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  1. InFlynn

    Our Members Tributes to Robert Osborne (1932-2017)

    Robert Osborne, one of a kind, a gentleman, a true professional, a class act, the accolades can go on and on, but in his case they are all fitting and true. I will miss his presentations and interviews but I know he is in a better place. He touched the lives and left behind fond memories to many, rest in peace Mr. O.
  2. InFlynn

    Shepherd of the Hills

    I also have no idea if the book explained Carey's source of income but being an ex-con he was sure to have picked up some handy tips on robbery and burglary.
  3. InFlynn

    National anthems in movies

    The film "Poltergeist" starts with the National Anthem.
  4. InFlynn

    The Enchanted Cottage Question

    Fred, I'm heading out to Walmart to check out your theory.
  5. InFlynn

    Does TCM count in the Nielsen ratings?

    I've been bombarded with phone calls for the past week or so by Nielsen but I've never responded to the phone and rarely will to an unsolicited call. Well they sent me a survey anyway, I hope they sent you $5.00 with the unsolicited survey like they did me, I'm going to buy bananas.
  6. InFlynn


    Gleason's "Gigot" reminded me of the "Pool Soul" character he portrayed on TV but I'm glad I watched it and did enjoy the film. His dirty appearance was a bit much but then again he was a portraying a dimwitted janitor who lived in a dirty basement. The fact he composed the music for the film is evident to me although it was arranged and conducted by Michel Magne.
  7. InFlynn

    Looking forward: January 2014 on TCM

    Tiki, your watch list for January includes "The Beginning Of The End" and the schedule reads "The Beginning Or The End", so just a heads up that there are two films with similar titles (except the "of"/"or").
  8. InFlynn

    Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

    Maybe he didn't inhale, other than vast quantities of food.
  9. InFlynn

    Is TCM now cutting off ending credits?

    For the record I have a copy of "Above Suspicion" that I recorded off TCM on June 1, 2011. It had no end credits but the cast of about 13 was listed at the begining of the film along with the names of the characters they portrayed. I doubt TCM would edit a film in any way.
  10. InFlynn

    Friday nite and TCM's schedule...

  11. InFlynn

    Shame on you TCM

    Time to "Yank The Crank".
  12. InFlynn

    Jonathan Winters, dead at 87

    His appearances on Dean Martins show were always a treat, a funny man and gifted entertainer. R.I.P Mr. Winters------Semper Fi.
  13. InFlynn

    "Down to the Sea in Ships": A Whale of A Film!

    This is the first time I watched this film and think Barrymore was just great in it, one of his best in my opinion. I also like the fact that someone coundn't watch it because of "whale cruelty".
  14. InFlynn

    Frank Thornton 1921-2013

    Are you free Mr. Thornton? Yes, I'm free. RIP

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