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  1. themajor

    The Naked Prey

    Yes, that one was the uncut version that I had watched several times in the past, and I agree that the action is relentless and the tension keeps you glued to the screen...
  2. Mansfield Park American Werewolf in London
  3. themajor

    The Naked Prey

    Thanks, I made a search for a thread but couldn't find one. I once saw the uncut version on TCM and therefore set up to copy it when I saw it scheduled. Just as the native women were about to deal with some of the safari members the scene abruptly switched to the start of Wilde's naked race. I don't know about others, but I don't care much for folks making decisions about what is appropriate for me to watch. Additionally, I too found the scene of the mud wrapped human shiskabob fascinatingly grisly.
  4. themajor

    The Naked Prey

    You say you show uncut versions, but I recently viewed The Naked Prey 1966 Cornel Wilde, and found the film cut to ribbons i.e., the creative killing of the safari members..themajor

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