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  1. hamradio

    Immigration Policy?

    The border "wall" is what I expected - simplistic in that it has an anti-climb plate https://nypost.com/2018/06/02/trumps-border-wall-breaks-ground-in-san-diego/ So in reality, it's no Great Wall of China.
  2. There is no truth in that at all! So if one don't support LEFT wing ideology you're a white supremacist? I ABSOLUTELY don't believe in their hatred! Oh now I know what's wrong, I don't support open borders, PC, atheism, NWO, globalism. I want my state to have real JOBS!
  3. There are no shortages of US made purses. https://www.usalovelist.com/american-made-designer-purses-handbags/ Leather handbags Made in the USA http://www.leatherartisan.com/lehapa2.html
  4. hamradio


    DNA Tests on 'Yeti' Genome Reveals Truth Behind Abominable Snowman Myth https://www.inverse.com/article/38822-abominable-snowman-yeti-dna-bears Found the video of a bear walking with it's rear legs overstepping the front. "Yeti or Not" 34:00 time mark
  5. This is the perfect example what I am talking about. Quit giving these idiots the time of day! Take away the cameras those so few will disappear.
  6. hamradio

    I Just Watched...

    A joke of a horror movie "The Robot vs the Aztec Mummy" (1957) Where is the key to wind the "robot" up? Solution to the mummy, petrol and a match. Man with the wrinkled face, a large jar of moisturizer. Geeze this guy would scare better. 2 hours wasted.
  7. Eh hee hee hee, I''ll get you my Kavanaugh and your little dog too.
  8. Last time I saw witches with a plan... ...didn't work out very well.
  9. hamradio

    The Triumph of Donald Trump

    Freed pastor prays for Trump in White House I can just see some liberal / progressive heads exploding! Oh God that I ask of you, pour out your Holy Spirit for president Trump in that you give him supernatural wisdom.

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