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  1. aimalac91748

    The vast majority of the April 2013 schedule

    Another excellent job by calvinnme. And the TCM programmers continue to do excellent work. I'm happy to see "Zotz" airing on April 12th. This is one myself and many others have been requesting on 'Suggest A Movie' for a long time. It's also great to see so many Westerns scattered throughout the schedule. April 2013, another month of great programming to look forward to viewing.
  2. aimalac91748

    Another Scheduling SNAFU

    This problem used to annoy me last year. I have since found a way to overcome this SNAFU. I would set my DVR to record the first movie and then, using the 'record options' for that recording I would extend the recording duration for up to 3 hours beyond its scheduled end time. Both movies would then be under the first title and I could then record them seperately on my DVD recorder/
  3. aimalac91748

    National Film Registry Selections for 2012

    I believe you missed the point. Exactly what does the National Film Registry represent? Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't some of the criteria. is the film inovated of of some social redeeming quality or enlightening in some way? Before seeing "A League Of Their Own", I had no idea of the womans baseball league during WWII. The movie showed women that they could other things besides cook & clean. I'm sure the movie had to inspire many young women with the idea that they could accomplish things if they try. Just because it doesn't fall within the "studio era" of films (like a bunch of know nothings believe defines 'classic'), if it meets the Registrys criteria, then it qualifies for inclusion.
  4. aimalac91748

    Suggest a New Saturday Series

    I also would love to see all 28 "Blondie" titles. Another set that I would enjoy is "The East Side Kids". 'Charlie Chan' would also be good. I would even enjoy seeing "The Bowery Boys" 48 movies make another round. It's almost 3 years ago that TCM started their last weekly run (March 2010).
  5. aimalac91748

    Jack Klugman dies at age 90

    I loved Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau as the original "Odd Couple". I have to admit though, Tony Randall and Jack Klugman will always be my first thought whenever mentioning "Odd Couple" Tony Randall was much more of a 'neatnik' than Jack Lemmon and Jack Klugman was a bigger 'slob' than Walter Matthau. R.I.P. Jack Klugman
  6. aimalac91748

    TCM Remembers.

    I think TCM does a wonderful job putting together these 'TCM Remembers' spots. These are spots that comes out of TCM's budget for something that will ony be used for a month, then put away forever. Each time I view them I find myself wishingI had accomplished anything in my life that would qualify me to be included. Unfortunately the only thing I could claim as an accomplishment is my intense enjoyment of TCM and the programs/movies they show. So if TCM is ever looking for a 'Fan' to include in one of these wonderful tributes, I'll be willing upon my eventual departure. I wouldn't even care if the music that accompanies the tribute is terrible.
  7. aimalac91748

    National Film Registry Selections for 2012

    You're correct in pointing out the fact that "A League Of Their Own" celebrates the accomplishments of women. This title like "Thelma And Louise" and "Beaches" are often thought of as 'chick flicks'. Being 100% male, I will admit I love all three of those films, and a lot more that don't come to mind at the moment.
  8. aimalac91748

    National Film Registry Selections for 2012

    I agree. I'm a big Bob Hope fan and feel at least one of his "Paleface" movies should be in. Or at the very least "Beau James" should.
  9. aimalac91748

    National Film Registry Selections for 2012

    That's a good one. Now, I have my doubts.
  10. aimalac91748

    the seven little foys

    That would be "Beau James". This is a title I wish TCM could get and show a couple times. I have it on VHS and just recently copied the VHS to DVD. I'm sure there are many viewers out there that would love to see it.
  11. aimalac91748

    National Film Registry Selections for 2012

    I have to admit some of those films are deserving of inclusion. But, can you believe the 1950 Jimmy Stewart movie "Harvey" is not in the Registry?
  12. aimalac91748

    Good Biographies?

    I'm not a reader by any stretch of the imagination. However, I can boast of reading one book, and it is a biography. An auto-biography to be more exact. It is "Willie's Game", Willie Mosconi co-wrote with the author Stanley Cohen. Willie Mosconi was the technical adviser for the movie "The Hustler" and he had an uncredited role in the movie. He also played a sportscaster in the James Coburn / Omar Sharif movie "The Baltimore Bullet". He made two Pete Smith Shorts, and one Columbia's Sports Reels. It is primarily about his life as a "pool player", but it does touch on his Hollywood experiences. It is the only book I will acknowledge reading and enjoying every word of it.
  13. aimalac91748

    Christmas Wish List

    I would wish that there'd be a way of restoring the destroyed section of film from the movie "Lost Horizon". Thankfully they still have the audio portion of that lost footage and tried to use still photos to replace the missing video. But, I would love to have been able to see it in its full complete version.
  14. aimalac91748

    Where are the christmas movies?

    I can see everyone's point on this, but I have to say, I'm really pleased to see that TCM has the Damon Runyon classic "Lemon Drop Kid" starring Bob Hope. I hope TCM makes this a permanent part of their holiday schedule.
  15. It took 4 minutes for my response page to come up here. But that's another story. What I was going to say and because you asked, I will reply. I was going to mention that it thrilled me to see this TV movie on TCM's schedule. I was also going to comment that I believe TCM should schedule more TV movies (particularily during the Christmas season). I realize that other channels are bombarding viewers during the holiday season with holiday themed TV movies. Those are also jam packed with commercial interruptions and even cut to accomodate even more and longer commercials than were originally intended. It wouldn't upset me in the least if TCM would get a fresh supply of holiday movies, even if it means raiding the vaults of TV movies. That's just my feelings and I know the "purists" here are just cringing at this thought. I might add, seeing as how I have the "purists" cringing, Last year I purchased the anniversary DVD of "It's A Wonderful Life". It was a two disk set. One the digitally remastered version of the original and the other a colorized version. I really don't care much for colorization, but I have to admit, it was pretty good. I would highly recommend everyone at least somehow to view it.

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