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  1. I don't know whether The Professor was a step up or down after seeing Russell Johnson in CRAB MONSTER, IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE and THIS ISLAND EARTH. At least he's got his name in with those three, too.
  2. I've seen this before and remain more curious than critical about this. Its obvious cheerleader mentality led to a lot of flaws. Later, TCM showed The Green Slime, a film 25 years new, with better models for special effects but not too much better. Not of the same genre, it was interesting to see how the War film vs Monster film used their models, special effects and any cheerleading for the heros to win. I gave Hawks' film higher marks. And GREEN SLIME was using Japanese special effects artist, too.
  3. T_Steve

    William Wellman month

    Very funny! Connecting obscure references obviously didn't translate into understanding them as joking comments.
  4. T_Steve

    Heroes for Sale (1933)

    This was a surprising film with strong scenes and hard-edged storylines we wouldn't see for maybe another 15 years or more.
  5. T_Steve

    Noir Gallery

    That's telling them!! Why oh why are you running around with Vincent Price, though? Don't you know what he does to wives later on? Skeleton marionettes. Vats of acid. Lady, you should shoose a different type of fella.

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