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    Jubal (film) Plot[edit] Directed by Delmer Daves Produced by William Fadiman Screenplay by Russell S. Hughes Delmer Daves Based on Jubal Troop 1939 novel by Paul Wellman Starring Glenn Ford Ernest Borgnine Rod Steiger Music by David Raksin Cinematography Charles Lawton Jr. Edited by Al Clark Production company Columbia Pictures Distributed by Columbia Pictures Release date April 6, 1956 (United States) April 24, 1956 (New York City) Running time 101 minutes Country United States Language English Box office $1.8 million (US)[1] Jubal Troop (Glenn Ford) is a cowboy who is found in a weakened condition, without a horse. He is given shelter at Shep Horgan's (Ernest Borgnine) large ranch and Rod Steiger's "Pinky" character has issues from the jump with him. Not your typical western, but very much a soap story with three fine performances from Ford, Borgnine and Steiger carry this film along with the nice cinematography. 3/5 Source: Streaming Service on Criterion Channel
  2. mphtrilogy

    I Just Watched...

    Airport (1970 film) Directed by George Seaton Produced by Ross Hunter Screenplay by George Seaton Based on Airport by Arthur Hailey Starring Burt Lancaster Dean Martin Jean Seberg Jacqueline Bisset George Kennedy Helen Hayes Van Heflin Music by Alfred Newman Cinematography Ernest Laszlo Edited by Stuart Gilmore Production company Ross Hunter Productions Distributed by Universal Pictures Release date March 5, 1970 (New York City) Running time 137 minutes Lot's of extra marital affairs in this one, wow, very dated, but still quasi-watchable Disaster film, that I think started a pretty good run in the "disaster/crisis" genre over the next 10 years. Lancaster is fine, Helen Hayes is fun to watch and Dean Martin wields quite a bit of power over airport policy for a Pilot. Kennedy chomps on his cigar something fierce but is quite enjoyable and steals most of the scenes he is in. Funny how this type of "action" movie really moves at a fairly slow and deliberate pace setting up the backstories adding to a very long run time. 2.5/5 - Mostly for a few interesting crisis/action scenes, Hunt's performance and Kennedy's cigar chomping. Airplane would mine this movie for gold 10 years later. Source: DVD
  3. mphtrilogy

    I Just Watched...

    A Man Escaped 1956 ‧ Drama/Docudrama ‧ 1h 41m Source: Criterion Channel Thought this was terrific, 4.5/5
  4. mphtrilogy

    Deanna Durbin

    100 Men and a girl is an all time favorite of mine...
  5. mphtrilogy

    The Criterion Channel begins on April 8th

    This is now Live, going to give it a try for a month...
  6. mphtrilogy

    New Poll: Favorite Male Screen Star

    tough to choose just 25...

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