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  1. how many movies did shirley booth star in?

    Where did this picture come from? And don't say from my closet. What play (I assume it is a play) did this come from? EDIT: Never mind. I found it myself. It's the 1925 production of the play "Hell's Bells". In 1925 they make a handsome couple. In 1950 it would have looked odd. "I love you Mr. B".
  2. You could be remembering two things. You could be remembering "Moguls and Movie Stars" which was a seven part documentary on Hollywood from the birth of the movies until the end of the studio system. This aired on TCM in 2010 and is on DVD complete with the panel discussion after each episode led by Robert Osborne. If you are remembering something really old, you could be remembering "Silent Hollywood" which was in 13 parts and has never been on DVD due to rights problem. I think it aired in 1980 on PBS and was made over a several year period in the late 1970s. I don't think it has ever aired on TCM. The episodes were: Pioneers In The Beginning Single Beds and Double Standards Hollywood Goes to War Hazards of the Game Swanson and Valentino Autocrats Comedy: A Serious Business Out West Man with the Megaphone Trick of the Light Star Treatment End of an Era Silent Hollywood can be found on youtube.
  3. how many movies did shirley booth star in?

    Shirley Booth's film appearances: 1968 The Smugglers (TV Movie) Mrs. Hudson 1966 CBS Playhouse: The Glass Menagerie (TV Movie) The Mother 1958 The Matchmaker Dolly 'Gallagher' Levi 1958 Hot Spell Alma Duval 1954 About Mrs. Leslie Mrs. Vivien Leslie 1953 Main Street to Broadway Shirley Booth (small cameo role) 1952 Come Back, Little Sheba Lola Delaney She lived from 1898 to 1992. One Best Actress Oscar out of four eligible film appearances - not bad. I did not count a short she did in 1949 nor did I count a 1970s TV film in which only her voice is credited.
  4. All-Time favorite film genre's?

    Precode, film-noir, and crime/mystery are the genres I enjoy the most. I also enjoy almost anything of any genre made at the dawn of sound (1928-1930) because so many of them are delightfully awful. The genre I like the least is the western genre because there are basically about one half dozen boilerplate plots, especially among the ones made in the 30s and 40s. There are exceptions of course.
  5. I Just Watched...

    I just love Fargo. It just rings so true - even though I know the tale is complete fiction - that a very average guy marries into a wealthy family and starts coveting some of his father-in-law's wealth. It is obvious the father-in-law is just tolerating his son-in-law because he gives him a job that anybody could handle - selling cars. So the average guy thinks he'll embezzle some money from the in-law's business in a scheme that cannot fail and then replace the money, but fail it does. Then he decides to fake his own wife's kidnapping and use the ransom to cover up his theft. He thinks he can control the situation and the felons involved in the kidnapping, and then that too goes terribly wrong. And then there is Marge Gunderson as the sheriff. If you think about it, there is not much difference between the mediocrity of Marge's husband and Macy's average guy character as far as talent goes. But Marge's husband is basically happy with his lot and willing to do hard work to improve himself, and Macy's character was not, he thought himself more clever than he was, and in the end he is brought down by the good police work of Marge. The movie is much more than that, but these are the main things I got out of it. I also love "Raising Arizona" because it so captures the speech patterns and manneriisms of people from the Southwest - I'm from Dallas. Only in the polite but wild Southwest could an outlaw carjack you at gunpoint, and when the carjacking comes to an end, say "Much obliged" to the victim.
  6. Jean Harlow Box Set

    In 2011 there was a set put out by the Warner Archive with seven burned discs in it: JEAN HARLOW 7-MOVIE COLLECTION BOMBSHELL Glamour queen Lola (Harlow) is quitting the movie biz - something her manipulative press agent (Lee Tracy) can't allow! THE GIRL FROM MISSOURI Eadie's not easy! A plucky bachelorette (Harlow) intends to bag a New York millionaire...without abandoning her virtue. PERSONAL PROPERTY Glittery fun! Debt-ridden socialite Harlow puts on a show of wealth to impress a suitor who's also making a pretense of fortune. Robert Taylor is the butler who sees through the ruses. RECKLESS Harlow goes dramatic as a Broadway star accused of murder after the death of her high-living, high-society hubby. With William Powell, the last real-life love of Harlow's short life. RIFFRAFF She works in a cannery. He's a fisherman. But their playful romance is fated to give way to a tragedy surrounding union activism. She's Harlow, he's Spencer Tracy. SARATOGA The flag is up for thoroughbred fun as Harlow is engaged to a millionaire, but drawn to Clark Gable. SUZY A heroine buffeted by fate! Harlow, Cary Grant and Franchot Tone in a World War I triangle of romance and spy intrigue. Red Headed Woman is in TCM Archives: Forbidden Hollywood Collection - Volume One (Waterloo Bridge / Baby Face / Red-Headed Woman) I think this is out of print too, but at least copies are out there on Amazon and probably elsewhere. Plus this set is pressed. Platinum Blonde is on pressed but out of print DVD from Columbia. Amazon still has people selling copies at prices that are not too crazy. I hope that this helps.
  7. The President And The Porn Star

    Here is an article in Forbes from a couple of weeks ago explaining the NDA mess.
  8. The President And The Porn Star

    Believe me, I hope you are right, but is paying hush money to someone, even if it ultimately comes from your own pocket, considered a campaign contribution? Is the fact that the payoff came from the lawyer make it a campaign contribution? Has this been established in previous court cases? And one more thing that I worry about. The Eve Harrington who is waiting in the wings when they take Trump away in handcuffs - Mike Pence. He is a true politician who is ready to join church and state - and I mean HIS church and state - and he has none of the vices that Trump has.
  9. The President And The Porn Star

    Yes, Donald J. Trump does seem to leave a trail of broken sycophants in his wake. For that matter he leaves a trail of broken people who got in his way in his wake. I just don't get why such a vile person is the darling of the evangelicals. I'm a Christian and I despise his behavior.
  10. The President And The Porn Star

    I would think not. But why would a lawyer mortgage his own house to make a pay-off on behalf of a client when that client is a billionaire? Seems like an awfully fishy story to me. Maybe Trump just reimbursed him and made that payment look like he was paying an attorney fee. Hiding bad behavior from the public prior to an election is not in itself criminal.
  11. Will Self-Driving Autos Run People Over?

    They will run people over, cause catastrophic crashes, etc. I say that because so much of driving in an urban environment means getting a feel for the type of drivers around you. The guy ahead of you in the other lane keeps reaching over to his front seat as though he has a casserole dish that is in danger of falling over. His car veers into your lane when he keeps doing this. You don't want to pass him unless you can do so quickly when he is actually driving his car. You look into another car and see that the driver is texting. This person is distracted and you do not want to be immediately ahead of or next to this person as in the next lane. If I called for an Uber ride and a driverless car showed up in this area full of reckless drivers I'd walk away and say "Thanks but no thanks." The only place for them might be in long stretches of rural countryside or in an industrial setting where you are taking people from one place in a large plant to another.
  12. The President And The Porn Star

    The crime is that since Trump paid Stormy Daniels off during the 2016 campaign, if the money he used was campaign funds, he has committed a crime, because that money was not reported. A crime as in high crimes and misdemeanors. If he used his own money to pay her off, she is just a distraction. If she violated an NDA, this is a civil matter, but it could be that since she has drifted through life on her smile and her t*ts that she thinks she can persuade a judge and jury in a civil trial using the same assets. If this 60 year old woman was on any such civil jury I think she would find otherwise. I am no fan of Trump, but I think even his supporters realized he was a horn dog (two words?) and serial adulterer when they voted for him. They already had the Access Hollywood tapes with him bragging about sexual assault. It made no difference to them. Unless Trump is proven to have committed a crime in the cover up of a consensual act with a woman that looks like she is just up his alley, this will be just another bump in the road for him. And yes, Stormy and Donald J. Trump appear to be two peas in a pod - two who deserve one another.
  13. Gone With The Wind 1/3 Gone

    I bought my 4 disc DVD set in 2007. It was released in 2004. These are the extras: Gone with the Wind - Four-Disc Collector's Edition (1939) + Making of a Legend: Gone with the Wind, The (Documentary) (1988) + Gone with the Wind: Restoring a Legend (Documentary) (2004) + Old South, The (Short) (1940) + Melanie Remembers: Reflections by Olivia de Havilland (Documentary) (2004) + Gable: The King Remembered (Documentary) (1975) + Vivien Leigh: Scarlett & Beyond (Documentary) (1990) + Supporting Players: Cameo Portraits of an Unforgettable Ensemble (Documentary) (2004) + Film on two discs with commentary by film historian Rudy Behlmer. This set is out of print now, so I should be glad I picked it up at the time.
  14. I Just Watched...

    The Painted Veil (1934) 6/10 I wrote this review nine years ago, but it still applies. I saw the film again just last week. This film has some rather fantastic elements about it, mainly that Greta Garbo would be playing a spinster, and that having several suitors - as her mother claims that she has - she would hastily accept a marriage proposal from someone for whom she has absolutely no passion. In this case it is Herbert Marshall playing both an unloved husband and a devoted medical researcher into the cause and prevention of cholera. The other fantastic element is trying to believe that there is any chemistry between Garbo and "the other man, George Brent. Brent - who was so wonderful with Kay Francis, Bette Davis, and Ruth Chatterton - is here no more attractive than the husband he is trying to supplant. He has all the chemistry of a cardboard box. The best part of the film is once Marshall realizes he has been cuckolded and makes an ultimatum to his faithless wife. He has just learned of a raging cholera epidemic in inland China and must go there and try to get it under control. His wife can stay behind if Brent's character agrees to get a divorce, in which case she can also have one. If he does not agree to this, then Garbo must come along with him on his expedition and thus be exposed to the most extreme danger. This was one of Garbo's first films after the production code came into effect earlier in 1934. There were so many limits put on what could be said and shown and even insinuated that it really put a damper on what was supposed to be a pretty torrid love triangle. Trying to perform in a moral straight jacket is probably what really cost this film its potential edge. I'd recommend this for Garbo completists only. Source: TCM

    You obviously never heard of William Haines' spoof of the documentary, "Billy Gets Silly Where It's Chilly". And to think you are a film historian!

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