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  1. I'm a big Bob Hope fan, and enjoyed Fancy Pants, the remake of Ruggles of Red Gap, but the remake has nothing on this. An absolutely delightful film. I especially liked Maude Eburne as Mary Boland's mother!
  2. Geostan

    The Magic Sword

    I'm watching* The Magic Sword* now, and I must say I'm delighted a decent print of thi film was found. In the past I've had a VHS tape and a DVD of this film, and both prints were of poor quality.
  3. Geostan

    Watch A NEW LEAF on May 31!

    I agree! One of the funniest movies of the time. Elaine May is hysterical. As for a remake, 9 times out of 10 they do not come close to the original, an exception being Sabrina. I much prefer the remake to the original even though I adore Audrey Hepburn. I might watch a remake of the film, but would expect to be disappointed.
  4. Geostan

    Anyone Catch Mighty Joe Young the Other Day?

    My apologies re: the Dwayne vs Darryl Hickman issue. After checking with the American Film Institute catalog, I discovered that it was indeed Dwayne who appeared in the film. Not that their catalogue is always right, but I believe it is in this case.
  5. Geostan

    Anyone Catch Mighty Joe Young the Other Day?

    That wasn't Dwayne Hickman, it was his older brother Darryl. Dwayne would have been too young to portray a teenager.
  6. Geostan

    Worst movie you've ever seen?

    I would be hard pressed to select one that was the worst, but here are three that I completely disliked: The Hound of the Baskervilles (Dudley Moore and Peter Cooke) The Diary of a Mad Houswife Wholly Moses. In fact, in the last case, I went to see it because of the trailer. It turned out that the only funny scenes in the whole film were in the trailer. But worst movies are very subjective.
  7. Too bad it wasn't the CinemaScope version!
  8. Geostan

    Me and My Gal

    I didn't like the film either. Fortunately, I had recorded it on DVR, and with the aid of my trusty remote, I was able to reduce the viewing time substantially. The scenes with the drunk were indeed useless, and they went on and on...
  9. Geostan

    Johnny Wiesmeuller

    I agree, but I also wish people would learn to spell his name correctly: Johnny Weissmuller.
  10. Geostan

    The Murder Man Spencer Tracy

    It did air this morning. It was part of the long The Show Off segment.
  11. According to the TCM website, this film is scheduled for Tuesday morning at 5 am. But according to the satellite schedule it isn't. Who's right???
  12. Geostan

    "Ten Little Indians" intro mistake?

    scsu1975 I'm not sure that we can fault Mankiewicz for info blunders. My sense is that these intros are scripted by others and the host merely follows the script.
  13. Geostan

    Movies starting with the name "Johnny"

    And then there is *Johnny Holiday* (49) with William Bendix, Allen Martin, Jr. and Stanley Clements
  14. Geostan

    Movies starting with the name "Johnny"

    And then there *Johnny Holiday* (49 ) with William Bendix, Allen Martin, Jr. and Stanley Clements
  15. Geostan

    Mark of the Gorilla

    As I predicted, the alternate narration was used. As I said earlier, if you want to hear the original by Holmes Herbert, go to the following URL. Go to the bottom of the page and click on the link.

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