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  1. TripleHHH


    As cool as it is to get Midnight Lace there is a blu ray of it but I dont know how the quality is. I do like the extras on this DVD this is the blu ray link
  2. TripleHHH

    TCM VAULT/WB ARCHIVES There appears to be some authoring problems on this set. If anyone gets this from TCM and it is faulty I hope they have a decent return policy. I saw some fans did order it such as myself and then saw this on th HTF thread and was like "oh no !!"
  3. TripleHHH

    Warner Archives Discussion Looks like the Philo Vance Collection is coming on 2/15. Movies unlimited has it for pre-order. I wonder if it will be DVD or DVDr
  4. TripleHHH


    Im picking up Inferno and Brasher Doubloon, good thing these are full screen already and not widescreen so fox cant alter to aspect ration
  5. TripleHHH

    Upcoming Releases

    These Steelbooks are so tempting, but I hate to keeping buying the same movie over and over... ....
  6. TripleHHH

    Upcoming Releases

    Thanks...Also Filmchest is releasing Pitfull. I havent seen this one but it sounds interesting
  7. TripleHHH

    Upcoming Releases

    TCM is releasing the Glass Key,Phantom Lady and Blue Dahlia in a box set & A Carole Lombard 1930s set as well. I sure hope these havent been posted earlier but I just found out ! [ |]
  8. TripleHHH

    Upcoming Releases

    70.00 for the Preminger set 90.00 for the Noir Set
  9. TripleHHH


    Has TCM considered doing BluRay collector sets ? I have this feeling that some titles in either their vaults or collections may wind up on BluRay. Not every title but maybe something like Mildred Pierce , Them, maybe even some of their Noir set titles... Warner has a lot of stuff planned for 2013
  10. TripleHHH

    Upcoming Releases

    Both Sept. and Oct are going to be *hella* expensive with all of them boxsets coming. I want it all !
  11. TripleHHH

    Powell as Marlowe - The Best?

    Without getting too detailed I will just say I love Murder My Sweet and its in my top 10 favorite noirs. Id watch it more often but Im still doing a ton of viewing movies for the first time
  12. Hello all. After a long haitus I once again now have TCM. Its great to have it back & look forward to watching just about anything that catches my eye these days. Anyway the topic here is about movies that I saw on that sounded cool but I hadnt heard of any of them *Voice of Merrill* *Forbidden (Douglas Montgomery)* *Golden Salamander* *They Met in the Dark* Has anyone seen these before and are they any good. They do sound good overall but Id hate to order them overseas only to find out they are snoozers None of them are Warner Archive titles to my knowledge or even have USA releases. Have they aired on TCM before ? I dont know if these movies have been discussed before in this forum and I dont want to search endlessly
  13. TripleHHH

    Upcoming Releases

    Yes I read that, I meant at some point would they be available as individual discs. I might get the box set if the price is right - love the design. I wish North by Northwest wasnt on the set since I have the digibook and the DVD from the Hitchcock set which I may part with with movies getting released from it ( Strangers on a Train and Dial M for MONEY
  14. TripleHHH

    Upcoming Releases

    Cool set, I just received an email about it too...I wonder if these will be available seperately or just in a huge box set
  15. TripleHHH

    Upcoming Releases

    Yeah Twilight Times prices are way off the charts and hardly contain any extras - Im really picky too. I own 3 of them. It would be great if they would at least port over the bonus features from the DVDs if they have any - such as Mysterious Island

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