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  1. The Triumph of Donald Trump

    I didn't mean to imply that Trump was a "Hitler". But since you brought it up, I believe that if Hitler and Trump were around at the same time that he (Trump) would likely be one of Adolph's biggest fans. They both love the idea of "uniting" their followers through the divisiveness of hatred and scapegoats (among several other similarities). No, what we have here is a step by step denigration. Each step taking us further backward to the "slippery slope." For example, the Orwellian Patriot Act, the broad citizen surveillance activities of the NSA, yada, yada, initiated by the Bush II admin. These things could have been curtailed or reversed by Obama, but they weren't. Instead they were strengthened. Now they are in the hands of this administration... One day, if we are not careful, we will find that we have slipped back so far, and find ourselves with an unscrupulous head of state that is fully armed, willing, and able to take us over the edge! After some precedence or casus belli trigger we could wake up one day and discover martial law has been declared, with "our" tanks in the street. Sounds extreme, I know, but that is how it happens. How it is happening in other parts of the world as we speak. How it has happened, again and again! Happy Thanks Giving!
  2. My daughter is an intelligent, logical minded, independent thinking person. She is also a strong willed woman and the best connection that I have with anyone of that sex. We often get involved in long rambling discourses that can take off in a variety of related tangents. When we converse we really try to listen to what each of us is saying and offer relevant input. We have had long talks ever since she was a small child, and I remember times back then when she would astound me with her clear and simple, uncluttered observations, which showed insight far beyond her years. Knowing me perhaps better than anyone else, she is good at pointing out things from a different perspective that I might have not considered, or overlooked. We don't always agree, but we do have an ability to often see where each of us is coming from, and respect each others opinions. She is my best friend, and I really like her. I share this here because we have had some conversations relevant to this topic at hand. I shared with her about my feeling very uneasy with the way these things are transpiring, and as usual she offered me a perspective that I admit, is difficult for me to fully comprehend. I have reflected on all that she has told me, and am wondering if my uncomfortableness with all this is because I am a product of my times. Though I have often tried to see the "other side" of things, and empathize, it may be impossible for me to truly put myself in another persons shoes, especially when it comes to the mysteries of the female sex. Since what is taking place appears to be so radically revolutionary, perhaps what I am feeling has been shared by others in other times. Perhaps those who grew up in the antebellum south felt a similar uneasiness when Lincoln was elected. Their way of life, their total experience threatened by a "new" way of thinking. That "persons" long considered mere "property" were actually persons that, god-forbid, would have to be treated as "equals". I know that is a rather extreme sounding analogy, but that is one of the thoughts that entered into my mind. I don't know if such thoughts will make it any easier for me to fully "adapt" to what appears to be another "Brave New World" unfolding? But such is the ability of my daughter to stimulate my thinking... So I thought I might share with you here, the context of an email that she recently sent me... Based on some of what we've discussed the other night, thought you might find this an interesting read. As a white male who grew up with this being the norm, try not to be offended by it, but just read with an open mind. A quote from the article that sort of illustrates my point about the pushing back harder to get on even ground analogy: "This is not a political or ideological revolution. This is a complete undoing of all that is sick in this world, coming not from our minds but from deep within our cells. A voice has finally been given to the heritage of pain which has been passed from mother to daughter from generation to generation as we taught one another how to survive in a world of sexual slavery since the dawn of civilization. It will not be pretty when it first comes out. It will not be sexy. It will not dance for male sexuality as it has been trained to do like a good little girl. It will roar, and it will destroy." ----------------------------------------------------- "I was 19 years old the first time I was raped. The last time, I was 39. I am not unusual. I’ve been involved in a private ongoing discussion with some dear friends since last year in which we all share our rape stories with one another, and despite a deep awareness of rape culture’s ubiquitousness even I was surprised at how universal these experiences are among the women I know. All women. Rape culture impacts all women. Severely. The only reason this is treated as less of an epidemic than it is is because there are longstanding mechanisms built into our society (shame, religion, power dynamics, a cultural taboo against shaming men for irresponsible use of their sexuality, etc.) to keep us from speaking out about them. These mechanisms are now falling apart. Human civilization is made of rape. For millennia, all over the world, women have been commodified and kept as property for the purpose of receiving male reproductive fluids and raising their progeny, regardless of our will. During this time we were kept at home while men invented religion, money, economics, war, government, hierarchy, class, culture, rules, laws and traditions, including the laws of the marital bed. Civilization has been arranged so that each man receives a woman to own, with whom he may have sex whenever he wishes, between building, fighting, destroying and conquering in accordance with the will of whatever ruler happened to be running the show at the time. This is only just now beginning to change. A woman’s will for her own sexuality is only just now becoming culturally relevant, a blink of an eye from a historical perspective. Spousal rape was not considered a crime in all 50 states until 1993, and there are still seven states where there is a marital exception to certain sex crimes. The full anatomy of the **** wasn’t recognized by western science until 1998. The G-spot was given its name in the 1980s after a male gynecologist, Ernst Gräfenberg, who spent time in the 1940s studying the stimulation of the urethra. Birth control pills kill sexual desire. A third of women reported pain in their last sexual experience. There is a little-known, virtually unresearched and untreatable condition called vulvodynia that causes such intense nerve pain that some women consider suicide, and it is more common than breast cancer. Just sit with that. A third of women reported pain in their last sexual experience. They didn’t just not enjoy it, they gritted their teeth through it. Why? Because for a myriad of reasons, we don’t feel like we have a choice. That’s rape culture. Given that interest in a woman’s will for her own sexuality is just barely beginning to enter social consciousness on a large scale, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that it is only just now in 2017 that sharing our experiences with rape culture is beginning to go mainstream. Rape dynamics are woven into the fabric of society far more pervasively than anyone realizes, and by pulling this thread, the whole mad tapestry will necessarily unravel. This can only be a good thing. Our species is at a crossroads. It’s become self-evident that we’re about to either collectively experience some kind of enormous transformation, or go the way of the dinosaur. Parallel to our unprecedented ability to network and share information and ideas with our fellow humans all around the globe is a death march toward either ecosystemic disaster or nuclear holocaust which so far shows no signs of slowing down, and one of these two factors will necessarily win out at some point in the near future. Thus far our attempts to shift trajectories have failed spectacularly. If something is going to save us, it’s going to come from way out of left field. Women everywhere feel the significance of the #MeToo phenomenon. A lot of us are scared to say anything about it for fear of hurting the feelings of the men we love, fear of retribution, and fear of being eaten alive by the intimidating, debate-culture defenders of patriarchy, but there’s a widespread sense that this thing is much bigger than it seems. Some leaders of conventional feminist thought have been speculating about some kind of progressive political upheaval, but in my opinion this is infinitely more revolutionary than that. We are about to experience a plunge into completely unknown and uncharted territory. I can’t even keep track of all the men who are facing sexual misconduct accusations anymore as women gain more and more confidence to call it out, but the hyper-politicized nature of the circles I move in tells me it’s entirely bipartisan. Liberal men rape and conservative men rape, all the way up the power structure. Democrats and Republicans are both accusing one another of hypocrisy today for focusing on one faction’s sex crimes and not the other’s, while ignoring the elephant in the room that rape is happening all over the place. What will happen when they can’t ignore it anymore? What will happen when women begin really reclaiming their sexuality? What will happen when women everywhere flick on every light in the house, and all the perversions of men no longer have any darkness left to hide in? It is unimaginable. Power structures will be disrupted from the basic family unit all the way up to the highest echelons of influence. Movement will happen. Cracks will appear. The will of women, which spent all those millennia forbidden from influencing the development of the civilization in which we now find ourselves, will finally have some space to get a word in edgewise." Uma Thurman's response when asked about the flood of sexual misconduct
  3. I thought about that after making my post. You are right. Many, perhaps most of these "cases" will never reach a court room. They will be either settled out of court, or the accusers will have to be satisfied that those they have accused have had their careers destroyed by the accusations. This is unfortunate, in that if the persons accused of such conduct are in fact "guilty" and such conduct is against the law and therefore a criminal act (in some cases), then they should be tried in a court of law, before a judge, with a jury. That is sadly the only "level" playing field for "justice" in such cases. And the only way for whatever "truth" that lies between the accused and the accusers to hopefully be revealed. If one has truly been slandered and libeled by "false" accusations then it is their just right to sue in a court of law, where the validity or falsity of the claims can be adjudicated. But settling out of court, or allowing the "court" of public opinion to be the "judge" in such cases does no one good. Not the true victims, Not the innocent accused, Not the companies which are now trying to distance themselves as quickly as they can from any hint of complicity with those which have been accused, Nor the public that has been sucked into this vortex and are then left to "judge" for themselves without the benefit of due process having occurred. As I said, No one, and No system of "justice" on this planet is infallible. But ours is currently the best we have. When due process is denied, whatever "truth" that exists remains hidden, and "justice" is denied for all of us.
  4. The Triumph of Donald Trump

    Think about it... If Adolph Hitler had possessed today's technology, 1984 would have occurred in 1944 (or before). The technology is already in place, and advancing exponentially. "Big Brother" in the form of an ever fusing corporate controlled government is already ease-dropping on practically everything we watch, read, say and do, courtesy of the Patriot Act, electronically monitored and digitized media and transaction records. The only thing that they can't directly do yet is control what and how we think, but they are doing their damnedest to influence that. All it takes is a radical change of government to do the rest! And under the right (or wrong) set of circumstances, governments can be changed overnight. We've been heading in the "wrong" direction for quite a while now, already. It always amazes me (though it really shouldn't) when someone expresses the naivete that such a thing can't happen here... Most other nations know better!
  5. It is difficult for any of us not directly involved (or sitting on the jury) to make any kind of valid determination. The media too often fans these flames for increased viewership ratings. Objective reporting is too often a bygone practice these days. As uncomfortable as it may be for some of us, we must "trust" our judicial system. In a court of law, with "evidence" presented, hopefully a jury will be able to determine innocence or degree of guilt in these (as they should in all cases). No one and no system is infallible, but it is presently the best system we have. It is very difficult for persons to be unbiased. We all have our preconceived notions, and "favorites." Our justice system wants the "bad" guy to be found guilty and punished, but in that zeal we have not been immune to incarcerating (or worse) innocent persons along the way. However, even if those accused are found to be innocent, too often irreparable damage has already been done. In the "court" of public opinion persons are often judged Guilty by accusation alone...
  6. Charlie Rose, a man whom I have long respected as a very insightful and objective interviewer, has now been accused of "sexual misconduct." I don't know the details but evidently some former female staffers have come forward. I read his apology and he said that at the time he felt and thought that the feelings were mutual. I want to believe him, but at the same time I am angry at him because I will really miss his insightful interviews. This whole backlash gives me a very uneasy, queasy feeling. I have long been aware of historical inequities and abuses in this country (and other countries), and am a firm believer in equal rights for all. But now when I watch a movie, old or recent, I find myself thinking that what was once considered "normal" "ordinary" male (and female) behavior, today is tantamount to sexual harassment or abuse. I was a latchkey kid, and many of those old male stars were my "father" figures and "role" models. When I grew up it was normal for boys to try to "pick-up" girls, openly check them out, whistle at them if we thought they were hot. Today all that behavior is now verboten. I confess that I was not personally offended by Trump's caught on tape "grab em by the **** " blurt. I agree with those that have labeled it as "locker room" braggadocio. Granted it was of the teenage variety, but I am familiar with groupies and to what lengths they will allow themselves to go with a perceived celebrity. But Trump was not running for president at that time, and his actions, so long as those involved did not object to them, did not personally affect me. However, being a man of 70 and still retaining those adolescent attitudes is something that I did not openly want in a president. When I was in the army, in the later years with more females uniform, it was still "normal" for a bunch of guys to horse around. If we were on a long transport, and some of us fell asleep, they were sure to be subject to some horseplay. I.e., I was with a medical training unit one time and we were using anatomically correct mannequins that could be dismembered and used to simulate assorted casualties. At the end of the exercise some of these mannequins were missing their male parts. During a long commute, where many of us nodded off at various times, we were awoken to digital images of ourselves with a realistic (albeit flaccid) **** next to our face. It wasn't funny at the time for the person who was pranked, but one had to take it good naturedly because everyone else was laughing, all the while knowing that payback was in order for the prankster who in turn fell asleep. These were all adult professional males (and females) acting like juveniles for the moment. Granted those images could have caused a problem if any of them ever made it to the net, but none of the action was meant to be a malicious act! I think of that when I look at the Al Franken photos. How a little bit of foolishness from a decade before can derail this guys entire political career... And I considered Franken to be one of the "good" guys. I am not insensitive to anyone who is or has been sexually abused. I know it happens, I know persons whom it has happened to, and I know how bad it can be for those subject to it. However, I am also quite aware of the commonality of misperceptions and misconceptions, especially when it comes to male and female communication/miscommunication. It is flirting if both parties are attracted to each other, but it is now harassment, stalking, or sexual misconduct if one party is not! If two persons have a consensual relationship it is acceptable, however, if one person has a change of attitude afterward, or the relationship ends on a sour note, then "memories" can become vindictive. I knew a young soldier in my unit, barely twenty years old at that time. I spent some time working with him and thought that he was a good kid. Sincere and with a future ahead of him. After duty one day he went to a party. He drank alcohol and began flirting with a young girl there. It turned out that although she didn't look it that she was underage. They were "caught" by both civilians and fellow soldiers, one of whom happened to be the cousin of the girl. She said that "he went to far," he said he thought she was of age and that it was consensual. He was arrested and despite no prior history of misconduct he was convicted and sent to prison. I wasn't present at the "party" and my character witness for him evidently didn't make a difference. He was booted out of the army and ruined. A felon for life now. I know of many far less damning "miscommunications" that ended in article 15's. It usually occurred when male and female soldiers were "partying" and alcohol was involved. During my own military career I have occasionally served under and with female officers who also exercised some perceived "right of privilege" beyond that authorized by rank. On the civilian side I've seen coworkers (and on occasion fellow professionals) ramrodded with accusations of showing "special preference" for a particular employee. Such labels (civilian and military, justified or not) can become part of that persons personnel file, forever. I am all for justice and retribution for those whom have been and are victims criminal acts, esp. heinous acts against those unable to defend themselves (weak or infirm individuals, minors, elderly, women, and animals). But I can't help but feel this current wave of accusations almost has a McCarthyistic tone to it, with the very real potential of sweeping up both guilty and innocent. After centuries of being considered no more than human chattel, I understand why there could be such a backlash, especially once the floodgates have been opened... But not everyone is guilty (or innocent) by mere association, or by virtue of their gender. And even with multiple accusations, each case must be tried individually, and actual guilt by degree and level must be determined. The victim has a right to justice, and the accused has a right to address their accuser in a court of law. In this land All persons (no matter how socially unattractive) should have a right to a "fair" trial, and should be considered innocent until they are proven guilty. Let us hope that justice can be truly blind when it comes to the influence of money and power, and impartial to politics when adjudicating these ever more numerous cases before it.
  7. The Triumph of Donald Trump

    This thread stunk from day one....
  8. The Triumph of Donald Trump

    1984 was a political metaphor and warning... Such events can occur with revolutionary speed, or with gradual generational desensitization. Orwell may have gotten the date wrong but much of the dystopian future about which he wrote is sadly coming to pass. As you noted, much of the technology is already in place, and ready to be misused/abused. And, as with Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451, the "double speak" is also becoming ever more a reality... i.e. a host of alternative "facts", An EPA dedicated to the destruction of the environment,.... The ever self perpetuating "War on Drugs," a never ending semantic "War on Terror," Wars without end... The list drags on, and on.
  9. Watch TCM

    I've noticed a recent increase in "lag" time between broadcast and availability on WATCH TCM MOVIES ON-DEMAND. For the last 3 plus years the "general" practice at TCM has been to have movies available for ON-DEMAND viewing after they have completed the EAST-WEST broadcast air-time. Infrequently a movie that is NOT immediately listed as available for ON-DEMAND viewing has shown up as available within a day (or sometimes up to two days) after it's airing. However, as of last Thursday evening (11/16/2017) an inordinate amount of movies have begun popping up as available for ON-DEMAND viewing two to three days AFTER they have aired, AND their 7 day viewing window is not increased to compensate for this delay!!! For example: on Thurs (11/16/2017) three Marsha Mason movies (THE GOODBYE GIRL, PROMISES IN THE DARK, and AUDREY ROSE) were NOT immediately available for ON-DEMAND, but popped up available for viewing late Saturday nite-early Sunday am (11/19/2017), NOTE their 7 day cut off is still 11/24/2017, instead of 11/25 or 11/26/2017). Friday night's (11/17/2017) broadcast of MEAN STREETS became available for ON-DEMAND late Sunday nite-early Monday am (11/20/2017) but it's cut off remains at 11/25/2017. Movies broadcast Saturday day (11/18/2017): PEOPLE WILL TALK & PT 109, showed up ON-DEMAND Monday am, but their cut-off remains at 11/25/2017. Likewise, Sat. evenings HIGH SOCIETY became available Monday, and it's cut-off remains 11/26/2017, and REAR WINDOW just became available early today, Tuesday am (11/21/2017), after a three day delay, with a cut-off of 11/26/2017. As of Monday am, Sunday's afternoons broadcast of SOUNDER became available for ON-DEMAND viewing, but it's cut-off remains at 11/26/2017, By Monday afternoon, the Sunday am broadcast of DOUBLE HARNESS showed up, and by Monday evening followed THE RAZOR'S EDGE, PLYMOUTH ADVENTURE, and Silent Sunday Nite's THE SINGLE STANDARD & THAT LITTLE BAND OF GOLD. Six of the 12 main features broadcast Sunday, all delayed at least a day for ON-DEMAND. As of this Tuesday am writing ONLY TWO of Mondays (11/20/2017) broadcasts are currently available ON-DEMAND: PROFESSIONAL SWEETHEART (broadcast early yesterday am) and ARSENIC AND OLD LACE (broadcast early yesterday afternoon), NONE of the remaining 11 features broadcast Monday, are currently available ON-DEMAND, and who knows if any more will unexpectedly, suddenly pop-up at some later date??? Per the HELP/GENERAL FACTS link: How can I find if my favorite star or movie is available in Watch TCM? In most cases, movies are available within 3 hours after they air on the network, and then they are available for 7 days. The point of all this is simply that for the last three plus years the above HAS BEEN the TCM standard. However, since last Thursday an inordinate number of features have had ON-DEMAND viewing delayed from 24-72+ hrs after broadcast, however their ON-DEMAND viewing window remains unaltered, thereby shorting TCM ON-DEMAND view time by from 1-3 days. In October this year, the problem was listing movies as available for ON-DEMAND viewing, and then NOT allowing them to effectively stream (for whatever reason) for several days, cutting short their 7 day ON-DEMAND viewing window. This problem was eventually acknowledged and addressed. This November (since last Thurs. evening), TCM is NOT listing any movies as Available for ON-DEMAND viewing during the previously normal "3 hours after they air on the network" time frame, but then some of these will begin popping up as available 1-3 days later, with the end result being that the ON-DEMAND viewing window is still shortened for the TCM viewer. ALSO, and perhaps just as important (considering the viewing window remains unchanged) the TCM fan has NO idea whether a movie broadcast a specific day is even supposed to be available for ON-DEMAND viewing until it unexpectedly shows up on the movies list. I won't even hazard a guess as to why TCM is experiencing this "current" snafu. Suffice it to say that TCM programing is well aware at the time of broadcast which features they have licensed for ON-DEMAND repeat viewing that week, so why they are NOT being made available for timely viewing remains a mystery for those of us that currently use this repeatedly defective service. Whenever TCM finally gets around to addressing one of these continually occurring "problems" it isn't long before another "problem" crops up in it's stead. As a fairly consistent ON-DEMAND viewer, I have noticed an ever increasing frequency of problems with TCM's ON-DEMAND service this last year, to the point where an issue of magnitude is now occurring at least every other month. I believe that TCM is not totally aware of these issues, as eventually there appears to be some effort to address and temporarily "correct" them. However their frequent occurrence does nothing but baffle, confound, irritate and alienate both existing and potential "replacement" TCM ON-DEMAND fans and viewers. I doubt that is TCM's intent, however if it is, then they are indeed doing a "splendid job" at showing disgruntled TCM fans that they really don't care enough about their ON-DEMAND service to proactively support it. I would appreciate the TCM Moderator forwarding this post content along to whomever at TCM that might actually give a damn???
  10. Trump and North Korea

    Is this the same guy that Linda Ronstadt had a fling with?
  11. The Triumph of Donald Trump

    You acknowledge that with trump we are at the "bottom" of a very rotten and corrupt barrel. I hope you are right about that assessment, but I remember thinking when GWB was in office that things couldn't get much worse, then trump was elected and proved me wrong... again. You are correct when you say it is not about "Reps" or "Dems" as I see them as flip sides of the same very tarnished coin. Most of us have long wished for a "change" for the "better." Many of us have hungered for any change at at all, and some of us have settled for the worst. History has shown us that (for better or worse) there are only two ways to change a government... From within, or from without. The latter most often involves armed revolution, and most frequently results in anarchy, followed by despotism. And the "idea" (ideal) of a democratic republic is a historically rare and short-lived form of government, of which ours is the longest surviving "example." Many of us, perhaps most of us have become disenchanted with the political system that pretends to "govern" us. We have drifted so far from the original "ideal" that we can justifiably say that we have a "government of, by and for itself, and its wealthy corporate sponsors!" which negates the majority of the rest of us. This last election we almost had an opportunity to elect an instrument for "positive" change. I carefully listened to the rhetoric of the candidates and contrasted it with the substance of the persons behind it. I wanted Bernie to win. Not because he ran as a democrat, any more than perhaps you voted for trump because he ran as a republican, but I wanted someone who would be an instrument for what I fervently hoped would be positive change. Bernie wanted a chance to "dismantle" and "rebuild" the corrupt structure that has become our government. Like a termite infested house, there were some things that would have to be discarded, in order to save what was solid enough to be saveable. Bernie had a plan to tear down some and rebuild the rest. A new "sustainable" structure that would incorporate the best materials and design to preserve us as a nation unique among nations, and a positive role model for others. I despise the DNC complicity that denied him, and us, an opportunity to have such a change. I didn't vote for Hillary, as that was no change at all, but I couldn't bring myself to vote for a man who promoted change without substance. Trump's "plan" was simply to burn the whole house down and, like Nero, use the desolate space to build something grand and self-serving for himself and his elite. You and your ilk have reached a point where you at least admit that you don't (or no longer) care, one way or another, so long as the whole house burns down. So you have unleashed a pyromaniac and fueled him with matches and gasoline to do the deed! But you forget that which you wish to destroy shelters all of us! That sounds like a "death wish" from someone with no hope or investment in the future. That is the kind of attitude that, taken to extreme in irrational minds, leads a person to mass slaughter and suicide! I think the most discernible difference between "die hard" trump supporters and most of the rest of us is that "they" have given up all hope that this government can still be changed from within, and so they have elected someone to be a "bomb" to indiscriminately blow it all up.
  12. The Triumph of Donald Trump

    Back in the 60's I was riding my motorcycle on the L.A. freeway when this huge motorcade passed me up in the next lane. I kept glancing over at them as they passed by and in one large limo I did a double take... there in all his glory sat, what appeared to be a doppelganger of the commander in chief, LBJ. I was too dumbfounded to wave or make any kind of gesture. Later that night the news confirmed an unannounced visit by the president. That's as close as I ever got to the man that was responsible for sending a half million American boys "away from home to do what Asian boys ought to be doing for themselves."
  13. Watch TCM

    I am attempting to watch COUNTER ATTACK (1945) on WATCH TCM MOVIES ON-DEMAND which was aired late last night (11/7/2017). However, Only 5.13 minutes of the movie is available for streaming from the TCM servers. I've noticed that TCM does this periodically and generally never "catches" or corrects the problem. Usually when this occurs the movie is cut after 30 minutes or so, but this time the movie was so truncated it's like watching an "intro clip." I will say that the "clip" was very crisp, and inviting. The last time that I saw this infrequently aired WW2 "gem" with Paul Muni was back in 2008, and I really want to see it again, ON-DEMAND. Since "those" at TCM ON-DEMAND are evidently still NOT monitoring their out-put (or doing so inconsistently) would it be possible for you, as the TCM Moderator, to report this "problem" to them so that they can "correct" it BEFORE the 7 day viewing window ends. A timely response will be appreciated. 11/9/2017 UPDATE I just finished watching the complete stream of COUNTER ATTACK (1945) on WATCH TCM MOVIES ON-DEMAND. I thank the TCM Moderator and TCM staff for "correcting" the above problem within a day after being reported. A few words about this picture. The TCM print was very crisp and appeared to have been restored. The movie plot was about a handful of Russian and German soldiers trapped in the basement of a bombed out building within a Russian city being contested by both sides during WW2. For the moment the Russians have the upper hand, but are outnumbered by the Germans and as sleepless days pass fatigue sets in. As they await rescue by either friend or foe, the trapped soldiers play a dangerous game of cat and mouse trying to gain critical information from each other that will prove useful for their side. I enjoyed re-watching this realistic psychological drama which featured fine performances throughout, including the always great Paul Muni and George Macready, with a supporting role by Larry Parks, a promising young actor whose career was destroyed by the Hollywood Blacklist era.
  14. The Triumph of Donald Trump

    Hah! The biggest and dumbest "kid" in the room! They probably won't last long. They look to be too well educated and astute to serve his purpose. He'll have to seek an even less perceptive tier for his next group. I never thought I'd ever say this, but as we continue in our downward spiral while "circling the drain" we now have a president that makes even G.W. Bush appear to be a genius!
  15. re: Forum Update 10/17/2017

    It appears my metaphor is wasted on TB... i.e. persons with a history of apparent "obsession" with "post count" possibly trying to overcompensate in one arena in an attempt to make up for undercompensation in another. No offense intended TB, just an ineffective attempt at humor.

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