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  1. Arturo

    George Brent's Derry Air

    Bill Barr is Trump's Man of the Hour On Whitaker Bald bald-faced liar he has soured Sessions now is long-gone Unrecused hadn't done Barr chosen to remove Mueller from power
  2. Arturo

    The Name Game

    Duncan Renaldo. Next: ______ OF THE THOUSAND DAY'S + Sha Na ___ + " ____ He's Making Eyes at Me" + HU____ SUNDOWN + hesitating utterance + ___ Lewis + shivering sound + _____ SHORTY + ___-shirt
  3. Arturo

    First Movie SONG That Comes to Mind

    "Its Only A Paper Moon: used in PAPER MOON. Next: Song by pre-Beatles British rock and roll singer or band made for a film.
  4. Arturo

    Hitchcock Mania

    Stewart's character in REAR WINDOW broke his leg photographing a drag strip race. Judy in VERTIGO was from Salina, Kansas. VERTIGO was based on a French novel, ".....Du Morts".
  5. Arturo

    M A G A >> WINNING!

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!! You're stooopid Lying Effing Moron of a "leader" figures his s tooopid deplorable base will fall for this video. It is replacement to fencing, which was authorized by Congress 2 years ago. NO WALL IS BEING BUILT, no matter what the Pathological Liar in Chief tells his base. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!
  6. Arturo

    First Movie SONG That Comes to Mind

    "The Polka Dot Polka" from THE GANG'S ALL HERE. Next: Song about a barnyard animal.
  7. I just noticed that TCM, as part of 31 Days of Oscar, has scheduled FOREVER AMBER (1947) later this month. This was Linda Darnell's most high-profile film during her career. Based on the biggest best seller since "Gone With the Wind", the story of an ambitious beauty who sleeps her way up the Royal Court of King Charles III in Restoration England was seen as a potential blockbuster as a movie. The making of this film was an attempt to recapture the popularity of the book, but the overzealous censorship of the day crippled the storyline before filming began. The production was a long expensive troubled one, with it being shut down for awhile, and script, director and cast changes. Not surprisingly, the released film met with mediocre reviews. The watered down storyline frustrated many, and it still faced boycotting from religious and moral groups. It still did huge business, but not nearly what was anticipated, and due to its huge expense, FA was considered a commercial disappointment. It has become largely forgotten since its release. Linda Darnell did not escape unscathed. Initially seeing it as her ticket to superstardom, she quickly soured on it, due to the long shooting schedule, as well as her antipathy towards the director, Otto Preminger, with whom she had worked twice before. She thought was a tyrant who didn't like her, and she felt was holding her back, not interested in her performance. The script didn't allow her much latitude, and she did not give one of her better performances, and definitely did not do as much for her career as was expected. Others in the cast include Cornel Wilde, Richard Greene, George Sanders, John Russell, Glenn Langan, Jessica Tandy and Richard Haydn. Despite all this, the film has much merit. All departments worked at their best, and the sets, costumes, score, color, etc. are first rate. It is still interesting to watch, if rather long. I believe this showing will be a TCM Premiere. It is scheduled for February 28 @ 6:15 pm est.
  8. Arturo

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Donald Trump's face would be more properly placed on one of the Most Wanted posters at the post office, for the many crimes he's committed and is committing, before and during his presidency.
  9. Arturo

    Musicals on Tap

    The star of the film was returning to moviemaking after a few years. Her studio was trying to recreate one of her biggest hits.
  10. Arturo

    Name the pre-1970 film

    Ssorry, guess I hadn't ventured past the first page of threads. The woman meets a man there, also an American. They hit it off, and make a date. But she sees a newspaper article where another person who fled to avoid testifying is found dead. She makes plans to move from the town where she's been hiding.
  11. Arturo

    describe the scene game

    Sorry, Lavender. The man is a gambler, and is apparently caught cheating on a river boat. He is left stranded on a sandbar.
  12. Arturo

    George Brent's Derry Air

    Baby Trump Balloon is at it fuming again. He can't change the news he doesn't like on a whim Screams at cohorts and allies That News his lies they won't buy Someone needs to change his soiled Depends. Donald Trump furious again at "Fake News" New York Times shows his history of pro-Russian views And the Post says that he Hates he can't change reality He keeps giving more rope to Mueller for his noose.
  13. So Linda Darnell, all of 15 years old, was on her way after her first film, the lead in HOTEL FOR WOMEN. The studio publicized her as being 2 years older, as she had played a romantic lead opposite James Ellison. When her true age later came out, she became known as Hollywood's youngest leading lady. As for the film HFW, I have a rather poor quality DVD of it; the picture is rather washed out. I don't think it was ever officially released. It is on youtube, also in a not great print. The studio next cast Linda in a supporting role on DRUMS ACROSS THE MOHAWK (1939), and went on location in Utah. After returning to California, she was yanked out of the film. Studio head Darryl Zanuck had seen a positive reaction to her movie debut, and decided to give her a better showcase than a supporting role, albeit in a John Ford Technicolor epic. Plus, Zanuck was having casting troubles in a screwball comedy to star Tyrone Power, DAYTIME WIFE. Linda Darnell was replaced in DATM by studio starlet Doris Bowden. Unfortunately for her, Zanuck was not going to spend money to reshoot the scenes already done with Linda on location in Utah. So the part was cut drastically. Linda survived in the released print, in the far background of a few outdoor scenes, where her face could not be recognized.
  14. Arturo

    The Name Game

    Miles, Laird Cregar it is. Your clues come out to Louise Fazenda. Next: Talking Horse + casual denial "..... ____ Flowers" + Martini garnish + hem and haw.
  15. Arturo

    Musicals on Tap

    The dancer made a splash a few years later in the film version of one of her Broadway triumphs. She dances with the famous choreographer in one scene.

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