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    old war movie

    Thank you everyone who tried to help me find the name of the movie I was serching for. unfortunately no one came up with the picture. Years ago I say this war movie about soldiers rescuing a group of women. Some were nuns and the others were nurses. It showed where the enemy crucified a nun. Also they were treking through the jungle trying to stay ahead of the Japanese. i have never seen it since and have searched everywhere for it. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. ONECENT
  2. HI This is my first posting. I just signed on today. I have been trying recall the name of a movie I saw as a kid. My Mom talked about it all the time. It was a movie of soldiers trying to rescue Army nurses, Missionaries and Nuns from the Japanese. They had to trek through the jungles to a rescue point. One scene I remember is a soldier telling these ladies just what would happen if they stayed behind. Then later they passed a nun crucified by the enemy. It seems that most of the men were killed and the women had to pretty much fend for themselves. I'm not sure if it was black & white. I recall the title "Seven Lonely Women", but it does seem quite right. That movie made me want to learn more of the pacific action and what went on. I watched every movie read alot of books. I can't find anything that comes close to my request. I appreciate all the help any one may be able to give. Thank you one and all. onecent

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