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  1. Nope. No sentencing gonna happen to him, chico.
  2. darkblue

    Racism in Trump's America

    I was waiting for it, ay. You are the most predictable member of this community, dude.
  3. darkblue

    Rogan & Shermer: Who Killed JFK?

    Oswald was a patsy.
  4. darkblue

    Marriages on the Decline

    I had to wait, but I can't explain why.
  5. The M.I.C. is a monster that has perpetrated immense crimes against humanity. Ending the C.I.A. - one of its most shameful appendages - can't happen soon enough.
  6. darkblue

    FORGOTTEN Oldies

    They had 3 hits that all peaked inside the top 40 in 1969. 'May I' was my personal favorite - which is why I chose to post it - but it peaked the lowest of the 3 at #39. The second hit - I've Been Hurt' - peaked at #35 a couple months after the first hit.

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