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  1. Jezzuz, what a scam the dems have pulled off to get past the midterms without a conservative judge going to the Supreme Court. Now that she's gotten cold feet about being questioned, there's no reason not to go ahead and have the vote on Thursday as planned. The dems and their mainstream media will scream bloody murder - but **** 'em.
  2. darkblue

    christine, where for art thou?

    She'll probably get to "author" a book now that she's "not" gotten her name out there 'cause she "didn't want that".
  3. darkblue

    The Evolution of #MeToo

    No such thing as an "incel". All there is is guys who have no dating success with women. These poor souls have always been with us. Lots of 'em. But they ain't celibate. They jack it every day.
  4. darkblue

    Do You Watch TCM Underground Often?

    Probably about half a dozen. Maybe more.
  5. Men Going Their Own Way is the growing solution to women's "victimization".
  6. darkblue

    Do You Watch TCM Underground Often?

    But TCM does Undergound. A couple of hours once a week for about 42 weeks each year. And we who like it are attracted to it. And some of us are young. If TCM appealed only to old people, it'd be out of business by now. Old people tend to die a lot, ay.
  7. darkblue

    Do You Watch TCM Underground Often?

    I watch about half to three quarters of what they present - although I rarely watch if it's a repeat showing (which is the case fairly often). I do forego most of the disco movies.
  8. darkblue


    Not this one. And not any of the ones with whom I associate. We have zero interest in homoeroticism. Don't want to see it and don't look for it. Not sure what kind of hetero's you know.
  9. Her and Feinstein and a few other Democrat Party staffers worked out the scheme - including the timing and the explanations to be used - months ago.
  10. Not about anything that matters. You're surprised that a ninny couldn't keep her mouth shut given the glorious environment of meetoo?
  11. She "stayed silent" because Trump wasn't president. That's really that hard for you to figure out??
  12. As long as no Republicans change their votes because of this metoo nutjob, all is well. The Supreme Court will be ready to go in full come the first Monday in October. If any Republicans do change their vote and sabotage Trump's pick, maybe he'll have them killed.

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