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  1. calvinnme

    Marriages on the Decline

    Wow! A reply to a pretty old message. I will give you a tip of my hat for persistence.
  2. calvinnme

    When Maltin demeans a classic film

    Maltin seems not to have liked the 80s very much. I think I would have included "The Princess Bride" in that list. I have never gotten the appeal of "Blowup" or "Battleship Potemkin". I think both of them are pretentious. I would never figure Maltin to be one to get the appeal of "Gun Crazy". Back on the topic of this thread, Maltin really did not like "Doorway to Hell" - Antique, early-talkie gangster saga with Ayres improbably cast as ruthless Chicago underworld biggie and Cagney (billed sixth, in his second film) as his henchman." He gave it 1.5 stars, as in bomb territory. This is one of my guilty pleasures. And Lew Ayres was not "improbably cast" as a gangster in 1930. Ten years later, yes. I thought he pulled the role off pretty well.
  3. calvinnme

    NOW I'M REALLY MAD ! ! !

    Don't move down here. We'd love to have you, but something tells me that having a functional national government and socialized medicine outweighs having full access to the goodies on TCM USA.
  4. calvinnme

    Trump Shutdown

    So true. Texas is my state of origin. The Texan owners of border property have been spending a bunch of time and money creating an eminent domain hell for Mr. Trump. If this is such an emergency, then why do these Texas residents adjacent to the border not want this wall?
  5. calvinnme

    Trump Shutdown

    This thing can't end soon enough. I live in Northern Virginia, and although the government sector my company works for is funded, and thus I am funded, there are enough people furloughed down here that the drive to and from work has been noticeably easy. At first I thought it was just people delaying going back to work until the week after New Year's, but come January 7 I realized it was probably the shutdown. 800,000 people who thought they had steady jobs are without paychecks, many working paycheck to paycheck, maybe unable to make car payments and mortgage payments on time. Plus there are all of the secondary businesses that lose trade. It is just wrong to hold all of these government employees and their contractors hostage over a wall nobody wants but Trump. It will not fix any of the problems that he says that it will fix.
  6. calvinnme

    Awards season 2018-2019

    As for "Star is Born" being shut out at the Golden Globes with the exception of Best Song with the ironically named "Shallow".All I can say is HA HA HA. Best moment of the day with the exception of the Bears losing their play off game by a field goal in the last ten seconds. The husband is a Packers fan. Hey Ga Ga. Babs is a better actress and a better singer than you and she didn't win back in 1976 for the exact same role in the exact same movie either. HA HA HA. Congrats to Glenn Close. May she get that long deserved Best Actress Oscar in a couple of months.
  7. calvinnme

    FORGOTTEN Oldies

  8. calvinnme

    Marriages on the Decline

    MGTOW philosophy in a nutshell: Women won't date you because they would rather ride the cXXk carousel in their 20s and then pretend they love you in their 30s so they can produce one or two kids and you can provide. Once this is done they divorce you, take all of your money, deprive you of access to your kids, and go back to the carousel. It couldn't be because these men have toxic distrusting personalities. Am I missing anything? There. Done and done concisely. Maybe this Sandman character and all of these people who give him editorial contributions can't get a woman because this is all that they talk about and it gets BORING. P.S. Men under 40 or so are as attached to their phones and as lost without them as women under 40 are. This is just based on what I observe out and about and at work day in and day out. I have four nephews 19-27. Every time I have eaten lunch with them around they are all on the couch, lost in their phones,just like everybody else their age.
  9. Lorna, nobody distills an issue down to its very essence like you do!
  10. calvinnme

    Disliked Movie Settings or Story Types

    I generally do not like period pieces, and period pieces that are musicals tend to make me scurry away at high speed.
  11. Yep, I really trust a bunch of extortionists and thieves to be honest with me. And what is this business about "hacks of ... plastic surgery clinics and other sensitive targets"??? What is sensitive about something from a plastic surgery clinic? Can they tell me who paid for all of that work on Linda Tripp? 20 years ago John Goodman donned a wig on SNL to play Linda Tripp and no further makeup was necessary to get a good facsimile thereof. The other night I saws her on CSPAN or some other similar network for the first time in years. Not only was she trying to rewrite history by claiming she hung out her young friend Lewinsky to dry because of a "crusade for truth" (cue heavy laughter), the woman has literally had a body lift or maybe even a body swap. Half of her is gone and the half that remains has been radically "lifted". And those choppers of hers look like implants. At about 5K a pop. I don't think she paid for that out of her 401K. Just wondering.
  12. calvinnme

    Elizabeth Warren Pres. Candidacy.....

    I have a different take on Senator Warren. I have my doubts about her because she takes herself too seriously. The DNA test business was a dumb stunt. There was nothing corrupt about it, but it did make her look stupid. If she could laugh at herself about it publicly, show that she can deal with a gaffe with humor, I think people might trust her more. Instead she just gets more shrill every time it is brought up. It is like the kid on the playground who threw a fit every time that you messed with them. It just made you want to mess with them more.
  13. calvinnme

    Awards season 2018-2019

    From imdb the following totals, probably a bit behind: Budget: $160,000,000 (estimated) Gross USA: $215,437,603, 1 January 2019 Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $822,037,603, 31 December 2018 So if this had US distribution only it would be barely making up its budget. Worldwide though it made an extra 600M. This just goes with what I already know - the big budget CGI fests are mainly made for a foreign market with about 75% of the box office coming from there.
  14. calvinnme

    Awards season 2018-2019

    I'll applaud his list just because "A Star Is Born" is not on it!
  15. calvinnme

    The Thin Man movies

    Can anybody think of another film other than "After the Thin Man" where (SPOILERS AHEAD! I MEAN IT!!!) James Stewart is the villain, even if he is crazy?

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