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  1. calvinnme

    A 20th Century Fox Retrospective Scrapbook : 1935

    Thanks a Million is a great old movie any time you need to be cheered up. I got the DVD back when Fox was doing regular releases of their older films, copying the Warner Archive model.
  2. calvinnme

    TCM Premieres

    Lawrence, I was with you in thinking that this had been on TCM and recently! According to MovieCollectorOH's database this is its premiere. I saw the whole thing on one of the cable stations less than six months ago in the middle of the night. It must have been one of the Starz Encore channels. I thought it looked familiar when I was watching it, and then I recognized it from back in the 80s. I agree it is a "strange movie" treat. The individual scenes are marvelous to behold, but the thing completely lacks a cohesive narrative. I think it was made after Cannon films got a big cash infusion from none other than Michael Milken - and to think we thought that he was THE ultimate bad guy back in the day! He was a piker compared to Trump and company! At any rate, Cannon group went on a spending binge and this movie was one of the products of that binge. It resulted in films like this with bankable stars, special effects, and no emphasis on screenplay whatsoever.
  3. calvinnme

    RIP 20th Century Fox

    And the huge corporations don't have a clue how to make that kind of entertainment. And they don't have a clue - or they don't care - that the world is circling the toilet and facing a difficult economy. They see those old movies that we love that they hold hostage as worthless. When Robert Osborne was still alive, he mentioned one time how he would meet people who would enthusiastically greet him and say "You got me through cancer!", or "You got me through unemployment!". He was speaking, of course, of his role as TCM host. I don't think that the Marvel Comic Universe movies could ever do either of those things.
  4. calvinnme

    RIP 20th Century Fox

    I think I can safely say that, with the exception of a few tentpole classics, most of the films that the people would be interested in on this board will go into the trashcan.
  5. calvinnme

    RIP 20th Century Fox

    I think Disney bought Fox for the same reason that AT&T bought Time-Warner. Everybody is aiming at streaming and they are trying to buy up as much content as they can to have exclusive rights to whatever streaming channel that they ultimately come up with. I doubt if any of the suits over at Disney even know who Shirley Temple is. I will bet that they shut down the Fox Movie Channel faster than AT&T shut down Filmstruck and in the same manner - to no immediate purpose and with nothing to replace it for months, years.
  6. I pulled this screen cap from the "All I See is Black and White" April 2017 TCM promo. Does anybody know what film it is from?
  7. It could happen. After a year and a half of nothing, last summer Universal released a bunch of older films via their Universal Vault Series. Universal does not advertise this, and the best way I can recommend to find out anything is to just search Amazon periodically for "Universal Vault Series DVD" and sort by recent releases. That is how I found the last batch.
  8. calvinnme

    Painfully inappropriate casting.

    They were trying to make Eileen the blonde bombshell divorcee seductress at least through the 1970s and into the 80s , long after she was too old for that persona, and long after she looked too old for that persona.
  9. calvinnme

    Painfully inappropriate casting.

    I remember this! It was a hoot!
  10. calvinnme

    I Just Watched...

    House of the Damned (1963) 5/10 This is probably interesting if you are a locksmith with all of the talk of missing keys, key duplicates, and jiggling of locks, but it is probably going to be a bit of a bore for anybody else. An architect and his wife are staying at a big rambling castle of a house built by the Rochester family. He is hired to do an architectural survey of the house so that the owners can determine if they should remodel, sell, or just demolish it. But then keys start disappearing and reappearing. And when they reappear some keys are missing. And some of the doors to which those keys match are locked from the inside. There are strange figures in the shadows, noises, and things that simply cannot be - like a live severed head - that appear and then disappear.Then the architect's boss and wife show up, and things start to get soap opera like with the boss and his wife not having the best of marriages. Did I mention that the previous tenant just disappeared? AFTER paying up his rent and leaving everything in the house in good order?I will give it points for having great creepy atmosphere. The Rochester castle is everything you would ever want in a haunted house. Best scene? A nurse in an insane asylum receives a telephone call to check on a resident and make sure that a certain person has not escaped. The bored nurse goes to the room, is attacked by this person who seems to be completely out of her mind, they wrestle in hand to hand combat with the insane person trying to strangle the nurse, and then the next scene is the nurse looking completely unfazed and telling the caller "Yeah, she's in her bed in her room". Just another day for this nurse with nerves of steel???? Source: FX Retro Channel
  11. This will be the first time that this episode of Private Screenings has aired since June 2009. I wonder why TCM doesn't show Private Screenings anymore? Are they afraid somebody will tune in and think that either Robert Osborne or the person that he is interviewing is still alive? The last time they showed the Private Screenings for Walter Mirisch was the month that it first aired back in 2008! Is TCM afraid nobody would know who Walter Mirisch is?
  12. calvinnme

    A don’t miss PBS episode currently airing…

    Last year Frontline had a great two part series - so I hear - entitled "Our Man in Tehran". It was about a Dutch journalist living in Iran, married to an Iranian. I saw the first episode and anxiously awaited the second. And then a pledge drive began. If I wanted to buy a bunch of CDs of John Denver music or learn how to buy mutual funds I would be all set. All I wanted was to see part 2 of "Our Man in Tehran". After the pledge drive ended I never saw it aired again.
  13. calvinnme

    Did anyone predict the Oscars?

    Yes, Close has probably got plenty of money, and no, people should not get consolation Oscars, but I have many examples where that is probably exactly what happened, or what tipped the scale just a little bit. Signing off now.
  14. calvinnme

    NZ mosque attack....

    What does the right wing say about the fact that an Australian white supremacist had to go to New Zealand, where guns are available, to carry out his massacre? The New Zealand PM says they are going to do something about their gun laws. It only takes one mass shooting for them to learn their lesson, for us in the USA...not so much.
  15. calvinnme

    Sidekicks and Second Bananas

    My choice for a tragic tale of a second banana is Grant Withers (1905-1959). He was in more than 200 films. He was signed up to be a leading man at Warner Brothers and married Loretta Young. Loretta annulled their marriage. WB gave him the boot when he didn't click with audiences. He spent the rest of his life playing supporting roles. He got married again in 1953, and had John Wayne as best man, but the marriage ended in divorce two years later. In 1959 he committed suicide "dying from an overdose of barbiturates. He left behind a note in which he apologized to all the people he'd purportedly let down during his Hollywood days." (imdb) Many think failing health triggered the suicide. A really sad story.

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