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  1. filmnoirguy

    Marsha Hunt is 102 today

    Wonderful actress. 102 Birthday Cheers to her! She, along with Olivia de Havilland and Kirk Douglas, belong to the Actors Over 100 Club.
  2. filmnoirguy

    'Breakfast at Tiffany's': THR's 1961 Review

    Audrey Hepburn received an Oscar nod as Holly Golightly in this charming comedy. In fact, it deserved all five of its Oscar noms including its two wins for Scoring of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture and for Best Song (Moon River). In 2012, it was selected for preservation in the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress. And yet, there are two things that bother me about this movie today: 1. Based on Truman Capote's 1958 novella, the George Peppard character, Paul Varjak, was changed from a gay man to Holly's love interest. If produced today, I assume Paul would remain Holly's gay pal as Capote wanted it. 2. Mickey Rooney's rather racist portrayal as Mr. Yunioshi. Again, today an oriental actor surely would be cast in the role. As much as I have enjoyed this picture in the past, it's rather difficult for me to watch today, especially the scenes with Mr. Yunioshi.
  3. filmnoirguy

    'Pillow Talk': THR's 1959 Review

    The housekeeper was played by Thelma Ritter who received a Supporting Oscar nod for Pillow Talk. In fact, she received 6 nominations with no wins. What the heck was the Academy thinking?
  4. Ironically, I was talking with a friend today about Giant. He didn't realize the title referred to "the Lone Star state of Texas...this is the Giant, the land we love." It got me to thinking: how many of us really don't think about a movie's title and how it relates to the story?
  5. filmnoirguy

    Top Five Favorite Judy Garland Movie Songs

    1. The Man That Got Away 2. Over the Rainbow 3. On the Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe 4. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, tied with The Trolley Song 5. Get Happy Guilty pleasure: Bidin' My Time. (Judy's expression is priceless as she sings this song.)
  6. filmnoirguy

    Noir Alley

    SPOILER: Who did Raft and boys find hanging in the apartment? Was that the loud mouth maid?
  7. filmnoirguy

    Comcast moving TCM to Sports/Entertainment Package

    As I understand it, TCM insisted that Comcast move them to a more expensive package as they are charging the cable companies more to carry TCM. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that TCM doesn't have commercials so they have to charge the cable companie more in order to stay on the air?
  8. filmnoirguy

    Revisited CNN's THE MOVIES!!!

    And nobody laughed harder than Grable...all the way to the bank.
  9. filmnoirguy

    Preston Sturges

    Thank you! I love TBBFBB so much I bought it on DVD and the print is outstanding. I agree that Grable is great. In his auto-bio Sturges writes some very nice comments about working with her. It's also fun to see some Sturges regulars, like Porter Hall, Sterling Holloway and Hugh Herbert, in Technicolor.
  10. filmnoirguy

    Your Choice For 1948 Best Song Oscar

    I agree that "It's a Most Unusual Day" should have received an Oscar nod. After all, it was good enough to become Jane Powell's theme song. "It's Magic" is one of Doris Day's best and the musical is a favorite of mine. I also like "This is the Moment" and the Betty Grable fantasy musical it's from (although I bet Fairbank's singing voice was dubbed, lol.) However, I'll vote for the Oscar winner "Buttons and Bows," from one of Bob Hope's best comedies. Trivia: 2 years later it was used in the New Year's Eve scene at Jack Webb's place in my favorite film, Sunset Blvd.
  11. filmnoirguy

    Noir Alley

    Actually, it's not complicated at all. If I can do it, you can do it!
  12. filmnoirguy

    Lists of unavailable films

    Twice in the past I've requested that TCM show the 1944 comedy-mystery "Nine Girls" released by Columbia. Both times the movie was scheduled and even appeared in their Now Playing guide. Each time the movie was replaced with no explanation. Another film I would like to see again is Warner Bros. 1950 version of "The Glass Menagerie" with Gertrude Lawrence, Jane Wyman, Arthur Kennedy and Kirk Douglas. Both deserve a DVD release.
  13. filmnoirguy

    Lists of unavailable films

    Would love to own The Mating Season with the great Thelma Ritter stealing the show. I Want You, in my opinion, was a total yawn.
  14. filmnoirguy

    'The Hustler': THR's 1961 Review

    At the time, Newman stated that if he had to lose the Oscar for Hud, he was glad it went to Poitier. Personally, I think Hud is one of his 3 best performances, along with The Hustler and The Verdict.
  15. filmnoirguy

    'The Hustler': THR's 1961 Review

    Gleason should have gotten the Supporting Oscar for this one. Also one of Newman's best performances.

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