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  1. The new phases are to fool the ones that likes to be enslave. Using a new slang hopefully may help people swallow it. And some people call Trump supporters DUMB??
  2. hamradio


    You think standard taxi fares are high! By the way....
  3. hamradio


    You think standard taxi fares are high! By the way....
  4. hamradio


    Learning the secrets will come on handy when she passes on.
  5. hamradio


    Thought at first it was a Stormy Daniels balloon.
  6. hamradio


    March of the sideshow freaks. WHO"S THE BABY????
  7. hamradio


    Then why don't THEY take in ALL the immigrants? Love open borders, you're welcome to it. NOT here, cry all you globalist want.
  8. The documentary was more reasonable in explaining why the mini submarine (it's more a pod) wouldn't work. Even I had no idea the very small spaces and the "choke point" it would had to maneuver through. Musk may had a nice solution if the passages were large and straight enough. As the expression goes...the road to hell is paved with good intentions. The illustration shows the flaw in Musk's proposal. Could be modified to bury a crew member at sea.
  9. hamradio

    FORGOTTEN Oldies

  10. hamradio


    What do you expect from a country full of open border minded fruit loops.
  11. hamradio

    your quality summertime optic

    Ever thought of doing this?
  12. Just watched on the Discovery Channel "Operation Thai Cave Rescue". A behind the scenes look at the Thailand rescue, the men and women who faced danger to become heroes and the groundbreaking technology that made the rescue possible.
  13. hamradio

    & then there's the rest of the WORLD...

    Good luck, you thought Ron Goldman had a tough time collecting.
  14. hamradio


    My local WOWK (CBS) 12 o'clock afternoon news interrupted the CBS Special Report on Trump's visit to the UK, the only channel to do so. Gave it only about 4 minutes of coverage.
  15. hamradio

    From around the galaxy

    Ancient rivers mentioned in the Bible, the Pison and Gihon are today fossil rivers. Where they meet is under the Persian Gulf. Shows sea level rise is a steady ongoing natural event since ancient times.
  16. hamradio

    From around the galaxy

    They showed such features in the Science Channel series "What on Earth".
  17. hamradio

    Healthcare in America?

    Germs will only grow resistant to any antibiotics that are developed. To top it off stupid doctors still prescribe them for VIRAL infections. Antibiotics are simply over used!
  18. hamradio

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Maybe he can redeem himself and do some road repair.
  19. hamradio

    Scuzzy Daniels Arrested

    Re:SCUZZY DANIELS ARRESTED Knew my old computer had a little dirt associated with it. SCSI (pronounced SKUH-zee and sometimes colloquially known as "scuzzy"), the Small Computer System Interface, is a set of American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard electronic interfaces that allow personal computers (PCs) to communicate with peripheral hardware such as disk drives, tape drives, CD-ROM
  20. Hope we don't have another season of this HS. Stick to sports and keep politics OUT of it.
  21. hamradio

    Trump & International politics

    Trump doesn't like Merkel because she's an open border globalist. Duh!
  22. hamradio

    Racism in Trump's America

    2 needs OsCal?
  23. hamradio

    Racism in Trump's America

    21 hours ago, jakeem said: ABC News‏Verified account @ABC "You should not be wearing that in the United States." A 62-year-old man appears to be in need of geography lessons after he allegedly accosted a woman for wearing a T-shirt with an image of the Puerto Rican flag in an Illinois park.https://abcn.ws/2KNDZ7R He doesn't seem to know anything at all about Puerto Rico in that it's a US commonwealth and may become our 51st state in the future and if that happens, the flag in question will be a state flag and just in case anyone ask...

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