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  1. Has TCM changed the Female voiceover for TCM news? Also, does anyone know who the person was that did thes headlines last year?
  2. posting a question

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    Thanks for the info!
  4. BobNoir

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    Some time ago I watched a black and white movie on TCM about an aspiring actress who goes into the dressing room of an established actress, insinuates herself into her life then, somewhat ruthlessly, becomes famous herself. The end of the picture hints at the same thing happening to her. Anybody know the title, stars, etc.? Puzzled!
  5. Thanks for the "welcome" and the title tip!
  6. In the promo/commercial for Robert Osborne's "The Essentials", there are a sereies of quick film clips from various movies. One of them-in black and white-has an underwater scene of a drowned, long haired woman with seaweed swaying in the foregoround. It's probably from the late thirties or forties and not the Sinatra color film of much later with a similar scene. Anybody know th title?

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