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  1. That pic would be at least 20 years old, based on the size of Trump’s belly. The fingers look short, so most likely it was unretouched.
  2. Arturo

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Why don’t you just go to Numbers 2, 3 or 4 on the lists of all the properties that were looked at and rejected before they settled on the “best one”, Doral?
  3. Arturo

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Bed bugs.......Russian bugs.......Chinese bugs.......Saudi bugs......
  4. Arturo


    Some pro-life people sure don’t have a problem when some of God’s creatures are slaughtered because they are inconvenient, from bears to coyotes, Kurds to asylum-seekers.
  5. Arturo

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    And Donald Trump has been a joke for decades in New York, with his accumulating bankruptcies and business failures. It’s only when he took his show on the road did the rubes become fans, believing he was a successful businessman. Trump thinks he is Emperor Donald of the Deplorables! He will awaken from his delusion deposed, and likely incarcerated.
  6. I think Mulvaney floated a trial balloon for Trump. He did the next step of their rationalization and normalization in their evolution trajectory. They went from “We didn’t do it” to “so what if we did, get over it!” as with many other things of Trump’s. However, the reaction was stronger than anticipated, and therefore, Mulvaney had to walk it back. His walk-back looked like it was written by the same person who wrote the walk-back email by Sondland a couple of months, where Sondland has since then basically admitted it was Trump who had him put out the “No Quid Quo Pro”statement. what a gang of incompetent criminals hahahaha!!!
  7. Arturo

    The 1st Classic Movie Director That Comes To Mind

    Thank you Princess. Next: A director that remade one of his silent films as a talkie. Name the director and film(s).
  8. Arturo

    Mike Pence-- Who is He and What is his Agenda?

    And you don’t mean God!
  9. Arturo

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    She’s the most powerful woman in our country, calling out the most stupid and worthless man in our country, telling him he’s FOS, and the would-be dictator has no clothes......”and oh, btw, i can see that it is a teeny tiny weeny, you whiny little bbmeeech!”
  10. Arturo

    The Triumph of Donald Trump

    AND ALL OF A SUDDEN......The Republicans are suddenly no longer worried about National Security issue. The big hypocrites!!! They were just going through the motions re. National security, when all they care about is their own election security.
  11. Arturo

    Name 10 Facts about this Movie

    2). This was the first film Marilyn Monroe did at 20th Century Fox under a new contract at the studio, some three years after they had not renewed her options.
  12. Arturo

    The 1st Classic Movie Director That Comes To Mind

    Not sure if this was what you intended, and it’s my turn. Or did I misunderstand your question, and something is missing
  13. Arturo

    describe the scene game

    Lavenderblue , you are correct! Your turn!
  14. Arturo

    describe the scene game

    The band and bandleader use their real names. They were one of the biggest big bands during the War Years.
  15. Arturo

    Name the pre-1970 film

    A husband and wife are reminiscing about marriage as they are dancing at a nightclub. The wife points out her husband to somebody, who serves the husband with a subpoena.

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