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  1. Arturo

    dems poised to go nuts tomorrow

    Yes. Trump and his supporters.
  2. Arturo

    dems poised to go nuts tomorrow

    Chris Wallace at Fox said he sounded like the president's PR spokesman. Even at Fox they realize that the AG is there to protect the president, and not in his real job, which should be to protect the country. Only in the feverish minds of Trump and the brain dead can anyone say he has been totally vindicated by a report we haven't seen. Pathetic!!!
  3. Arturo

    George Brent's Derry Air

    Bill Barr once again Donald Trump's stooge Trying to staunch the Mueller deluge Will try to set narrative That Trump thinks is imperative Evidence of collusion and obstruction must be huge.
  4. Arturo

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Or then again, the flies may be there because of Trump's ties to demonic powers that helped him confuse God-fearing Christians into thinking he is anything but what he is, the Anti-Christ. WH staffers think the sulphurous odor around around him is due to his horrific late-night diet, not his origins in the pit of hell.
  5. Arturo

    George Brent's Derry Air

    Robert Giulani working on counter-report For Mueller's findings he'll need to distort What I don't understand With "exoneration" at hand Trump still trying to bury report.
  6. Arturo

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    That's because Donald Trump is full of ****.
  7. Arturo

    The Triumph of Donald Trump

    It could've brought down the remaining vaults, walls and butresses weakened by the intense heat. So it was not even considered.
  8. Arturo

    George Conway Speaks Up

    Donald Trump has constantly attacked or mocked people because of their appearance. So he is fair game to be called "fat" or whatever. George Conway doesn't do this, he just speaks truth to power.
  9. Arturo

    George Brent's Derry Air

    Congresswoman Ilham Omar latest Fox News bugaboo For other alt right outlets and Trump's Twitter too Demonized for her statements Far worse are Trump comments Endangering her with so many in his base are cukoo. Donald Trump is putting Omar in crosshairs Along with alt-right; her hijab they can't bear Despite claiming their faith Thinks hers out of place But we have religious freedom and what one chooses to wear.
  10. Arturo

    I Love This Geico Ad

    Unlike the other commercials, with cute animals digitized with anthropomorphic traits, the cute emu is just an emu with a human. It has no human traits or voice; it just acts like a bird might in the situations it finds itself in. Still cute though.
  11. Arturo

    I Love This Geico Ad

    Flo used to annoy me, at the beginning. But I really like her now. I enjoy most of the insurance commercials; they are trying to outdo each other for cleverness and memorability.
  12. Arturo

    Musicals on Tap

    Thank you Starliteyes. A beautiful woman berates a man who seems to be bullying another man. She later ends up working for the man she thought was a bully. He tries to smooth things over with her. However, she is wary, thinking he is trying to pick her up.
  13. Arturo

    The Name Game

    Joey Heatherton. Lol. I do love Mexican actresses, obscure or otherwise. Fyi. The first name is spelled Raquel. Next: Proper for Jack + tropical tuber + MacClaine brother.
  14. Arturo

    The Seven Degrees of Paul Newman

    Ruth Roman was in BOTTOM OF THE BOTTLE with Joseph Cotton, who was in SEPTEMBER AFFAIR with Joan Fontaine, who was in UNTIL THEY SAIL with Paul Newman. Next: Nils Asther.
  15. Arturo

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    You mean the way your family has attacked our constitution and laws for financial gain?

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