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  1. hamradio

    Comcast is the devil!!!

    I thought Directv was the devil for lying through their teeth in there would had been NO CHARGE whatsoever in changing over to HD regarding installation / setting up. Tried to bill me for moving the dish a few feet because the installer couldn't get the oblong dish to swivel far enough. Finally gave me credit for fearing of losing me as a customer. Plus the customer support PROMISED me there will be no increase to my monthly statement per month!
  2. hamradio

    I Just Watched...

    "Faust" (1926) it was a bit boring and difficult at best to read the small yellow translation on the title cards. Some of the movie sets stood out too much as not being realistic, for example the angel. Can clearly see he is standing in front of a prop - gives new meaning to "fixed wing". Faust looks like an evil incarnate of Moses. (Should had played Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire". ) The few humorous parts was the devil fa_ting on the city, and can't seem to make up his mind if he wants to be the devil or Count Dracula.
  3. Get off you global warming nut!! Why, just head towards the nearest tunnel.
  4. I watch "Live PD", virtually all criminals caught with a gun has obtained them illegally. You think any gun ban / restrictions is going to stop them from obtaining one? Recent mass shooters had no criminal background and now people want the law to become mind readers initializing some form of "Minority Report" what a person MIGHT do! Time just admitted background checks WILL NOT stop many mass shootings. Background Checks Won't Stop Many Mass Shootings. We Need Them Anyway, Experts Say https://time.com/5648987/mass-shootings-background-checks/
  5. hamradio


    Now back to the purpose of the thread! Just watched "Deadly Engineering - Challenger Disaster / Bhopal" (2019) It took 35 years to make a proper documentary about how and why the chemical disaster happened at Bhopal on December 3, 1984? When it was discussed in the past, details were sketchy about the accident itself. Plant was a piece of junk when it happened and is still sitting there slowly rusting away.
  6. hamradio

    Barack Obama Endorses Justin Trudeau

    All it takes is ******. Funny in the word filter allowed that but blanks out words not really offensive (past silly deletions I've encountered)
  7. hamradio

    terrific surprise winter scrounge acquisition

    This do me just fine.
  8. hamradio

    Barack Obama Endorses Justin Trudeau

    At least he's not in blackface. Now clothing is fake! His son (above) looks like a casting call for "Pirates of The Carribean" https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5421779/Justin-Trudeau-ridiculed-Indians-fake-outfits.html
  9. hamradio

    Trump vs Turkey & Kurdish allies....

    As the expression goes, Play nice in the sandbox... ...but since we are dealing with the Middle East, more likely be like...
  10. hamradio

    I Just Watched...

    Have you seen Eve Plumb? What an insult! I once bet good money the one shot actress Hatty Jones would look like Madeleine Albright. Took a different direction. Glad I don't gamble.
  11. hamradio


    YOU really need to lay off that Kool aide and seek treatment for 2016itis.
  12. hamradio


    Trump can only serve 2 terms MAX! If he wins re-election, blame your inept Democratic party!
  13. hamradio


    Fool enough to drop us into another countries civil war instead of keeping his campaign promise to remove troops! Give me an effing break!
  14. hamradio


    Voters can be a countries checks and balances - the 2019 local elections. Next national is in 2023.
  15. hamradio


    Guess should add another fool to the list.

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