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  1. slappy3500

    Why the PROFANITY????

    Made my point. Auto censorship and it censors the word "OBSEEN". Really great!! This is what we want. Mindless control, with zero accountability!
  2. slappy3500

    Why the PROFANITY????

    The old question Harvey. WHO decides? The Hindus who find a kiss on the mouth to be ############? No no no. The answer is keep the adult stuff off the air until 10 pm and be careful after 10. Take responsibility for your own viewing!!! Find out the ratings. Back in the 90's a woman sued MTV and the producers of "Beavis and Butthead" because she claimed the show incited her 6 yr old son to set the house on fire. Beavis was fascinated by fire, and would nervously chant the word due to his inner demons. There was a warning that the show was not suitable for anyone below 18. It was also on at 11 pm. As it turned out the child was up at midnite on a school nite, he was left entirely alone, and this was his third attempt to set a fire. Obviously, it was all the fault of the show!
  3. slappy3500

    Wizard of Oz

    Just in case anyone was wondering I aver that Jerry Mathers was NOT killed in Vietnam and Mikey from the Life cereal commercial did NOT suffer an anyourism following the scarfing of Poprocks washed down by Jolt Cola!
  4. slappy3500

    Osmonds movies

    Sounds like a winner for AMC. They could sandwich between their "Works of Irwin Allen" and "The Visual Art of Dino DeLaurentis."
  5. slappy3500

    Why the PROFANITY????

    Folks, you MUST be aware of what you watch. This is not 1957 where there are 3 channels and you endlessly circulate them in an effort to find somethibg watchable, secure in the knowledge that while the show you flip to may be excrement, they certainly won't SAY the "S" word. Anyone who mindlessly channel surfs gets about what they deserve. TCM does not censor. If the movie you want to watch was made after the mid 60's chances are it may have language/nudity issues. So don't watch it!!!!! "Patton" 1970... best Picture , best actor. George C. says G.D. a lot, just like the REAL Patton. Adds realism. Don't watch this great film because I don't want to hear you whine. "Kramer vs. Kramer" great film. Few scattered profanties. Funny scene with bare female butt. DON'T WATCH IT! Godfather I &II. Definative film film making. Great themes, story direction, acting. Don't watch. The murderers don't say "darn & "oh heck." They don't call each other "varmint" or "mangy sidewinder." PLEASE don't watch! Harvey like many other folks you ASSUME that it is only liberals who hate censorship. I am a conservative Republican who would have voted Ronnie Reagan to a third term. I am not comfortable watching shows about homosexuality. I DON'T WATCH THEM!!!! It's your responsibility to see that YOU are not offended and your kids don't see things you don't want them to. Censorship is just WRONG. It's like making the park off-limits because some people litter. I agree that there is too much garbage on TV. STOP WATCHING IT!!!!! Read a book. If there's nothing on neither is my TV!
  6. slappy3500

    New to the Board

    Let me be the first. Welcome. Don't mind the mess. We've been trying to straighten up.
  7. I've wanted to see this film since I read Liam O'Flannrey's novel 30 years ago.
  8. slappy3500

    I like -

    Howabout Jon Voight? In that joke "pearl Harbor."?
  9. slappy3500

    Jay Robinson AKA Caligula

    BTW Jay DOES do voice overs now
  10. slappy3500

    Jay Robinson AKA Caligula

    I was watching the 1992 Coppola version of "Dracula" last nite and noticed one of my favorite character actors Jay Robinson. He is best known for playing the deliciously evil Caligula in "The Robe" which he reprised in the sequel "Demetrius and the Gladiators." Just thought I'd mention him while he's still alive (75). Hate reading obits about people whom I'd thought were long dead.
  11. slappy3500

    Jay Robinson AKA Caligula

    I also enjoyed Hurt as Caligula. His love for his sister Drusilla really left me feeling uncomfortable. Hmmm, nobody mentioned Malcom MacDowell's Caligula. I guess his performance suggested only that of Alex Delarge from " A Clockwork Orange" had he ever acchieved absolute power...
  12. slappy3500

    Anyone know anything about Pepe?

    Thanks folks for your views on Cantinflas and language barriers. As I've said, I'm planning on seeing Cantiflas to check out how he translates. I'm glad no one overeacted to my mildly negative comments.I actually don't dislike him, I just never "got" whatever it was that possesed anyone to give him a star vehicle in the first place. I've often found that a little critical questioning about a subject usually brings forth a heart-felt defense and justification for it. THIS particular one has me actually looking FORWARD TO SEEING Cantiflas! Adios Amigos.
  13. slappy3500

    Anyone know anything about Pepe?

    Well Fealito, even though you may be right about his appeal to Spanish speaking audiences, I can only judge him thru the 2 available films he did in English. Even as a child I found him annoying rather than funny. As an adult I found nothing appealing about him in "Around the World in 80 Days". But you sorta made my point. If his claim to talent is speaking Spanish in a humorous way, then what enjoyment is the primarily English speaking TCM audience going to derive from his films? Hey, I can bear not watching TCM for 4 nights,although I may try to catch Cantinflas based on your recommendation. Anyway it was HIS decision to make the ill-advised "Pepe". Like most folks, I figured that the reason that a star vehicle flops is that the star couldn't carry the load. Especially in comedy, which often transcends language.
  14. slappy3500

    Memorable Moments on Film

    *SPOILER* In "Planes Trains and Automobiles" after a VERY funny movie as Neil is on the commuter train FINALLY going home he realizes that there is something not kosher going onwith Del Griffith. He goes back and finds Del sitting morosely in the station, resigned to spending Thanksgiving there. He's homeless. Neil takes him home for the Holiday. Makes me tear up EVERY time.
  15. slappy3500

    Black and white phobia

    If you are looking for true horror, watch the colorized version of the "Maltese Falcon" It's the stuff NIGHTMARES are made of!
  16. slappy3500

    Why I hate TCM...

    Fuster is there an imposter? Anyway, switch to AMC. You'll snooze away the week-end.
  17. slappy3500

    I like -

    "I like the month of about you?" "I like a Gershwin about you." Sorry but when I saw the "I like" header it wouldn't go away!
  18. slappy3500

    Your Favorite Movie Lines

    "Elvira Gulch! I've waited for a long time to tell you to your face just what I think of you! And now,...well being a good Christian woman I CAN'T!!!!"
  19. slappy3500

    Your Favorite Movie Lines

    From "Once Upon a Time in the West": After a group of gunmen wearing dusters walk out of the woods after having just shot down a father, his teen-aged daughter and a younger son. A still younger boy emerges from the house and sees them. One of the gunmen says, "What do we do with this one Frank?" Henry Fonda as Frank: "Well now that you've called me by name...." BOOOM!
  20. slappy3500

    about CITIZEN KANE

    I think that "Citizen Kane" is a good movie. There are lots of "good movies". Why all the fuss and holler about this one? It's talked about in highly serious tones as being the greatest film ever made, a cinematic masterpiece, a tour de force. I guess I'm just one of those folks who just doesn't "get it". About the only scene I REALLY liked was the one where Kane was advised that his editorial practices were costing in excess of $200,000 per year. Kane smiles and says,"In that case I'll go broke... in 70 or 80 years!" If, as all the hype suggests, that the flack from this film seriously damaged Orson Welles' career, then I don't think it was worth it. He was a good director, a brilliant actor, and a radio genius. Too high a price to pay for one "good" movie.
  21. slappy3500

    My Fair Lady or Gigi?

    BgGalaxy I have heard the out takes too and I agree with you 100%. Audrey was more than adequite and knowing she is dubbed takes away some of my enjoyment of a terrific film.
  22. slappy3500

    Anyone know anything about Pepe?

    Suzanne Pleshett GOOD. Cantinflas BAD. The very fact that Cantinflas was a big star in Mexico makes me apprehensive about thursdays in May and the Mexican film festival. If Cantinflas was one of the big stars, what about the "less talented" ones? Shudder, shudder....
  23. slappy3500

    Anyone know anything about Pepe?

    I remember seeing this in the movies as a kid. I think the reason I saw it was that I did poorly on my report card. "Get those grades up Mister or you'll be seeing "The Ugly Dachshund" next time!" OMG Dean Jones???!!! "The horror, the horror".
  24. slappy3500

    Frances Dee Fans

    Filmfashion, I believe Stoney was refering to the Topic Police. They poke you with a night stick and say " Move along. Nothing to see here." They HATE "jaytalking".
  25. slappy3500

    Black and white phobia

    These are the same folks who wished Ted Turner had colorized the 1st 15 minutes of "The Wizard of Oz."

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