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  1. ccbaxter

    "EAST OF EDEN" (1955) a TCM premiere - 2/23

    > {quote:title=scsu1975 wrote:}{quote} > > {quote:title=texanna wrote:}{quote} > > > {quote:title=skimpole wrote:}{quote} > > > As it happens, Canadians don't get to see "East of Eden." > > > > what did they show in canada instead? > > Slapshot. Or perhaps North of Eden?
  2. ccbaxter

    "EAST OF EDEN" (1955) a TCM premiere - 2/23

    I haven't seen it yet and look forward to watching. I became a fan of Julie Harris after seeing her in The Haunting. And I tend to dig Kazan's work.
  3. ccbaxter

    [b]Announcing The 2008 TCM Message Board Awards![/b]

    Just checking in. Have the results been announced?
  4. ccbaxter

    Sound quality

    Hmmm... maybe by it being mentioned here it might alert someone.
  5. ccbaxter

    Sound quality

    Enchanted April, seemed low in volume... but as I'm writing this it seems to have improved! TCM often seems to have volume problems for me. Sometimes RO's intros are way too low. Sometimes it's the movies that are way too low. At first I suspected my cable provider, but when the volume change happens between intro and movie, or between one movie and another, it leads me to agree with Fred's explanation. I don't mind adjusting my volume control, but when the volume gets too low, the signal to noise gets out of hand. I'm willing to say that TCM would benefit from better audio consistency. Message was edited by: ccbaxter
  6. ccbaxter

    Li'l Abner aspect ratio?

    Thanks here too.
  7. ccbaxter

    Li'l Abner aspect ratio?

    > {quote:title=ChelseaRialtoStudios wrote:}{quote} > ...They really needed jugs, fuzz guitars and banjos. Agreed!
  8. ccbaxter

    Li'l Abner aspect ratio?

    I was seeing the same thing and wondered about that. I'll make a guess. I've heard that some films are shot with a 4:3 ratio and then vertically cropped for theatrical showing. Apparently, the transfer we are now seeing was mistakenly squeezed to letterbox instead of being cropped to letterbox. That would explain why everyone is squished. And sometimes the wide shots reveal lights and the top edges of the sets. That stuff was probably not intended to be in the shot, but the DP knew it would be excluded when cropped. Again, this is just my guess. And I should add, it's a shame because the art direction is pretty nifty! Some of these dance numbers are really fun too.
  9. ccbaxter

    Guity Pleasures

    Wow, that Batman serial sounds like a great choice for a TCM Saturday morning matinee!
  10. ccbaxter

    Guity Pleasures

    > {quote:title=Film_Fatale wrote:}{quote} > ccbaxter, > That movie definitely looks like it would fit in nicely in the TCM Underground! B-) Great idea! TCMProgrammer take note!
  11. ccbaxter

    Guity Pleasures

    I recently purchased the DVD of Ren? Cardona?s Santa Claus (1959), thanks to this [Movie Morlocks blog|]. It's undoubtedly the looniest movie I've seen in a long, long time. A big-eared devil tries to stop a creepy looking Santa Claus from delivering toys. Merlin the Magician comes to Santa's rescue. Santa lives in a cloud castle and listens to what the children of the world are saying thanks to a big set of rubber lips mounted on a computer. And it gets weirder. Originally intended for kids, it's probably more likely to give them nightmares. But for fans of the ultra goofy, it's a Christmas 'disasterpiece'! Santa teaches 'Pitch' the devil a lesson in holiday etiquette
  12. ccbaxter

    New Essentials host?

    Hi Kim. The new co-host will be Alec Baldwin. CelluliodKid started a thread about it [here|]. I like Baldwin and loved how he conducted his interview with Gene Wilder, so I look forward to seeing what he'll do with the opportunity.
  13. ccbaxter

    Nice Spots

    Miss Goddess and CBLover, I'm glad I'm not the only one who liked that spot. I'm a bit surprised we're the only ones commenting on it, as it's a real eye catcher. CBLover, I love that Lemmon tribute too. Spacey reveals some warm and funny moments in their friendship. It cracks me up when he does Lemmon, "That's a touch of terrific kid. You ought to do this professionally." [Kevin Spacey on Jack Lemmon |]
  14. ccbaxter

    Nice Spots

    FF, those are interesting. That last one is surreal.
  15. ccbaxter

    Jacques Tati

    > {quote:title=ILoveRayMilland wrote:}{quote} > It was this little old Subaru or something. Driving it was Jacques Tati! Well, an exact duplicate! He sat slightly hunched over, with a rather whimsical expression on his face. And he had a hat just like Tati in *"M. Hulot's Holiday"* ! All that was missing was the pipe... That was me. I gave up pipe smoking, but I won't give up my sputtering Subaru. If I would have known it was you, I would have waved.

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