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  1. The Triumph of Donald Trump

    What a waste of 20 million. Trump will finish his 4 year term. And then Bernie Sanders will become President.
  2. What husbands? Once bots become perfected and available, there won't be any more husbands. Women will finally have to live on their own resources. No more getting money, homes, and all other manner of nice things from men.
  3. Just watch it for yourself. It'll be happening all around you. And I'm pretty sure that if you're under 50, you're washing your own clothes. Today's women don't think they have to do anything anymore.
  4. It's a problem? I think sex is what makes the world go - and always has. But, once lover-bots hit the market - provided that women aren't able to stop them with their politicians - there'll be no more problem. Men won't need to bother with real women - and will get to keep all their resources to themselves while having nag-free lives and unlimited fun watching sports and porn and hangin' with their buds. And "sex crimes" will be a thing of the past.
  5. The Triumph of Donald Trump

    If it was a man, he'd probably be in the hospital now. Although, being a chick might not save her. As long as she keeps that sign up, she's risking a beatin'.
  6. Charles Manson is Finally Dead

    Why - because he prison-visited Charlie so often?
  7. Best policy is to go your own way. Impossible to "sexually harass" a chick if you ignore her. Although, feminists will no doubt start calling ignoring harassment sometime soon. Only when it's guys doing the ignoring, of course.
  8. This is fascinating. Soon there'll be so much talent with sexual recriminations that we'll have a whole new movie industry of genius actors working outside the approved system. Who'll be left inside the approved system? Probably no one we actually wanna watch.
  9. A Bitcoin is now up to $7,858.
  10. U.S. Suburbs As We Knew Them Are Dying

    Yes, I guess the "as we knew them" part didn't register.
  11. Morrissey is homosexual. He understands. It's a whole different thing than what heterosexual activity represents to our culture.

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