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  1. Dominique Revue

    Judy vs. Deanna

    Posted this on the course for MAD ABOUT MUSICALS in the "Discussions" tab: Random, but … One of the topics mentioned this week was the contrast between Deanna Durbin and Judy Garland, and "Why would MGM let Deanna Durbin go, and why did Universal capitalize on her appeal and make her a big star?" (6/5 - The Stars of the Early Movie Musical (1920s-1930s))The only thought I had however, was what if Deanna and Judy had teamed up early on as they did in EVERY SUNDAY (1936) for MGM in musicals, showcasing their contrast styles. Modern and Classical combined. In a film series, or in a Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland, Jack Carson/Dennis Morgan, going on the make multiple films together as a screen duo in a TWO GIRLS AND A SAILOR-esque way? Don't know why it's never come to me before in such a way, but thought it would've been an interesting avenue to explore.
  2. Where do I start with repeated watches in regards to one of my absolute favorite genres?! I fell in love with Musicals as a kid, and as with most films that I love, Classic Cinema in particular, I've *often* times played a DVD on repeat, from GILDA to A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE (both of these films I've had to buy extra copies of as I've worn out the first one from repeat watching), literally, at times keeping certain films in my DVD player for days into weeks, with the repeat button on to keep me company whenever I walk in the room and pick up the scene as if on cue, as if the role is a part I play personally … Sister Sarah Brown, I'm looking at you. That is one thing I love most about musicals, as is the same with any good film for me, the means of escape. But with Musicals there is a freedom in the escape, I just don't think you find with other genres. Unless it is more a fantasy-esque film. Which for me, even without song/dance, a fantasy film, even modern ones, is a musical in itself. The unique, creative, endless, "nothing is impossible" way in which the storyline is told. A poetic rhythm written on-screen visually. But some Musicals I find myself repeat watching, without limit are, GUYS AND DOLLS (1955), which because of my complete obsession with Marlon Brando, can *clearly* remember the exact day, time, moment I discovered a young "Don Corleone" singing. I was floored, and I fell in love. Yeah, it was quite an experience. I even included that cinematic transformation for me in a one of several blog pieces (on Brando in particular) I've written, "Do you take sinners here?": Other Musicals I've repeatedly watched, both classic and modern: (does all Disney feature cartoons count? BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, LITTLE MERMAID, THE LADY AND THE TRAMP, ALADDIN, THE JUNGLE BOOK, TANGLED … you get the song -- I mean, picture), feature films like, 42ND STREET, GOLD DIGGERS OF 1933, DAMES, even the short musical Vitaphone short films with Cab Calloway, which all have inspired storylines in my work, influencing my Theatrical Productions often. GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES, FOOTLIGHT PARADE, ANCHORS AWEIGH, MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS. More modern musicals like, MOULIN ROUGE (my friends couldn't deal with me at the time, as I would bust out in random Satine song and dance moments in public, and wouldn't allow anything else on my tele for *months*!), CHICAGO, which could inspire a whole storyline between my Mom and I going into scene at random, immediately picking up on one another's cue, as Velma Kelly and Roxie Hart. Too allowing us to discover and watch the Ginger Rogers ROXIE HART (1942) film not too long after CHICAGO came out. Even, yes, SWEENEY TODD: THE DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET (2007), I still repeat play, and have the soundtrack included on my "on the go" playlist. Gosh, know you only asked for one, but Musicals, much like Cinema, is endless to me. Loved this topic Dr. Vanessa! GIF-180604_033859.mp4
  3. Daily Dose: The Ginger Rogers/Fred Astaire type musicals vs other Depression era musicals, seems to upgrade, or rather, evolve from "backstage musical" storylines, showcasing a musical about a musical, where the end result or the course of the film is revolving around putting on a show, we now enter into using the natural "two to tango" courtship (for lack of a better word), between the guy and the girl as the musical, which is almost a dance sequence itself in real life. Also, what I've always loved about TOP HAT, is that you begin to see what's the usually "typical" case of the girl chasing the fella role reversed. Where you have Fred chasing after Ginger, as is a similar case in SHALL WE DANCE (1937).
  4. Dominique Revue

    CFU Issues

    i Second that! I've sent in messages in regard to the issue as well, thinking it was just me, but this is effecting the entire site which is disappointing to us who have made the CFU our home for Classics!
  5. {font:Times New Roman}"A DAY IN THE LIFE OF ..." AN ORIGINAL "OLD TIME RADIO" STYLE PROGRAM{font} {font:Times New Roman}HEY TCM CLASSICS FRIENDS!! If you're looking for a new original classic enjoyment, take the time out and watch an Original "Old Time Radio" style Program: "A Day in the Life Of ..." TUNE IN EVERY THURSDAY FOR NEW EPISODES!! Thanks in advance!!{font} {font:Times New Roman}"A Day in the Life Of ...":{font} {font:Times New Roman} {font}
  6. {font:Times New Roman}"A DAY IN THE LIFE OF ..." AN ORIGINAL "OLD TIME RADIO" STYLE PROGRAM{font} {font:Times New Roman} {font} {font:Times New Roman}HEY TCM CLASSICS FRIENDS!! If you're looking for a new original classic enjoyment, take the time out and watch an Original "Old Time Radio" style Program: "A Day in the Life Of ..." TUNE IN EVERY THURSDAY FOR NEW EPISODES!! Thanks in advance!!{font} {font:Times New Roman} {font} {font:Times New Roman}"A Day in the Life Of ...": {font} {font:Times New Roman} {font} {font:Times New Roman} {font} Edited by: RubenEmbree on Nov 29, 2012 12:37 PM
  7. Dominique Revue

    I've Got A Secret...

    Here, here, I love that I get GSN b/c I can see the 50's game shows. But life without TCM would be no life at all! (smile)
  8. Dominique Revue

    I've Got A Secret...

  9. Dominique Revue

    I've Got A Secret...

    Thanks ever so much, I'm very familiar with Bennett Cerf, because I too watch What's my Line?every night on the GSN (right before I've Got a Secret)! But it wasn't Bennett I was in search for I don't think, but I looked it up anyway. However you were correct in looking up Logic Riddle books! I did and found exactly the books I was looking for; with puzzles, riddles, etc. Thank you so much!
  10. Dominique Revue

    I've Got A Secret...

    I'm looking for a book...I think! I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with the nostalgic game show I've Got A Secret, and even if your not maybe you have heard of the book I am searching for (at least I believe it to be a book). There is a particular episode on IGaS in which Peter Lawford is a guest with Henry Morgan filling in as host. Nonetheless sitting in for Henry on the panelist side was comedian Alan King. On this particular episode, Peter came out and read various passages (questions) from a book and the panel had to guess how he arrived to the conclusion of the scenario. I'm not sure if I'm explaining myself justly, but it went something like: "...a man was dressed in all black crossing a road and there is no moonlight out. A truck speeding down the same road does not have his lights on and yet comes to a halt in time to let the gentlemen come..." And the answer being, "because it was broad daylight" Another was: "A man takes a woman to the movies and during the climax of the movie a woman is killed on the screen. During that same instance the man stabs the woman he is with, killing her. They come out of the movies the same way they came in and no one notices that the woman has been come..." the answer was, "because they were in a drive in movie" Mind you that isn't a word for word question, but it's the general question I remember being asked. I thought it was called the "How come" book, but I can't seem to find it on the web in search of it. I remember vaguely playing this game when I was younger (and I'm only 25), and wondered if anyone else who remembered it knows if there is a name to it, so that I may try and find the book with the questions in it. If by chance you would know the name of the book mentioned on that episode (I've seen it on other episodes as well) I'd appreciate it if you would be able let me know. Thanks! ? bient?t! Message was edited by: RubenEmbree
  11. Dominique Revue


    Thanks for the info! Yea I did know about the EMMY nomination...isn't that great! I loved the documentary! Nonetheless, this is the site ( where I found out about the BRANDO. doc coming out on dvd... Hopefully this link works! ? bient?t! Message was edited by: RubenEmbree
  12. They actually did do a TCM premiere of the movie Ecstasy with Hedy Lamar, I think maybe 3 or 4 months ago, and no they didn't edit it, Robert Osbourne talked about it before the movie came on and if I not mistaken mentioned that this was the first time they'd showed it on TCM but they didn't edit it, because they show movies on TCM the way they were meant to be shown...or something to that effect. Nonetheless, I'm not sure if and when it will be on again, but I'm sure you can type in Ecstasy in the search engine and it will let you know if it will be on again soon. Hope this was helpful...? bient?t!
  13. Dominique Revue


    I've recently been informed that the TCM IIPart documentary BRANDO. will be (or has been) released on DVD. However in inquiring about it, I cannot get a correct answer on if it has already came out, or if it's in the process of releasing. Thus far I've gotten responses from " came out in Oct. 7, 2007..." to "...sometime in 2010..." I've even went to various websites; Amazon, Ebay, Best Buy, etc. and so far...not so much. If anyone can help me out it would be very appreciative! Thanks ? bient?t!
  14. Dominique Revue

    "That man's here again..."

    OMG!!!!! THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!! I really don't know what to say...I feel a weight lifted! I've been watching classic movies since I was a little girl and just couldn't believe I let one get by me. But now I can out this down in my books of things I shoulda known but didn't! lol...again thank you so much!

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