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  1. jameselliot

    TCM Underground - 2019

    I thought it was repulsive. Not a good Underground programming choice. Florida exploitation regulars Thomas Kerwin and Brad Grinter have small roles as cops and Kerwin's brother Harry was the production manager. What was a Sunshine State trash flick without them? Wayne Crawford went on to bigger things in the 1980s.
  2. Not Hollywood but in The Revenge of Frankenstein, the Baron (Peter Cushing) wins.
  3. jameselliot

    Burt Reynolds (1936-2018)

    If you like the angry 1960s/1970 Burt, before the porn mustache, Get TV is running Hawk and Dan August on weekends.
  4. jameselliot

    star trek the mess

    This story error has been written about endlessly since 1982. Also how does Khan recognize Chekov? I've read that Meyer knew it was a continuity error before shooting but pressed on anyway and Walter knew but didn't want to lose the scene.
  5. jameselliot

    Burt Reynolds (1936-2018)

    Burt blew mega-cash living the movie star life plus huge settlements to Loni and Pamela, his girlfriend after Loni. Even with Charles Bronson style action films like Malone [1987], he was getting a nice 3 million dollars. It's unreal what movie people spend.
  6. jameselliot

    Burt Reynolds (1936-2018)

    I was disappointed they didn't make a western. City Heat was tough to sit through.
  7. jameselliot

    TCM and Other Sources for Classic Film

    West Side Story is scheduled right after Bean. Coincidence? Intentional? Tab Hunter auditioned for the role of Tony but he and other actors lost out to Richard Beymer.
  8. jameselliot

    Eddie Muller's Humor

    I know Eddie a long time (when he was writing Grindhouse with Daniel Faris) and I'm happy for his success.
  9. jameselliot

    on svengoolie tonite

    Terrible movie and a lousy closing showcase for greats Stanwyck and Taylor but excellent music by Vic Mizzy (The Addams Family).
  10. jameselliot

    May 2018 TCM Spotlight: Movie Series

    Interview with Johnny Sheffield. He and Weissmuller were like father and son off-the-set. http://www.tarzanmovieguide.com/sheffint.htm
  11. jameselliot

    TCM schedules

    Barker didn't seem to get much screen time in the Tarzans I've seen. There are long stretches when he's off-screen.
  12. jameselliot

    What Are You Watching Now?

    The Intruder, by Roger Corman, starring William Shatner. TCM should program this movie and interview the two of them.
  13. jameselliot

    TCM Premieres

    Ben is right when he said that Dors was underappreciated. Her most interesting work was in the 1950's, all those noirs she starred in. By the mid-70s, she was trapped in crap like Adventures of a Taxi Driver.
  14. The Great Flamarion is a compelling little film, underrated. Mary Beth Hughes played one of the most coldblooded and best looking femme fatales. It's not easy to feel sympathy for Eric Von Stroheim in general but in this picture she really does a number on him.

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