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  1. America couldn't survive having everything come out.
  2. Robinson is in jail for daring to film a bunch of Islamic pedophiles from across the street as they were entering the court building. Islamic pedophiles need a lot more protection than other pedophiles. Probably because they're more helpless or something.
  3. darkblue

    October 2018 schedule is up

    I'm loving the chance to see 'The Frozen Dead' again after many, many years. As I recall, its Nazi resurrection theme made it objectionable to some people way back when. Did you know that American distributors made the prints in black and white for its theatrical distribution just to save money on film stock? I wonder if TCM will show the original color version. ".....bury me.....bury me....."
  4. That's because he totally sucked as one.
  5. darkblue

    The Trump and Putin Show

    Why is Putin still - genuinely - popular in Russia? Putin’s popularity is a mystery to many in the West. He has invaded Ukraine, grabbed its Crimean region for Russia and sponsored a rebellion against the government in Kiev – while lying about the presence of Russian troops fighting with the rebels even as their corpses were returned to Russia. He has committed Russian forces to assist Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in suppressing his rebels with the utmost brutality. The economy turned sharply down in 2014, as the oil price fell and as economic sanctions were imposed. The charge made by the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, that Russia is likely to have sanctioned the use of a nerve agent against the Russian double agent, Sergei Skripal, and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury earlier this month has been dismissed with sarcastic contempt, with no effort made to assist the British authorities. Putin, in his victory speech said that the UK’s allegations added to his majority. He seems, at present, invulnerable. At a gathering of mainly young Russian liberals which I attended last weekend, Lev Gudkov, the veteran pollster and head of the independent Levada Centre, showed the graphs which underpin the success: a loss of popularity for Putin after his 2012 election and then, with the taking of Crimea and the Russian-sponsored hostilities in Ukraine, a huge spike upwards to some 80 percent of support, a doubling of the figures. In spite of declining incomes, rising prices and the viral videos showing the luxury in which senior officials live, Putin has stayed at or near these heights, unthinkable for a democratic politician. There has been, and remains, no alternative to Russia’s strongman. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-lloyd-putin-commentary/commentary-why-putin-is-still-genuinely-popular-in-russia-idUSKBN1GV25D
  6. No. You've probably appraised it correctly. I suspect that the MSM will lose another percentage point from the number of people who still consider it to be credible.
  7. They're feeling joy over that?? Everyone can see he's guilty as hell - why would dems be joyful about it?
  8. darkblue

    Strzok hearings

    One of Hillary's demon acolytes?
  9. Let the clamor for the full report begin. It's all up to convincing Trump now.

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