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    gale sondergaard
  2. Name the pre-1970 film

    sorry wrong question belongs on "who said this" and it was a quote from tallulah bankhead th thread is yours
  3. Password TCM

    correct answer...yourthread
  4. Name the pre-1970 film

    pure as the driven slush
  5. Password TCM

    france villon
  6. Password TCM

    aimless \ royalty
  7. Password TCM

  8. Password TCM

  9. Movie Titles-AKA

    i havent the foggiest..was it billy the kid?
  10. Name the pre-1970 film

    could it be roland young in the man who made miracles
  11. Password TCM

    servant drunks
  12. nitrateville

    SORY TO SAY IT DID NOT WORK..THEY BSENTA Password of nonsensicalnumbers and i tried it...will try again
  13. name the movie

    earrl carro;ls vanities or georgewhites scandalls at the casino paree in nyc and mybe rudy vallee owner??
  14. Password TCM

  15. nitrateville

    thanks very much kid i am anxiously awaiting a film by tom howard called STATIC one of the old EDUCATIONAL FILM SERIES YOU HAVE BEEN A GREAT HELP BILL METZ

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