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    Peter Fonda (1940-2019)

    My guilty pleasure Peter Fonda film - 'Open Season' (1974). Nasty movie, nasty role for him to play. Great cast includes William Holden, Cornelia Sharpe, John Phillip Law and Richard Lynch. Lynch is excellent in it. It's almost impossible to find an unedited version of it. Rumor has it that co-star Cornelia Sharpe's producer husband Martin Bregman has bought up the rights and won't let it be released. The reasoning is supposedly that she's ashamed of having appeared in an "exploitation film". No idea if that's true - and it really isn't anywhere near that nasty, other than psychologically. Whenever I'd hear the name Peter Fonda, I'd always think of 'Open Season' as quickly as I'd think of 'Easy Rider'.

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