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    These kids don't even realize that the current wave of immigrants are from Central America, not Mexico. But then they only know what their parents tell them. And yes, I'm sure they were saying that about the Irish.
  2. calvinnme

    70th Primetime Emmy Awards

    I was very happy to see Barry get nominated along with Bill Hader and Henry Winkler. I'm always happy to see John Oliver get nominated. As for Westworld, I just don't like it. It's just not my thing. Maybe I should give it another try. Paterno was a complete let down for me. They get a great actor like Al Pacino in the title role and then really don't do much with him.
  3. calvinnme


    Let's not get rid of Karger - he's like a young Bob Osborne. But the next time there is an opening a black host, or another hispanic host, or an Asian host is OK by me. But then I don't think Montana is overpopulated by anybody. I assume these are the kids to whom you refer.
  4. I don't get the family exemption, because my grandfather was a little older than John Wayne, had a wife and five daughters, was a blue collar worker so it was not like the family had substantial savings to tide them over, and he almost had to go to into the army in WWII.
  5. calvinnme

    What's up with all the crappy 80's films?!

    You might be talking about TCM Underground in which the whole point is to show films that look goofy by today's standards. On the other hand, I have noticed films from the 70s and 80s showing up in the wee hours that are second and third tier in quality. The thing they all have in common? They were made by Warner Bros., TCM's parent company. To stay in budget I guess that costs TCM virtually nothing to air.
  6. calvinnme


    I recall someone saying that before Tiffany ever took the job with TCM that she had been rude to some of the TCM viewers on the TCM cruise. I think that started the negativity. Maybe I'm being naive, but I don't think that the hostility had anything to do with her Hispanic heritage.
  7. John Oliver gets repressed by one his home country's laws against free speech and Oliver responded in true John Oliver style.
  8. calvinnme

    Noir Alley

    To whoever was having trouble with insomnia...sometimes you need a good pharmaceutical crack on the skull to get you back into the rhythm of sleeping. Zolpidem (generic Ambien) will do it. As to noirs...Eddie Muller's wrap arounds crack me up! So many Howard Hughes stories connected to the RKO noirs and who was in them! And the badly titled Universal noir "Pillow of Death"? I had to look it up and see if the film existed. It does, and it was put on DVD in the Inner Sanctum mystery set. I actually have that set and have never gotten around to watching it. This is why I keep my DVDs - THAT will never be on Netflix! It must be bad if nobody ever bothered to put a scene or two on youtube, else I would link those scenes into this post. Lon Chaney Jr. starred and the director was somebody who almost exclusively directed westerns. With the wit and wisdom of Eddie Muller on Noir Alley and the charm and grace of Dave Karger during the weekend, it's like a little bit of Robert Osborne still survives on TCM.
  9. calvinnme

    I Just Watched...

    Maybe somebody else mentioned this, but has anybody noticed that this thread has gone on for over 500 pages since May 2015? Has any other thread lasted this long and gotten this long? The old "Seeking Hollywood Revue" thread from ten years ago might come close. Congrats speedracer5 for starting a tradition.
  10. calvinnme

    October 2018 schedule is up

    On October 3 there is a rare showing of the last film Al Jolson did for Warner Brothers, "The Singing Kid" (1936). Jolson plays likable if irresponsible stage and radio star Al Jackson. He's given to trusting the people in his life to handle things for him just a little too much as he runs on overdrive from performance to performance. This gets him in trouble later in the film. Jackson lives at the top of a tall penthouse where he gives his most jubilant performance of "I Wanna Singa" along with Cab Calloway who happens to be practicing on an adjacent rooftop. Cab Calloway appears in several numbers with Jolson in this film.
  11. calvinnme

    Nancy Sinatra Sr Dies At 101

    Maybe had Carole Lombard lived, Gable and Lombard would have eventually separated. However, I will tell you that there seem to be two Gables on screen - the one before Lombard died and the one afterwards. The one before Lombard died always had a twinkle in his eyes. The one after Lombard died just didn't seem to have his heart in his acting. Some quotes of Gable on Lombard: You can trust that little screwball with your life or your hopes or your weaknesses, and she wouldn’t even know how to think about letting you down. She’s more fun than anybody, but she’ll take a poke at you if you have it coming and make you like it. If that adds up to love, then I love her.” (Carole Lombard) “Yes, I’ve been known to like ladies…and I do. But with her, it’s different. Everything about her is different than with any other gal.” (Carole Lombard) “It was a perfect thing. I never expect to find it again.” (on his marriage to Carole Lombard) “Did you ever seen anyone more beautiful? There was never a person in this world who was so generous, so full of fun. God damn it, why Ma?”(Carole Lombard) “I saw so much in the way of death and destruction that I realized that I hadn’t been singled out for grief–that others were suffering and losing their loved ones just as I lost Ma.” (after returning from war, about Carole Lombard) “Sometimes I wonder how she’d take things the way they are today, and I always come up with the same answer–with a laugh. She’d get through it better than me.” (Carole Lombard) There were quotes there about his other wives, but they seemed more respectful and practical than loving. You're the Gable fan, so maybe you know something I don't, but from what I've always heard Gable did want to marry Lombard, it was just a matter of the money he would have to pay Ria to get out of the marriage.
  12. calvinnme

    October 2018 schedule is up

    With Rita Hayworth as SOTM I was hoping to maybe see "Girls Can Play" (1937). The copy I have isn't in great shape, so maybe it is in the same boat as "Nine Girls" - no copy is available that is fit for broadcast.
  13. I so agree about Annie Oakley. And WHAT does Warner Brothers do when it releases the Stanwyck Signature DVD Collection in 2007? Of the five films one is Annie Oakley, one of her worst films, and a second is Executive Suite, which is a good film but Stanwyck was a supporting player in that one. I think Warner Brothers didn't figure that BluRay would gain so much popularity so fast AND didn't figure on streaming coming fast on Blu's heels. Also, just like everyone, they did not see the crash of 2008 coming or the nine year long Depression that followed it. If WB had known that the Signature Collection was their one and only chance to honor Stanwyck, they might have included more substantial films. The same with Cagney's Signature collection.
  14. calvinnme

    October 2018 schedule is up

    If you were you'd have a user name like gobbledygook123.
  15. calvinnme

    Immigration Policy?

    Isn't it true that ICE is blocking the legal ports of entry?
  16. You said it. It's almost like two bland actors possessed the bodies of Henry Fonda and Barbara Stanwyck for a couple of hours. It is a very dull film.
  17. calvinnme

    democracy, civility, protest?

    Trump is doing this so that word gets back to others that would make the trip to the US that they face inhumane treatment during an extended detention with their children and possessions taken from them, perhaps to see neither again. He is hoping to deter immigration to the US, even by legitimate asylum seekers because all he sees are brown people. That is the point.
  18. calvinnme

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    We are awake. We've been awake since November 2016. I see two ways out of this. One way is when he is in Europe they slap the cuffs on him for crimes against humanity considering his treatment of the recent influx of illegal immigrants seeking asylum in the US. Men and women in cages, housed together, not enough room to lie down. Children separated from parents, possibly some are American citizens, possibly to go to foster care and be adopted out. ICE spitting on people, calling the kids donkeys and animals. Children given dangerous drugs to cease their cries. Way number two, probably more likely. The US is a plutocracy that throws the red states the red meat of repealing Obamacare and Roe V Wade to get their votes. The plutocracy cares nothing about this but they do love their money. Trump's little trade war tirades with the whole world are costing them money. I don't want to speculate what the plutocracy might do in this situation, but I think you see where I am going with this.
  19. calvinnme


    Sorry Princess your tweets don't copy. I'm sure pregnant migrant women horrify ICE/Trump. If they are held long enough they will give birth to American citizens. They do know that this is an American citizen don't they? Would they deport a newborn American citizen and his/her mother? Any answer you give will not surprise me.
  20. calvinnme


    Sorry Princess, whenever I try to quote your tweets, I get an empty box. Explain. If the child has been deported, then how can this child be put in foster care? Isn't it a direct violation of the judge's orders to FIRST reunite parents and children? How do you know that you are not deporting an American citizen. Apparently some parents came with birth certificates for children and ICE simply took those certificates and tossed them. This is the biggest cluster **** I have ever seen. No more regard for these people than if they were animals.
  21. calvinnme

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    He was taken there by his parents as an infant, seeking safety from those who would kill him. So Jesus is the original Dreamer.
  22. calvinnme

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Bogie56, this guy is an idiot. He has no comprehension of global economics, nor do the sycophants with which he surrounds himself. I am frustrated by the press. This is an important topic. Last night CNN and MSNBC are still talking about Russia. Fox is salivating over the Supreme Court. I had to go to "Asia Squawk Box" to get any talk about how this might all play out. For one thing China can just weaken their currency. Another thing they are doing is carving out sweetheart deals to European businesses who are also being hammered by Trump. This round of Trump's tariff war will hit electronics and other consumer goods. Americans will find themselves paying higher prices or having no access to some products at all because we simply do not make those items here anymore. Lost jobs, higher prices, lack of availability of some products, maybe even life saving medical equipment and supplies. Vlad sure struck gold when he backed this guy for prez. HRC would have the fed make certain adjustments, fix the TPP as much as she could to exclude China unless certain conditions were met, and then JOIN that TPP. But you know - email servers, deplorables, Benghazi, that little blue dress from twenty years ago, so, of course MAGA. Womp womp???
  23. calvinnme

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Yes, yes it is.
  24. I never heard of this, but much will have to be changed for 2018. For instance, a bunch of white guys dancing in the street in perfect synchronization with snappy happy clothing looking like they are going to a job interview in Manhattan while carrying switchblades is just not intimidating in 2018. In fact, I can't think of a better way to get shot in NYC - a city with no legal guns - than to do just that. Never bring a knife - even a bunch of them - to a gun fight.
  25. calvinnme

    When there's no wiki page for a classic film

    TopBilled, I do have to take my hat off to Warner Brothers in this area. They put a great deal of their stuff - even obscure stuff - out to the public either through streaming, or in the old days DVD, or now the Warner Archive, and then of course there is TCM. You can buy DVDs of "Dancing Sweeties", "Lights of New York", and obscure TV shows via Warner Brothers. They actually put out a pressed DVD of the great silent "The Big Parade" complete with commentary. Who knows if that will change when AT&T really takes over and starts to change things. Goodbye Kate Hepburn and Gary Cooper, hello unmemorable actors and actresses from the present who would make great underwear models but just do not inspire, along with all of the stupid 21st century rom coms which always include a clueless overweight porn addicted father figure.

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