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  1. hamradio

    From around the galaxy

    Just seen this on "How The Universe Works" Dated January 2017 Red Nova To Appear In The Night Sky 5 Years From Now: How To See The Stellar Explosion https://www.techtimes.com/articles/191883/20170110/red-nova-to-appear-in-the-night-sky-5-years-from-now-how-to-see-the-stellar-explosion.htm
  2. hamradio

    Kevin Spacey movie earns only $126 on day 1

    Some chemistry just doesn't mix.
  3. hamradio

    Kevin Spacey movie earns only $126 on day 1

    Some whom owned this did better at the door.
  4. hamradio

    Kevin Spacey movie earns only $126 on day 1

    How exciting, in the middle of nowhere.
  5. Too bad the good guy missed.
  6. hamradio

    Kevin Spacey movie earns only $126 on day 1

    Goodness, this film has just became a blockbuster.
  7. hamradio


    Move over Grumpy cat.
  8. hamradio

    From around the galaxy

    Born serious.
  9. hamradio

    Free speech concern

    Chinese Redcore browser built on Google Chrome, CEO admits https://www.slashgear.com/chinese-redcore-browser-built-on-google-chrome-ceo-admits-16541511/ Chinese firm touting 'innovative' software to beat US rivals is found using parts of Google's code https://www.cnbc.com/2018/08/16/chinese-firm-touting-innovative-software-used-parts-of-google-code.html
  10. hamradio

    Free speech concern

    I just heard about the following 2 post on the Infowars stream using VLC Media Player. I Googled it and it's quite true. Opera browser sold to a Chinese consortium for $600 million https://www.engadget.com/2016/07/18/opera-browser-sold-to-a-chinese-consortium-for-600-million/
  11. hamradio

    From around the galaxy

    Now all's left is a Simpsons real life movie. Jacob Rothschild can play Mr Charles Burns.
  12. hamradio

    Great Songs That Play Over Movie Credits

    The score is "Take My Hand" Nice version of it.
  13. hamradio


    Everything is right! Remakes / reboots never ends.

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