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  1. Usually WB takes down within days if not hours any film posted on youtube that they have rights to. Yet there is a copy of "Angels with Dirty Faces" on youtube if anybody is interested. It does have Spanish subtitles though. Cagney seems to have several of his films caught in the "Copyright Netherworld" - "Ceiling Zero", "Come Fill The Cup", and maybe this film.
  2. Maybe these films are not so much classic films but films from the classic era. Stage Struck (1936) - A musical with almost no music and the rest is boring. The Invader (1935) -Good as a short but this cheap indie got stretched to an hour. Poor Buster Keaton. Border Radio (1987) - Maybe a little too new to be considered classic, but it borders on just awful. And yet it is on Criterion! Snowfire (1957) - Mighty men of the west have a showdown with, not six guns, but tree branches! Ring of Terror (1961) - A B film with an Ed Wood vibe. Heaven with a Gun (1969) - A western from the anti-war era where everybody talks too much for too long. Behind That Curtain (1929) - I have no idea why Warner Baxter still had a career after this early talkie but John Gilbert did not after his first talkie. Isle of Fury (1936) - If you ever want to see a truly BAD film with Bogart in it I Live For Love (1935) - WB had a hard time making films with punch when the production code first started enforcement.
  3. calvinnme

    The Violent Left -- Alt Left & Democrat Party

    Interesting point about the law in Virginia. It is against the law to wear a mask in public. It was put on the books to force the Klan to march with their faces showing, but when a masked robber is caught they usually throw the charge of wearing a mask in public on top of the other charges for good measure. I don't know if the Antifa have ever been active in Virginia, but if they were, they would have to show their faces or be arrested. That is, if the rule of law is still being enforced in this state. I'm not a big fan of people who out everybody else's whereabouts, threaten family members of people they don't like, chase old people down the street, and vandalize storefronts in the name of .... what??? ... but refuse to show their faces. These are just cowards with too much time on their hands in my books and their own name - Antifa- is so ironic. They couldn't do a better job of channeling Mussolini if they tried. I'm liberal, but the tactics these people use turn my stomach.
  4. I know that the Academy disqualified silent films at some time before 1931, so that is why "City Lights" and "Modern Times" were not nominated. I absolutely agree with what you say about "You Can't Take It With You" (1938). It just tries too hard. As for Cavalcade winning Best Picture in 1933, its competition was Lady For a Day Little Women State Fair She Done Him Wrong Smilin Through 42nd Street A Farewell to Arms I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang The Private Life of Henry VIII I think I would have picked "42nd Street", but there are several others that would have been better choices than Cavalcade.
  5. I'd add "Around the World in 80 Days" (1956) to Gigi (1958). "Mrs. Parkington" (1944) is just a shrill production full of tired movie cliches. Also I just don't get the allure of Cavalcade (1933). It seems so stiff and obvious compared to other films made in 1933. "West Side Story"(1961) has aged pretty badly. In the age of the automatic weapon a bunch of guys with switchblades and great synchronized dance moves are just not scary at all.
  6. TopBilled, it is not that what you say is not true, it is that the idea of woman senators would have been extreme in 1939 for most Americans, although you pointed out examples where there were women in the Senate in the 1930s. I don't know about the other female senators of that time, but for Hattie Caraway: " On November 6, 1931, Thaddeus Caraway died in office, prompting immediate speculation that his widow would be named to succeed him.5 A few days after his funeral, Governor Harvey Parnell named Caraway's widow to fill the junior Senator's seat. "I have appointed Mrs. Caraway as United States Senator because I feel she is entitled to the office held by her distinguished husband, who was my friend," Parnell explained. " So though she did win reelection, she got the position because her husband died in office. Women running for senate on their own and winning was not commonplace until the 1990s. I think that if in the 1970s Hillary Clinton could have seen what the future held, and realized that she could have won high elected office on her own in the future, she would have kicked that two timing husband of hers to the curb or maybe never even married him in the first place. I also roll my eyes at "The Best of Everything" with all of these female Ivy League graduates starting life out in the secretarial pool! But that was how things were in 1959. I remember reading a graduation speech made at Vassar, at that time an all woman college, made in the late 1950s. It talked about how the graduates needed to learn how to use the latest kitchen appliances so they would be good homemakers in the coming years! You just have to take things in the context of the times that they were made, and appreciate the social progress that has been made in the United States. Have you ever seen "Washington Merry-Go-Round" (1932) which was the precursor to Mr. Smith? It has Lee Tracy in what is basically James Stewart's part. Constance Cummings is the closest thing to Jean Arthur's part in Mr. Smith. It makes for an interesting comparison to what you could get away with during the precode years versus 1939.
  7. Not really a hit or a miss...but what kind of weird weekend schedule is this? It's rather like they are trying to do three days of war movies for Veteran's Day ... sort of. TCM still has noir alley on this weekend, they have a non war theme tonight, and Raisin in the Sun shows up on one of the days.
  8. I hope this does gain traction, but because "the corporations that officially own the movies don't care. At all" I believe it is probably all for naught. AT&T only cares about a streaming service for the masses that will serve up the same old junk and have a huge following. This is why corporations are certainly NOT people, just soulless cash registers that have many of the same rights as people.
  9. Well, in the US at least, it was "The Ascent" at 4AM today. What a powerful film. Too bad the director didn't live longer so we could see what she could have done without that Iron Curtain constraining her. Starting this afternoon we have tons of precode goodness, a large swathe of it being due to Glenda Farrell's first night as SOTM. 2:30PM Susan Slept Here (1954) A Christmas movie (kind of) that sounds creepy on paper, but on screen it works. A middle aged screenwriter (Dick Powell) marries teenager Susan (Debbie Reynolds) in name only to keep her out of trouble with the law, much to the chagrin of Powell's fiancee. Glenda Farrell has a minor role here as Powell's friend. 5:30PM Heat Lightning (1934) - We have entered bizarro world with normally wholesome Aline MacMahon as the sadder but wiser girl running a gas station trying to protect her innocent naive little sister (Ann Dvorak ????). Talk about your oddball casting! But still a hard hitting precode. 6:45 PM Dark Hazard (1934) -Glenda is actually in this film in a supporting role. Eddie G., a compulsive gambler, forms a bond with "Dark Hazard", a racing dog. Will he choose his wife or his dog? Easy question today, not so much in 1934. 8:00 PM Little Caesar (1930) - Robinson's star making role that pigeon-holed him to some degree as good for mainly gangster roles. Glenda has a minor role here, and is very mild compared to her later parts. 9:30PM I Was a Fugitve From a Chain Gang (1932) - Hard hitting film about prison conditions in the south. Funny to have this film and Little Caesar back to back, because Paul Muni became "Mr. Paul Muni" because he could play anybody, but I don't think Edward G. Robinson ever got the respect he deserved although he really had the same talent. 11:15PM Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933) - was supposed to be a color musical, but WB made a horror instead after musicals fell out of vogue. Glenda is a fast talking reporter. I like this precode version better than the remake in the 50s, which only has Vincent Price as a selling point over this one. 12:45AM Secret Bride (1935) - This is really Stanwyck's film, but Glenda is in it. 2:00 AM The Match King (1932) - Warren William in one of his great precode roles, who, in the end, finally meets his match. I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself with that last remark. 3:30AM Big Shakedown (1934) - This has aired before in a HORRIBLE print. I'm recording just in case it is a cleaner print now. 4:45 AM Aggie Appleby, Maker of Men (1933) This really has no big stars in it, and maybe that is why it plays so rarely. It is really a funny precode film. I recommend it if you have not seen it before. Tuesday: 6:15PM -Primrose Path (1940) - Not a precode of course, but it strains the code as Ginger Rogers is a girl who angers her family by NOT wanting to join the world's oldest profession.
  10. Oh yeah. Say you have an 80% chance of a D house and a 20% chance of a D senate. Then, if you somewhat wrongly assume these outcomes are independent of one another you have the following possibility. 64% chance D house, R senate 16% chance R house, R senate 16% chance D house, D senate 4% chance, R house, D senate So, about a 36% chance you will NOT get a D house and an R senate.
  11. calvinnme

    The Fourth Reich Anyone?

    This is what keeps me up at night. Ballooning the deficit all to make the uber rich even wealthier. And the plan after the election is radical cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, even though that wouldn't make a dent in the hole Trump has dug. Something has to be done to put a check on the damage this man is doing, and the election is the only thing I can think of that can end the madness, or at least corral it.
  12. calvinnme


    The password is only to upload a video or comment on videos, as you said.
  13. calvinnme

    The Fourth Reich Anyone?

    If you want poverty...get sick in the USA without insurance...sometimes with it. FTFY
  14. calvinnme

    It's Goodbye to Apu?

    Like I said on another thread. We have, as a nation (talking USA here), become a humorless people in which everything must conform to political correctness. Soon our entertainment will all taste like cardboard. Apu was not treated as the object of jokes. I think this role was very humanized over the years. The ONE thing you can still make fun of in American entertainment? White husbands and fathers. Homer Simpson was never a bigger dolt on the show than he is right now. And all of the young women wonder why the young men want nothing to do with marriage/fatherhood. Why would they want to transform into a great big joke? That is what you have left as humor. The two things you cannot come back from in politics, the media, or entertainment? One (rightly) is sexual assault. The other (wrongly) is to violate in word or deed the fundamentalist religion of political correctness. And I consider myself to be pretty liberal.
  15. calvinnme

    'The Simpsons' Sets the New Record Tonight

    What does entertainment look like in a society that is unable to laugh at itself anymore and must take everything so seriously? I guess a lot like Kathleen Kennedy's version of the Star Wars universe. Like eating cardboard.

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