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    What Happened

    Why aren't there any shorts listed on the July TCM schedule, It stinks not knowing when something's going to air.
  2. MichaelNella

    Vitaphone Shorts

    I really enjoyed the Vitaphone shorts that were shown on TCM on the 16th, as well as the time back in 2003 at the Film Forum when I saw 3 of them (Night Court, Cowboy and His Lady, and Beau Brummels) plus back in May, when the Vitaphone Project showed plenty more at the Film Forum. Any chance of Warner Bros releasing on DVD or TCM airing blocks of these shorts, considering there aren't many 1926-1930 era films for Warner Bros to release on DVD in conjunction with those shorts. I think they've been a hit with the audience at the FF and the TCM audience as well. Thanks

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