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  1. You mean the way Trump, his campaigners, his staff and his family have all denied all such contacts. Of which we keep finding out the depth of their lies on this matter.
  2. Take off that stupid mask with the **** eating grin. Halloween is over, and you need to stop playing the fool.
  3. You mean"The Dump", as per Dotard Dump?
  4. Not under Trump....the Bankruptcy King....failing to pay what he owed.
  5. Why puzzling? Because she doesn't necessarily want to cut things that benefit the middle class, just so billionaires can get more cuts to their taxes? Puzzling because she isn't on board despite the GOP's wealthy donors' threats to not contribute to their campaigns if they don't pass this?! Puzzling!
  6. The Swamp Thing in Chief, and Mr. And Mrs. Black Lagoon.
  7. But they have all the contacts with Russians o their collusion efforts.
  8. Worm indeed! This guy must've gotten a peek at Trump "down there" during the Asian trip. Explains his sensitivity to references to his teeny tiny hands.
  9. Blackout after blackout.....this inexperienced company with the sweetheart connection could not handle the job, as predicted Blackout after predicted, this inexperienced company with the sweetheart deal could not handle the job.
  10. Dotard Trump is the one out of bounds, out of bounds of what a president should act like. He is an **** Moronic Corrupt Clown, not a commander in chief.

    So your ridiculously incompetent hero Dotard Trump has in no way had his rhetoric mesh with his performance. A failure through and through and yet you support the idiot! What was someone saying about you being a hypocrite?!)
  12. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Lock her up! Lock her up!
  13. The Triumph of Donald Trump

    What happened to the constant "Winning" from Day One, where we would be exhausted by all his accomplishments in the first 100 days. Hasn't happened. I'm sure this is the worst record of any WH in this amount of time. Unleass you are a Swamp Dweller, in which case Trump has deregulated by proclamation, for the benefit the ultra-wealthy at the expense of ordinary Americans. Duped the Deplorables!
  14. The Triumph of Donald Trump

    And the upcoming twists and turns of this adventure include the Trump/Mueller hearings. Should be fun!
  15. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    And belittles her post with the daily stream of lies she emits.

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