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  1. I remember that. They got through the month with several of Grace Kelly's TV appearances if memory serves correctly.
  2. There's something about this B programmer that I just love. It is so mistitled. There is much more tenor than tear gas. Can you imagine patrons back in 1940 getting upset when they paid for what they thought was a crime film and got this? It's a musical! It's a romance! It's a police procedural! And it moves so fast you don't notice it does none of them particularly well! Back to the original question - yes I did see George Reeves! Did anybody else notice Lon Chaney Jr. in "Lucky Devils" a couple of weeks back? He was actually billed as Creighton Chaney, which was his given name.
  3. Words of wisdom Gershwin. You always seem to be the peace maker around here.
  4. LsDoorMat


    I absolutely love Blackadder. I remember watching the show on PBS back in the late 80s. I remember remarking how few episodes there were per season. For that show and for Red Dwarf. And now we essentially have seasons that are only about ten episodes in length, on HBO in particular.
  5. Thanks for the link sewhite. It's funny that people would express boredom at the selection. Today, if Universal and Paramount would cooperate, this could be an interesting month of films. It might even include The King of Jazz since it has been cleaned up and is even on Criterion now. Criterion and TCM seem to be in some kind of partnership, given what has been shown on TCM in recent months.
  6. If you define obtuse as pointing out how ridiculous it is to have a diverse cast on an island and at a time that had no diversity of any kind - racial, religion, etc,. - then I plead guilty.
  7. Oh, great. Let's start making westerns in which the cowpokes drive cars and just take pictures of the stage coach robbers on their smart phones.
  8. Sorry to bore you Snoopy. May you sleep and dream of Sopwith Camels and overweight cats that can't run very fast.
  9. Which is fine if you are making a film that is in some fantasy world that is only loosely tethered to the Middle Ages as it existed in Europe. Not so fine if you are making a film based on history.
  10. I was just noticing Bing Crosby was SOTM in December 2005. Since Bing did just about every movie he ever made for Paramount, and not even those were restored by 2005 with maybe the exception of Holiday Inn, how did TCM fill out the schedule? I guess this is probably more of a question for MovieCollector, since he has done such detailed work with the TCM schedules. I have a list of Bing's films, and just a quick perusal of the list shows just "Going Hollywood" and "High Society" in the WB/RKO/MGM library. December 2005 was also the last time "Golden Dawn" and "Dancing Sweeties" were shown. What an odd month December 2005 must have been. I wonder if they showed some of Bing's Christmas TV appearances? P.S. for those of you discussing the term "woke" - Golden Dawn is an example of a film that is not "woke". Hilariously so actually. "Mary Queen of Scots" (2018) is an example of a film that is "woke" and also an example of why some of us roll our eyes at the term. Either Mary or Elizabeth - can't remember which - has black advisors, and there is an Asian lady in waiting in Elizabeth's court. However did they get there in 1560? Also Mary's private secretary David Rizzio is shown as openly gay. At a time when homosexuality was punishable by death, we are expected to believe that Catholic queen Mary was so "with it" that she just accepted Rizzio into her gaggle of ladies in waiting. I'm sure the producers wanted to put a hispanic in the cast, but with the New World still largely a mystery to Europe, even they couldn't come up with some way to do THAT.
  11. LsDoorMat

    Disney Plus Launched...

    I have great admiration for the work of Walt Disney. He was truly a pioneer in animation and in nature films. It is the present day corporation that bears his name that I dislike.
  12. LsDoorMat

    Bette Davis as SOTM November 2019

    Yep, I noticed it was on. I was glad that they showed it since it marked a transition for Bette from B to A list films for Warner Brothers. I don't know how TB and I would both miss that. Maybe the printed schedule changed?
  13. LsDoorMat

    Disney Plus Launched...

    Yes, my husband pointed out to me that The Cult of the Mouse owns ESPN and thus the Star Wars commercial. I dislike huge corporations too. Disney in particular. It is just like The Blob, rolling along, consuming all entertainment companies in its path, converting them all into its own corporate speak producer of cinematic oatmeal for the masses, and gaining momentum with every acquisition.
  14. LsDoorMat

    Disney Plus Launched...

    The Cult of the Mouse interrupted Monday Night Football last night with a 15 minute ad for what passes for a Star Wars film by their estimation. My husband said it was only five minutes. It only seemed like 15 minutes.
  15. LsDoorMat

    Bette Davis as SOTM November 2019

    Actually, The Star belongs to Warner Brothers for some reason. It is in one of those Bette Davis DVD collections that WB put out about 15 years ago. I don't know how that happened.

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