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  1. MsPiggy

    TCM Backlot Silver Screen Long Beach-CA

    GGGGerald, Please come and join Us!!! Are you near Long Beach? And are you a TCM Backlot Member? We are on the Facebook TCMBacklotLBC , The Twitter and The Instagram... Hope to see you at one of our Events! Cheers~ Ruth #LetsMovie
  2. Keep getting an " Error has Occurred " ... 1st on My TV now on my Phone... What is up with the App?
  3. Hello TCM Fans!!! A new Backlot Chapter has been born!!! If you are in Long Beach, Ca area please come and join Us for some Classic Movie fun... We are looking forward to meeting new members and making Friends who have a Passion for Classic movies... We will be doing tours of film locations in Hollywood and through out Los Angeles... We have lots of plans for outings with other Local Backlot Chapters... If you are visiting from another City please feel free to reach out to our Chapter to let Us know your in town... You can reach Us at our Facebook Page TCM Backlot Sliver Screen , The Twitter @TCMBacklotLBC and our Email address is If you have any questions please reach out! Come Join Us! The More the Merrier! Cheers~ Ruth - Director 🎥

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