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    Glamourous favorites

    Kay Francis should not be overlooked as star of the month.Highest paid and most glamorous of them all. If DAVIS,StanwyckorL Young were offered this 1935 contract they would have jumped on it.Kay should be star of the month.
  2. martin3

    Your favorite stars- Kay Francis

    Thanks everybody for your nice reply to my original Kay Francis thread. Special thanks for the photos. Let's hope tcm gives Kay Francis her due. After all she made 5400 a week during the depression. I appologize for calling some actresses icon uglies. Thanks again Garbomania for the photos. I'll be back.
  3. Will somebody please tell me I am wrong, requesting Kay Francis as star of the month. She was a sultry, exotic, ice-cold beauty, who was to ladies fashion, what Carey Grant was to mens. Garbo couldn't dress, Dietrich looked like a man and I'm tired of the Icon uglies Davis, Stanwyck, and Crawford. Francis was the highest paid person in Hollywood 37-38 because she was a beautiful fashion icon. Am i wrong? somebody please put me out of my misery.

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