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  1. A ham radio operator don't think someone will monitor them?
  2. The Triumph of Donald Trump

    A new version of Diet Coke uses Splenda
  3. I Just Watched...

    Got a factory sealed VHS tape of "Amadeus" (1984) from someone who didn't want it. Haven't seen it since the video release 30 years ago. Seems different. (blame vague memory) Sad, buried in a common unmarked mass grave.
  4. I Just Watched...

    I only watched the first 30 minutes of "The Cossacks" (1928), couldn't endure that unrealistic makeup and quarter bottle of Vitalis...really? Yeah, right.
  5. Judging by the photo the 72 virgins will be useless to him. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/12/11/port-authority-explosion-reports-prompt-police-response-in-new-york-city.html

    Only the British are royal? How about Grace Kelly, Lisa Halaby, Caroline Bouvier, etc.?
  7. I Just Watched...

    Where are the arms and hands to build technology?
  8. I Just Watched...

    "It Came From Outer Space" aka "Invasion of the One Eyed Purple People Eaters" Advanced race that can't deal with very bad hair. Poor things, can't see themselves in 3D.
  9. I Just Watched...

    Dentist and bounty hunter, what an odd combination. So what if a wanted man has a toothache, pull it and kill?
  10. Why do some drag those whom they knows HATES certain movies i.e. a guy to romance films? I rather be somewhere else like dead.
  11. Far as movies are concerned, recently "Predators" is when "the enemy of my enemy" was quoted and used by Royce.
  12. History shows that's usually the case.

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