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  1. slappy3500

    Van Johnson

    In my opinion Van's best performance was as Steve Maryck in "The Caine Mutiny".
  2. slappy3500

    The Sexiest!

    Paty; my favorite Jack Carson moment: When his crack about living of his wife's money causes Norman Maine to fall off the wagon and start drinking again in "A Star is Born.
  3. slappy3500

    Bollywood Movies?

    Just watched "Sholay". If this film was a huge hit in India it is the best argument for NOT showing any more Indian films. It's like a 3 hr episode of the Monkees! Except with terrible editing,(anybody catch the flash cut from nearly stopped train to one moving at full speed?) "acting", crappy songs, and so-called "humor" that was already stale and corney in VAUDVILLE, for God's sake! 3 HRS! Did the editing dept discard ONE frame of film? Even "The Godfather" was cut until it was under 3 hrs! Why is it that a ton of folks here make the implication that if TMC doesn't show these appalling films that it will'turn into another AMC? What's the reasoning behind that? What, if TMC doesn't show crappy Indian films they will be forced to chop edit the films and show commercials? Based upon WHAT logic and reasonung do you reach THAT dismal conclusion?

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