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  1. Stephan55

    Die Hard on TCM?

    The last item on my bucket list is to Die Hard! Not to seriously change the subject Rich, but I thought you might be interested to know that your Avatar namesake, Tor Johnson aired again today in "Registered Nurse" (1934). He had a full head of hair and was quite a good-looking guy back then. He played a wrestler called Sonnevich. We discussed this movie before a couple of years or so ago. I even posted some stills from the movie for you then. BTW, REGISTERED NURSE is currently available on WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND until 11/20/2018, in case you've yet to see it, or would like to see it again.
  2. Stephan55

    Where's CaveGirl?

    Thanks guys, it's nice to know that I'm not alone in my affection. And I certainly hope that you are all correct, and that she is alright, and maybe will read this thread and stop torturing us with her unannounced absence.
  3. With today's DNA analysis, that might not be that difficult to prove or disprove, if a bonified near relative can be found (or exhumed). That was such a dark time in our recent history. Anyone who says such things could never happen again, or never happen here, or never happened at all, have no idea do they. Thank you for the heads up on the PBS docu, I will be sure to check it out. So how do you feel about states and governments making some sort of restitution payments for their past misdeeds?
  4. Stephan55

    IF I WERE KING....

    Much to contemplate here. We have heard your vote against the Electoral College. Our fine delegate from Sedona Land hath said: It brought to memory similar arguments from a distant time in another land in which delegates made the counterpoint that larger states might easily overpower and drown out the voice of the smaller states, if there were not some safe guards of a "fair" and "equal" measure of representation built in. What say you to such an argument that might be put forth to defend the Electoral College? Doest such a counterpoint carry any merit to thy mind? Regarding such matters as witches and lawyers, truly none save you have yet brought up these concerns in our fare land. Though I doest recall a similar problem, again from a distant land in another time. If any of our other delegates confirm such a presence and concern, perhaps a federal amendment can be added to address such an issue. But first methinks it would behoove your independent consult with the scarecrow (after he has been awarded a brain) and the Lion (after he has validated his courage) before proposing such a bill and submitting it for review by this august body. If it be shown that the witches are benign, and merely wish to practice Wicca and or Earth centered naturalistic religious practices, then they shall be protected as any "religion." I propose that this land have an amendment protecting the freedom of religion, and freedom from religion. By the power invested in me, this kingdom shall not become a theocracy under my watch. However I may consider any amendment banning all lawyers who advertise their litigious services beyond those listed in a phone book or on-line search. My role as Monarch though supreme is but a temporary office, to deal with the immediate problems at hand. But our goal at this convention is to establish a self-sustaining government, guided by a constitutional rule of law and free of all despots, be they benevolent or tyrannical. At present we are here to establish a sturdy foundation upon which this government can be securely built. It has not yet been considered by this body, and we have yet to hear the voices of delegates from our other Provinces that may wish to limit the responsibilities, size, and intrusion the federal government. If the Province's choose to extend the power of the federal government at the diminishment of Provincial rule then so be it. But the decision to do so must be unanimous. Regarding "free lunches" and "free suppers," doest thou propose this as a national measure for the destitute and infirm, or for all? I see merit in concerns about the former being cared for, but for consideration we require clarification as to the extent of this concern, and whether or not it can or should be addressed at the Provincial levels, or does it merit a national amendment?
  5. I'm glad I think I know you well enough to recognize satire when I see it. However there are a few (evidently still quite a few) that still revere Adolph and consider it a blasphemous insult that he might actually have had some Semitic blood in his line. So to see his image turned any superficially "darker" would fly in the face of such radicals. It is obvious that the "American ideal" fostered by the Eugenics Movement that prevailed ubiquitously in this country from the teens through the 1920s-30's (up until well after our entry into the War) is still alive and "well," both here and abroad. Sustained by the same fears of its followers as it was back then.
  6. Stephan55

    IF I WERE KING....

    Oh wise Vautrin, from the Northern Carolinas, thou speakest true in this example. Howst doth thy wisdom fare regarding the motion presented this day, seconded by two, toward Elimination of the Electoral College. Doest thy vote count for or against the passage of this amendment?
  7. Stephan55

    IF I WERE KING....

    Thy Provence may be large in geography and small in population, it matters not to us either way, except when we address concerns of representation apportionment. If thou be a minority of one, thou art granted equal representation here, for thy voice no doubt represents that of many others of a similar mind. It is for those others as yourself that you speak, and therefore by the terms granted within this kingdom do thy represent "your people."
  8. Stephan55

    IF I WERE KING....

    Thou may speak in whichever dialect best serveth thee and thy people. Whether thou choose to fully indulge in this fantasy or not, thou art welcome as a Canadian delegate to this fine and far flung assemblage. And now my friends, to assist in our preparation for what I hope will be numerous friendly debates within this thread may we indulge ourselves in a fine example of "American Rhetoric" from the following: Lincoln–Douglas debates excerpt from "Abe Lincoln in Illinois" (1940) 11.41 min
  9. Stephan55

    IF I WERE KING....

    Ahh brave Dargo of Sedona Land, thy humour doest not depart thee. But within this delegation we must be mindful to keep our humour light and without unintentional malice. The goal here is mutual consensus to pass helpful and not deleterious legislation. Our delegates come here from distant parts of our fair land. We want none to fear that a majority might trample the equal rights of any minority. Nor do we wish for a minority to hold a majority hostage by with-holding their votes. Our delegates must be of one mind so that when they return home to their constituents they can be proud to announce the unanimous passage of our kingdom's constitution. This duty shall require much diplomacy, mutual respect and a willingness to reasonably compromise from all!
  10. Stephan55

    IF I WERE KING....

    We welcome the delegate from Sedona Land, and are happy to hear his wisdom. Ahh yes, you bring to memory the nascent days of my youth, before my current appointment to chair this realm with fidelity. So by your words, Sedona Land agrees with the disposal of the Electoral College. But thy words hearken us to echos of another republic, from another time which, if I am not mistaken, whose delegates made the counterpoint that larger states might easily overpower and drown out the voice of the smaller states, if there were not some safe guards of a "fair" and "equal" measure of representation built in. What say you to such an argument that might be put forth to defend the Electoral College? Doest such a counterpoint carry any merit to thy mind? Please speakest thou, as if thy words were addressing those representatives of smaller states that have yet to join this forum.
  11. Stephan55

    IF I WERE KING....

    Our delegate from the northern Carolinas has brought us forth lyrics from the "Land of Oz." Perhaps there is a worthy message to be found in such. I present the full presentation for our entertainment, and perchance enlightenment! "If I Were The King Of The Forest"
  12. Stephan55

    IF I WERE KING....

    Ahhh, our delegate from Mahagonny land hast brought humour into the room. We welcome light hearts, so long as the intent is pure and without malice.
  13. Stephan55

    IF I WERE KING....

    Fear not oh delegate from the northern Provence. Thou art allowed to speak thy heart in this forum, so long as thou speakest true and with a civil tongue, as we wish that this land be not one of oppression, but of equal freedom to all, so long as one freedom doth not tread upon another. Doest thou concur with the seconded measure above, or doest though wish to propose another?
  14. Stephan55

    IF I WERE KING....

    You may not be able to read my friend, but I and I am sure that others can attest that your "intention span" is clear and long. Okay, from those delegates present and accounted for, we have the motion of eliminating the Electoral College seconded. What say ye all? Shall this motion be carried? Or is there any here that speak merit to continue the practice???
  15. Stephan55

    IF I WERE KING....

    Well at least I've got a few posters in this thread. For awhile I was thinking that no one wanted the office of "King" or even "Queen," to wield that mighty power to right the wrongs of the kingdom, and make this land a happy, or at least a more contented place. Still, I was hoping that those who post here might give some serious thought as to what should be done to make things better than they are, so we could rationally debate the merits of each postured edict. Or play the respresentative game, where each person from far and wide would state the concerns of their regions people, and we could then jointly discuss what might be done to alleviate those concerns. It is so easy to criticize and play the blame game, and apparently so difficult to actually search our minds and hearts for solutions to the problems that plague us all. I assume that we all share some of the most important things in common... We all eat, and drink, and breathe, and require shelter, and warmth in the cold, and cool in the heat... We all (or most all) have families, and loved ones that we care about and wish likewise too. And do we not all wish the best for this land, and a hopeful future for our progeny? Do we not all wish to be protected from preventable diseases, as we wish our government to protect us from the threat of those which would do us harm. We wish for our equal say and consent in how we our governed, and none of us wish to be denied that right. Do we not all wish for an unpoisoned land, uncontaminated waters, and unpolluted air. And I doubt that any of us wish for a world devoid of other forms of life than our own. If any of us have concerns about such important things, then it should be of concern to all of us. Because near, or far, we are all neighbors, and sooner or late our neighbors fate becomes that of our own. So I hoped, in this fanciful kingdom of ours, we might address the issues that prompt our concerns, and see if we might not brainstorm some answers which appear to elude us in the "real" world.

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