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  1. ILoveRayMilland

    Gloria Grahame a complete package

    I have seen a few of her roles (*Oklahoma!* and *It's A Wonderful Life*), but the ones you suggested are ALL new to me! Thanks a lot for the recommendations! I'm always excited to see something new! And, I ADORE film noirs!
  2. ILoveRayMilland

    Ray Milland.

    > {quote:title=molo14 wrote:}{quote} > (((((did you ever manage to get any of those Gloria films? I have the memory of an elephant))))) Oh my goodness. YOU DO. Haha! I did actually get to watch *The Big Heat*. Gloria was awesome. Do you have any other recommendations? :-D
  3. ILoveRayMilland

    Ray Milland.

    Tomorrow is an exciting day. The Magnificent Mr. Milland and his Welsh accent. Finally. ;-D
  4. Yeah, I haven't been here in a couple of months! I got really busy over the summer, but now that school's started, it's slowed down...slightly! I'm quite excited!
  5. Oh, yay! What a great theme, Cinemaven! You can count me in! -ILRM
  6. Hey, lzcutter! I'm really sorry I missed this week's discussion! Some unexpected stuff came up. However, I am so ready for the next discussion! *His Girl Friday* is my favorite comedy EVER!
  7. Oooh, I'm excited! The film list looks great. And it covers so many of the diverse genres Mr. Hawks worked in! One thing, I'm afraid I'll have to bow out of the *Dawn Patrol* comparison. I, unfortunately don't have Netflix anymore and neither does my library carry those films...sorry! But, I own three of the films on the list and my library has the others, so I'll be able to participate in all the other discussions! I am really excited right now!
  8. Yay, I'm so excited. I can't wait! He's one of my very favorite directors EVER! And he made my favorite comedy ever...
  9. ILoveRayMilland


    > {quote:title=Capuchin wrote:}{quote} > I wanted to try one, but coming in at a tie for last place shows I wasn't very successful. Well, you had my vote! I ADORED your schedule! And don't worry about tying for last place, I've always ended up in last place!
  10. ILoveRayMilland

    Anyone here love Dana Andrews?

    I ADORE Dana Andrews. In fact, he's my favorite actor (tied with four others). He was truly amazing! Someone mentioned they'd like to see a good Dana website. One that I found that is pretty good is:
  11. ILoveRayMilland

    VOTE: Who Should Have Been Oscar Nominated, But...

    Well, I think that maybe Eddie, should have ALSO been nominated. But, there is no way that Bobby's nomination should have been taken away from him. He was an excellent actor and gave a great performance. Eddie was nominated twice in the course of his career (and it was a shame he never won), but this was Bobby's single nomination. By 1973 (ten years later) Bobby was dead from heart-failure.
  12. ILoveRayMilland


    Congratulations, Cinemaven! I know you're gonna do a great challenge!
  13. > {quote:title=MissMusical wrote:}{quote} > Ah, Millie dear! I was strangely thinking about you the other day too! See, I was watching Only Angels Have Wings last night and I thought to myself, "Self, I wonder how good 'ol ILRM is doin' on them TCM message boards." Haha. I just had to come and see what was new and see if you were still even here! I had forgotten all about these boards until last night when I finally turned TCM on again. I have been so busy lately with so many things that TCM was just left in the dust. I am getting back into the swing of things now though and hope to be spending some more time here Oh, so thinking about angels reminded you of me? ;-) I'm still here (although not as much). I started a [blog|] in January (because [sarah's|] was so stinkin' amazing) and then [Harley|] got a blog too, so most of our chatting has shifted over to Blogger. You should get a blog too! That would be so cool.... ;-) You are often in our thoughts over there...usually whenever somebody mentions how Gene *IS* *LESS* than Fred.....hehehe Well, I'm just glad you're back! We should rev up the old Audrey thread sometime...
  14. Yay, Mizzini, you're back! I haven't seen you around here for months!!!! I was thinking about you (wow, does that sound creepy!!!! ;-) ) the other day. I was wondering how everything was going since the hurricanes... Well, welcome back! And, I hope you will be able to stick around for a while! -Millie
  15. ILoveRayMilland

    If you could go back in time...?

    Oh, so many choices!!! But, I think that I would most like to be there during that final scene in *Gaslight* when Ingrid holds the knife to Boyer! That would be so much fun to watch!

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