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  1. "Hey don't hit the hair! I spend a lotta time gettin' it just right." I love this movie. It depicted just how shallow and empty the disco life-style was... and ended up being loved by the very mindless and vapid discoids it lampooned!! It single-handedly perpetuated the disco craze for another two years! Nothing could have shown the point of the movie better. At the time I remember dating an "air-head" who said she had seen it 5 times...because she wanted to pick-up new dance steps! Boogie-oogie-oogie! Break out those 7 inch platform shoes and the lime-green leisure suits!!!!!!
  2. slappy3500

    Movies with the Greatest Cast

    "The Chase" 1966 Cast: Robert Redford, Marlon Brando, Jane Fonda, Robert Duval, Angie Dickenson, Janice Rule, E.G. Marshall. Terible movie!
  3. slappy3500


    Sergio Leonne!!! Huge, endless close-ups. Bizarre character actors(Half-soldier). Ubiquitos eating of slop out of enormous clay bowls. Great music. Black-hearted villians. Twisted, idiosyncratic heroes. You Betcha!
  4. slappy3500

    Seeking political correctness...

    BTW Fernando, don't they speak Spanish in Navarre, Aragon, and Leon? Also are there any Arabic dialects spoken in Granada?
  5. slappy3500

    Seeking political correctness...

    Death to censorship! Long live freedom.
  6. slappy3500

    Classics fan (Marylou) is ill

    Best Wishes and a speedy recovery!
  7. slappy3500

    What did they really say?

    "Badges?We don't need no badges. I don't have to show you no stinking badge." Something like this, no?
  8. Melmac, women ARE offered sex every day, they just don't realize it But here's the reality: According to several sex surveys the group having the most sex: Male homosexuals. Next comes heterosexual couples. Dead last are female homosexuals. Left to their own devices, men just have a greater desire for sex. To argue otherwise just flies in the face of reality. If you want the straight dope, look at prostitution. Who's buying? Who's selling? Nothing like pure capitalism to cut through all the posturing! As for the constant temptation, lets take a hypothetical...A U.S. Mint worker is expected to control his/her self around the money. VERY few cases of theft. An officeworker or executive sees a way to embezzle funds. Not uncommon for THIS to happen. Basically what I'm saying is that women get very horney from time to time. Men get NOT horney, from time to time. And if men AREN'T horney, they take viagra!
  9. Let me just add one thing here.... I am NOT justifing cheating by ANYONE. One thing you ladies seem to forget. Any reasonably attractive woman can have all the sex she wants, so pure sex or temptation is ALMOST never the reason that a woman cheats. If it falls into a man's lap he may lose his common sense for a moment. Women are offered sex every day. The only guys who have THIS opportunity are Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. Of course for all the talk of "equality" women are NEVER going to give up the power position of being the one who sorts the offers while men do all the chasing and take the rejection. No profound statement here ladies, just a talking point.
  10. slappy3500

    Seeking political correctness...

    Fernando: My understanding is that "Hispanic" refers to anyone who speaks Spanish as a primary tongue. "Spanish refers to those from that one European country.(Spain) I have no problem refering to a person's nationality ie Venezulan, but if I refer to ALL New World Hispanics as Latin American. Is this proper? BTW the ONLY group that can be savagely attacked is men, regardless of ethnicity. The kids are always smarter than the dad and so is the wife. I often wonder how the smart boy grows up to be the dumb dad... a lobotomy perhaps. I saw this commercial recently. Super Mom was doling out the milk and cereal bars with some fancy tosses to the family members. Dad didn't get one because one of the kids snagged his enroute. It was a big joke that Dad didn't get anything to eat as he is stupid and unworthy of daily sustenance. I saw one for Dorney Park (Theme Park in Pa.) where the kids and Mom want to go but old bumbling Dad is too clumsy and cowardly to go on the roller coaster and doesn't want to take them. Being a moron, he trips over the garden hose on the walkway to the house and gets tangled up and falls in a heap. The daughter then squirts him in the face with the hose (Lots of water force) and says, "Well are ya gonna take us NOW?" Oh yeah, I want to take my kids to THAT place!!!! Try any of these kind of ads with a woman and she the HOWLS of outrage!
  11. slappy3500


    Well Dan, thanks for putting the issue so succintly. When I first started posting here I started a few threads that had already been covered. I was soon told that there were existing threads for these topics. However, being a good deal older (if NOT more mature) I didn't take offense. It's good that holly is back and I hope she takes Dan's advice to heart. I'll bet she CAN come up with good new topics once she sees what's already here.:)Dan it's a same your post here can't be make "sticky" and permanently posted with the heading "New Members Please read." TCM programmer. What can you do abouyt that? Thanks again Dan and WB Holly.
  12. slappy3500

    The best movie you've NEVER seen.

    Keith, are you aware that Sophia was in all 3 G.F. films? In #1 she played Connie & Carlo's baby who was cristened while Barzini & Co. got theirs. She was one of the kids at the Confirmation party in #2. Stoney... Pvt. Pyle from Full Metal jacket a "****"???!! :OBTW did you catch his quick but excellent turn as Orson Welles in "Ed Wood"?
  13. slappy3500

    Your favorite brunette actress?

    Hey! No one mentioned Jacko's beard, Liz.
  14. slappy3500


    ayesorchids: Nah! They all say I kiss like Pepe.
  15. slappy3500

    name of scary movie, please

    The original Robert Wise "The Haunting" is about 5 or 6 HUNDRED times better. (BUT Claire Bloom, for all her fine acting can't hold a candle to Catharine Zeta Jones, drool)
  16. slappy3500


    For me, the best thing about Charles Boyer is that he inspired my favorite cartoon character Pepe Lepew. Actually, I have broken the ice over the years with many women by doing my "Pepe" routine in romantic situations. "Oh my little desert flower. Comec with me to the Casbah and we will make beautiful music together, Cherie." They always get a kick out of it.
  17. slappy3500


    #1) Grace Kelly #2)Grace Kelly #3) A photo of Grace Kelly.
  18. slappy3500

    Frances Dee Fans

    Stoney,I LOVE Rudy Vallee's stand-up comedy. I even have the album but it is black vinyl and almost impossible to listen to now
  19. slappy3500

    Frances Dee Fans

    Deborah I KNOW the lyric is Louise ("Birds in the trees") that's why I capitalized it. Parody? Helen you're such a tease!!!
  20. slappy3500

    best use of music

    Well Brack I will give ya a frustration quota for the 38 straight N.L. East titles and ONE Series win.
  21. slappy3500

    best use of music

    Ally: Yeah but you had one of the most famous non-winning teams ever. The 1969 Seattle Pilots (Now the Brewers) immortalized by Jim Bouton in "Ball Four". Hey lookee! we're back to "Ball Four"!
  22. slappy3500

    Frances Dee Fans

    It's possible. No reflection on anyone's tastes. Just can't STAND what I've seen of him. I was just having some fun.
  23. slappy3500

    best use of music

    Bracken... STOP!!! Spare me your Braves woes! I'm a Phillies fan and they have ONE: count it: ONE World Series championship in the 122 years of their existance.It only took them 97 years to win it! 1980. Hey anybody can have a bad CENTURY; right?
  24. slappy3500

    Frances Dee Fans

    I appologize in advance for this mini rant. "Morris Chandelier" as I call him. Ugh, yuck, and aaaaaagh! Can't STAND 'im.! " Every little breeze seems to whisper, DISEASE." That sickening accent! That hideous suggestive French laugh. "Hough, hough, hough,." And worst of all that SONG! "Thank heaven for little girls." Pedophiles must LOVE that one. Before anyone goes berserk , I AM NOT accusing Maurice of being a child abuser! But it's hard to sit thru these leering lyrics and not have bad thoughts. Maybe it's the age we live in...and that straw hat! Boy what I'd like to do to that hat! Use your imagination...
  25. I remember this one from childhood. The premise was that "invaders from space" had taken over Earth and several people who were clueless as to what had happened were wandering around a deserted city and ran into each other, finally forming a group of 5 or 6. The only other detail I can remember is that none of the cars would run. The aliens had removed a part from all the engines. (distributor?)I remember a '55 Pontiac so it isn't any earlier that that. I thank you in advance for any help.

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