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  1. mark83

    Marion Davies Fans

    Any fans of this actress some people say she was untalented i have seen all her films and i think she was very talented my favorite is Show People
  2. mark83

    Mary Carlisle fans

    Any fans of this lovely actress
  3. mark83

    Help with Marion Davies Film

    I need Help with the name of a Marion Davies film i seen a long time ago only thing i remember is that Marion Davies character falls in love with her sister fiance anyone know the name of this film
  4. mark83

    Favorite Actress Wearing Glasses in a Film

    Marion Davies in Ever Since Eve
  5. Does anyone know when I Married A Witch will be available on DVD
  6. mark83

    Little Old New York(1923)

    is this film available on dvd
  7. mark83

    The Show (1927)

    anyone know where i can find this film
  8. mark83

    Happy Birthday Barbara Kent

    i like to wish silent film star Barbara Kent a Happy Birthday who turned 102 today
  9. mark83

    June Allyson Fans

    any fans of the lovely June Allyson
  10. mark83

    Leila Hyams Fans

    any fans of this lovely actress
  11. mark83

    Nancy Carroll Fans

    are there any fans of this lovely actress
  12. mark83

    Mary Brian Fans

    are there any fans of this lovely actress
  13. mark83


    Any fans of this lovely actress
  14. mark83

    Silent Era Books

    what are some good books about the silent era
  15. mark83

    Evelyn Brent Fans

    any fans of this actress

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