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  1. jameselliot

    What Are You Watching Now?

    The Intruder, by Roger Corman, starring William Shatner. TCM should program this movie and interview the two of them.
  2. jameselliot

    TCM Premieres

    Ben is right when he said that Dors was underappreciated. Her most interesting work was in the 1950's, all those noirs she starred in. By the mid-70s, she was trapped in crap like Adventures of a Taxi Driver.
  3. The Great Flamarion is a compelling little film, underrated. Mary Beth Hughes played one of the most coldblooded and best looking femme fatales. It's not easy to feel sympathy for Eric Von Stroheim in general but in this picture she really does a number on him.
  4. jameselliot

    notes on eurospy

    Deadlier Than The Male & Some Girls Do is a TCM double feature I'd like to see, in honor of Richard Johnson. The New Beverly Theater in Los Angeles did this in 2015.
  5. Hello TCM webmaster: clean-up in aisle 5.
  6. jameselliot

    Dirty Harry vs. Bullitt

    There is nothing in my post that states that being a vigilante is good. It was about a cinema trend in police thrillers. Discussion over.
  7. jameselliot

    Dirty Harry vs. Bullitt

    Where do you read that?
  8. Dennis Leary, Jon Cryer. I'm sure they're decent men who are good to their families and pay their taxes.
  9. jameselliot

    Japanese Horror

    Goke, Black Lizard (the second version by Fukasuku), House of Terrors (Ghost of the Hunchback), Horrors of Malformed Men, the Dracula trilogy and Matango.
  10. jameselliot

    Dirty Harry vs. Bullitt

    The cop with a Magnum (or otherwise giant revolver) who operates by his own rules, kicked off by Dirty Harry, became a huge '70s movie trend in the States and in the Italian Poliziotteschi (Maurizio Merli was like an Italian Harry) plus on TV (Hunter, Starsky & Hutch). Bullitt, while a great film, didn't have that kind of influence in cinema and TV.
  11. jameselliot

    I Just Watched...

    The film looked better on my old picture tube TV than on the smart TV but it was still a poor print and the audio was substandard. The story was all over the place and the cinematography was lackluster. We were disappointed considering the cast.
  12. jameselliot

    Tulpa Time

    This probably doesn't qualify as a tulpa in the Tibetan meaning of the word. Roger Moore made a film in 1970 called The Man Who Haunted Himself. It's a very difficult film to find in the US. It's based on the novel the Strange Case of Harold Pelham. Hitchcock did a 30 minute TV episode with Tom Ewell. Kolchak the Night Stalker and the X-Files both did shows about the subject.
  13. I used to go in often, mostly to read the message boards about the TV shows I watched. But I can understand why they deleted the boards. The trolls had taken over and they were a vicious bunch.
  14. jameselliot

    Wild Seed

    Wild Seed was meant to be downbeat and sad about two people who find their destination was each other not the place they were going to. This kind of moody, melancholy love film, such as David & Lisa, and Lilith, is not produced anymore since Hollywood would rather play it safe and churn out hundreds of worthless (to me, anyway) rom-coms. I've never read about Parks' personal political stance or heard him talk politics in interviews. I knew he was a singer (did the Bronson theme song), was discovered by Frank Silvera (High Chaparral) and Universal blacklisted him. Story here https://the-artifice.com/michael-parks-blacklisting/
  15. The United States may undergo a transformation but will Asia, Africa, the mid-east, South America? I doubt it.

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