, and rodentia. There, it's okay for someone to admit that they find a rat attractive. There, they will be able to date gerbils whenever they wish, with no shame. Why, they can even marry a mouse, if they'd like! Und their offspring will run round und round on der Giganten Hamster-Wheelen, und the electricity generated by Der Wheel will provide energy to light our cities long after we haf exhausted our oil reserves! Vivien Ratt is but the first of a new race of ATOMIC SUPER-MICE mit which ve shall conquer the world! Bottom line, Rusty, it's like the old joke about the crazy uncle who thinks he's a chicken; we'd really like to cure these people, but we need the electricity. And when a man and a rodent love each other very much... Okay, Frank, you can put your hand down now.
  15. spazhoward

    Please help me find this movie for my mom!!

    tcwollard, Please check your private messages. I may have found an official VHS copy for you at a very reasonable price. Best regards, spazhoward

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