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  1. independentminded

    Remakes of Musicals in general

    I'm totally with you here, Im4movies. With extremely rare exceptions, remakes of movies are very seldom successful. There was a remake of Planet of the Apes, and a remake of Psycho at one point, *both* of which went over like lead balloons--inotherwords, they *totally* flopped.
  2. independentminded

    You're Sick. Which Movie Do You Want?

    If I were home sick in bed, and I had a DVD player, I'd want the following: West Side Story (my alltime favorite movie, hands down) The Sound of Music Wizard of Oz Georgy Girl Midnight Cowboy The Graduate South Pacific Easy Rider Bonnie & Clyde Dr. Zhivago (maybe)
  3. independentminded

    Remakes of Musicals in general

    I've never seen Singin' In the Rain, so I've got nothing to compare here, but The Sound of Music, along with West Side Story and Wizard of Oz, to name afew examples, are films that should *never, ever* be remade! These films are classics for a reason, and remaking them would just cut the heart and soul right out of them! It would be a *disaster!*
  4. My choice would be...believe it or not....West Side Story!!

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