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    Favorite Robert Mitchum Movie

    My favorite is "Out of the Past". A close second is the oddball "Grass is Greener". Don't laugh. There's just something about this film that appeals to me. When Mitchum gets ultra scary like in "Night of the Hunter" or "Cape Fear", I just find these hard to watch. That is probably a tribute to his effectiveness.
  2. Look, you asked me a question after all! If you look at my response you will notice I quoted you with three of your words in bold - words that describe the accuser from your viewpoint. I was being sarcastic. Who would want to come forward to have countless people describe them as you just did? That was my point.
  3. Nope, I have no idea why this woman stayed silent for 36 years, no idea at all.
  4. calvinnme

    70th Primetime Emmy Awards

    I was glad to see Bill Hader, Henry Winkler, and Last Week Tonight all win Emmys. I've never thought of Netflix as a place to watch television. I guess streaming has changed things. Plus I'm getting old.
  5. Yes, I know. The evidence taken in the 70s, which at the time could only establish blood type, was by the 90s capable of providing a DNA profile. However the law for rape in California in the 70s had a statute of limitations that has long expired. Instead the DNA is being used to link the Golden State Killer to the murders he committed, which have no statute of limitations.
  6. calvinnme

    I Just Watched...

    Going Home (1971) 3/10 It's hard to feel sorry for someone when that person feels SO sorry for himself! And that is Jimmy Graham's problem. When Jimmy Graham (Jan Michael Viencent) was six years old he witnessed the aftermath of his father, Harry Graham (Robert Mitchum), murdering his mother. He was forced to testify against his dad, and after his conviction he was passed around between foster homes and boys' schools. Thirteen years later, and Jimmy Graham is a kid with a mighty case of PTSD, a chip on his shoulder, and a case of smoldering anger against his dad. When Jimmy makes one of his infrequent trips to the prison, he discovers that dad was paroled months ago and didn't bother to get in touch with him and tell him he is out. He looks dad up and sees dad is getting on with his life - living in a trailer park, working as a mechanic, he even has a steady girl. Not that Harry seems to know what to do with their relationship either. He alternately acts friendly towards his son and then out of the blue rejects him. At least, though, we have some of that Mitchum laconic coolness on display where I get some idea of where he is coming from. Jimmy has a constant sullen expression and wanders around mute and behaving largely in a passive aggressive fashion. Sometimes he acts like he wants to get close to dad, other times he is complaining to the police about how Harry is out of prison and loose in the community, another time he scratches a BEWARE OF HARRY GRAHAM message on a men's room wall. Towards the end, however, Jimmy does a deed so foul that no amount of childhood trauma can excuse it. At that point I just wanted Mitchum to show up and go all Cape Fear on this completely unlikable person. The editing is not great either. Jimmy seems to have no life at all when he decides to decamp and go meddle in dad's life. Yet at the end of the film he shows up at some house of ill repute where people see him and say "Quitters are not welcome!". Jimmy calls his dad and tells him where he is, and dad says emphatically "I told you never to go back to that house!" and dad feels so strongly about it that he has to go drive over and get Jimmy. What is this house? Until these scenes it has not been shown and I have no idea what it is doing in this film. The 3 stars are for Mitchum, who is a welcome presence even in a bad film with a bad script and bad editing. P.S. - I am actually writing this review because of the last full paragraph. What WAS that house that was a big deal in the last part of the film? Was it the house the Grahams were living in at the time of the murder? Did I just miss the part of the film where this house is explained? Just wondering. Source: TCM
  7. Rather funny. 63 people signed an opinion letter and had no idea what and why they were signing?
  8. James said he is clear now, partially due to what you said. What is your question?
  9. The Kavanaugh accuser would have neither a criminal nor civil case after this many years. She would have a hard time with a criminal case if it happened yesterday. With no real physical evidence and no witnesses, even if some DA is willing to try the case there is reasonable doubt. I think you need to be clear on this. I am not saying Kavanaugh should go to jail today based on the evidence of what happened in 1983, or whenever it was. This entire event goes to the fitness of character of a potential Supreme Court justice. As for people bumping into one another, this is the source of many misunderstandings these days. I will agree with you on that.
  10. I can see how you would be confused. Everything you say about collection of evidence is true. However, before there was such a thing as DNA evidence, all that the physical evidence could do was say this person might have been the attacker or could not be the attacker. It was not the identifying marker it was today. Thus there was a statute of limitations whether there was a report of a crime and physical evidence or not. Once DNA became a tool of crime solvers, it could say there is a one in 7 billion chance you are not the attacker. In the face of such daunting statistics many states extended their statute of limitations for rape if DNA evidence existed since DNA evidence never forgets. I hope that this is clearer. Some rapists - usually the rarer stranger rapist - wear condoms just to try to prevent the collection of DNA evidence.
  11. calvinnme


    I wish Universal would digitize "The Bad Sister" (1931). I think it was one of three films Bette did for Universal before they cut her loose and George Arliss brought her to Warner Brothers. That way there would at least be a chance TCM might show it. It has Bette AND Humphrey Bogart, except at the time both were billed below Sidney Fox and Conrad Nagel. Bette is dressed up so plainly in this film. However, it is a real hoot and I think most TCM viewers would enjoy it.
  12. The Cosby case was a unique one. I believe in extending the statute of limitations where there is DNA evidence. Otherwise, I do not. The Golden State Killer is going to get away with all of those rapes he committed because they occurred in the 1970s, long before DNA evidence was around. In criminal cases you can't just rely on witness memory after a certain period of time has expired. The Kavanaugh case is not a criminal case or even a civil one. I would be against either a civil or criminal case being brought against him based on memory only after such a long period of time. At least the Golden State Killer will be in jail for the rest of his natural life. At age 72 though, that is not much of a consolation.
  13. darkblue (notice no caps) you are a ponderous fellow. You are Canadian yet you care so much about our elections. You do notice that the guy that won is hitting your country over the head with tarriffs, don't you? Divine intervention? From the same God that created woman, the source of so many of your problems apparently? Simply ponderous. But I enjoy ponderous. It amuses me. Keep em coming.
  14. Yes, but she knew that and did not campaign with an electoral college strategy in mind. You can get every vote in the state of California, and it is no more useful than to get half the votes in California plus one.
  15. That's right. She had so much power she lost the 2016 election. The one thing she wanted her whole life. The reason she had spent over 40 years in a bad marriage. The proof is in the pudding.
  16. calvinnme

    SCOTUS battles

    What will be more interesting will be how many Red State Democrats that are up for reelection this year will vote for confirmation. This now becomes politically dicey for them no matter what they do.
  17. calvinnme

    Do You Watch TCM Underground Often?

    I've watched a few of them,but it is not a weekly destination like Noir Alley is for me. Largely they are really bad horror films from the 70s and 80s. The younger demos are not going to be interested in that either. That is going to be people my age (60) or maybe a little younger who might remember these films when they first came out and connect them to something that was going on in their youth.
  18. calvinnme

    SCOTUS battles

    Thankfully, it sounds like the Judiciary Committee will hear from both Kavanaugh and Ford in the next few days. Otherwise I think it is safe to say about 5 GOP senators will vote NO because this nomination appears that it is being railroaded.
  19. No wind here either. .37 inches of rain since the storm began late last week. Hopefully, with no wind, that means no power outages either. That's when things get ugly.
  20. I've said before - none of this rises to evidence necessary to indict or convict a person of sexual assault. No corroborating witness. No physical evidence. Way past the statute of limitations. I don't stamp FELON on somebody's forehead unless I am sure beyond a reasonable doubt. This is an inquiry into the character of a person who will sit on the Supreme Court for the rest of his natural life should he so desire. Let's make sure the senators voting have all of the pertinent information before doing so. A person in high school does not have the judgment of an adult just five years later. There is a world of difference between 16-17 and 21-22 years of age. Teens are given to rash actions. However, your basic sense of right and wrong is set before you reach those teen years. You know it is wrong to steal, to kill, and to force yourself on others. Kavanaugh is accused of a serious act after he was old enough to know it was wrong. How are you so sure it didn't happen? I'm not sure it did or did not happen. That's why I want more inquiry.
  21. Being falling down drunk does not excuse sexual assault, and age 17 is old enough to be prosecuted for such a crime in the state of Maryland, which is where the alleged event occurred. This is not Johnny booby trapping Susie's locker because she wouldn't go to prom with him so that a bunch of balloon animals pop out when she opens the door.
  22. Glad to hear it. I live in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Originally this thing was going to pass just to the west of us, leaving us on the dirty side of the storm with 5-10 inches of rain. Now they are just saying .8 inches as the storm will pass through your neck of the woods and pass rapidly.
  23. The thing is - I bet Kavanaugh was probably well behaved as far as those 65 women knew.That's the thing about sexual assault. The perpetrator is not always, not even most of the time, some guy who spends his time in the bushes with a ski mask over his head, looking for the first woman he can grab. He can be somebody you see every day. Somebody who is charming and intelligent. Somebody you would let babysit your kids.
  24. The woman came out and was named, passed a polygraph test, and produced notes from marital counseling in 2012 in which the exact same episode was recounted. The woman's husband said In an interview, her husband, Russell Ford, said that in the 2012 sessions, she recounted being trapped in a room with two drunken boys, one of whom pinned her to a bed, molested her and prevented her from screaming. He said he recalled that his wife used Kavanaugh’s last name and voiced concern that Kavanaugh — then a federal judge — might one day be nominated to the Supreme Court. Source: Washington Post Would I convict anybody based on such evidence, from 35 years before with no corroborating witness or physical evidence? Of course not. Does all of this cast enough doubt on Kavanaugh's character that more inquiry should be made before setting him up as a Supreme Court justice, to serve until the end of his natural life? Absolutely
  25. Jim Carrey as Cohan and Bill Maher as his dad. Even though they are only six years apart. Going by the record of the remakes made lately.

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