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  1. Choose: Actor Actress Producer Screenwriter Costume Designer Editor Director Make up artist Special effcts co-ordinator or other, and if other, tell us. For me: director
  2. bio47

    this or that

    Gomer Shirely Jones or Shirley McClaine
  3. bio47

    The First Film That Comes to Mind...

    Unfaithful new word: harvest
  4. bio47

    this or that

    Opie: back to classics I hope: now: Whatever Happened to Baby Jane or Hush, Hush Sweet Charolette.
  5. bio47

    Raging Bull (1980) - The Most Overrated Movie EVER

    VERY INTERESTING. I can't belive all the examples movies named and I have to wonder if Million Dollar Baby is left out of discussion because peole forget or because subconciosly people are forgetting the movie because it was a woman boxer. Perhaps some sexism here but not intentional. I understand but when we name boxing movie, that has to be in the running. It did win several awards and it proves that not all are the same. That is damned clear. As for Raging Bull, I think many did not like the idea of black and white, sad, and many did not like what some considered a gimmick of DeNiro gaining all the weight. That is what was said by many. My opinion: it's terrific and gave us the great Cathy Miority. Wish we would see more of her. She was 18 at the time and has done very obscure parts, almost forgotten. Was a very promising career at the time.
  6. Barbra Streisand and, well here goes, Lorenzo Lamas from Falcon Crest. I am turing red.
  7. bio47

    trivia game/strange title pairings

    Yankee Doodle Dandee The Pride of the Yankees Funny Lady My Funny Valentine The Best Years of our Lives My Favorite Year A letter to Three Wives My Favoirte Wife Houseboat Glass Bottom Boat A Room with a View Room at the Top
  8. bio47

    trivia game/strange title pairings

    Funny Girl Funny Face All About Eve Three Faces of Eve Rainman Singing in the Rain Hush Hush Sweet Charolette Sweet Chairty Babydoll Whatever happend to Baby Jane?
  9. bio47

    this or that

    Richardo Mary Tyler Moore or Valerie Harper
  10. bio47

    The Power of Film

    A fantastic question and I hope many respond to this thread. I, like you could pontificate. But the things that immediatley come to mind are the power to take us to another level, i.e. film can be and is, transcendent. It teaches, enlightens, gives joy, causes great debate, an exchange of ideals. Schindler's list made what I had previously only known from history books, more ALIVE for me causing to me to pray more than ever that history does not repeat itself. The Sound of Music taught me of the great temporary escape of the hardship of life, that I could enter a theatre in the dark and for two plus hours be uplifted. Striesand gave me the joy of the most pure voice I ever heard. Editing taught me how to look at art in museums. Some like it HOt taught me hilarity. Brando taught me the power of raw emotions and the strength for the human to be vulnerable and at the same time remain safe. Dead Man Walking taught me of victims on all sides of crime. Yes. There is power in film profoundly affecting each of us in ways we need to be affected at that moment in time of our own individuation.
  11. bio47

    this or that

    Whitaker. Now Julie Christie or Marion Cotillard. I am still in shock. Shock I tell you. Utter shock.
  12. bio47

    this or that

    Cruise...I have cruised South and Central America many times oh and many men. With that said: South America or Central America?
  13. bio47

    *A to Z of Movies*

    GeneKGirl you can do what you want. Just have fun and be yourself. I loved your answers. B for Babes in Toyland.
  14. bio47

    this or that

    Oh not fair. I love them both but I will take Streisand. I remember wathing her sing Don't Rain on my Parade and I stood there and became a gay man. She is accountable. And I am one of those fools who paid 1000.00 to see her in concert. But I don't regret it. When she sand People, she was looking right at me. I know she was. I just know it. Damnit, now I'm crying again. Thanks for the memory. speaking of thanks for the memory: Bob Hope or Robert Redford
  15. bio47

    The First Film That Comes to Mind...

    Cellkid that answer was hysterical Hauted House: American Beauty now: Roses

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