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  1. I Just Watched...

  2. Didn't the jack-in-the-box get sent into the cornfield? I'm pretty sure I heard the dad plead "send it to the cornfield" and Billy did. P.S. Homer Simpson didn't seem to mind living on on a spring too much.
  3. America's Gun Culture...

    That's exactly what I meant. It's called gun control. If one wants to solve the problem, one must **** or get off the pottie. I didn't say it would happen in your country - but it is the answer to the problem. Real gun control is a lot more achievable than doing away with all brick and mortar schools as you're suggesting - can you imagine how uneducated kids would be if we expected them to attend the curriculum in their homes? But I do understand your point - this is the United States we're talking about here, so good luck with any of it.
  4. He only has a D- grade from the NRA. Ergo, he's a gun nut.
  5. America's Gun Culture...

    25 years in prison with no excuses or exceptions would provoke a lot of agreement.
  6. America's Gun Culture...

    Before we know it, it'll be 200 or so.

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